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03 Aug 2022

Tata Motors Sales Report in July 2022 43% Increase

By News Date 03 Aug 2022

Tata Motors Sales Report in July 2022 43% Increase

TATA, the well-known commercial vehicle manufacturer, is making its comeback after the COVID slowdown this year. The company just reported a total growth of 43% in the commercial vehicle segment as compared to July month in the last year (i.e. 2021).

Tata Motors, a major of the Tata group, is getting record sales after the COVID downturn. The company reported a rise of 57.34% YoY growth in the previous month. From selling just 5416 units in July 2021, the company sold 8,522 units this year in the same month.

Talking about the SCV cargo and pickup categories, TATA Motors witnessed a growth of 23% in the same segment. The company reported a sale of 15,022 units in July 2022 as compared to 12,198 units in July the previous year. 

While intermediate and light commercial vehicles recorded a YoY growth of 33.3% as compared to July 2021. TATA Motors reported sales of 4475 units in July this year. This was a substantial increase in the number of units sold as compared to previous years of downturn. 

In the passenger carrier segment, 3454 units were totally sold in July 2022 as compared to 825 in the same period in the previous year. This covered a total of 319% YoY growth for the passenger carriers in the domestic market. Furthermore, the total domestic and commercial vehicle sales have seen a total increase of 44% as compared to the previous year in July 2022.

In the end, considering export, 2681 units were sold as compared to 2052 units in July 2022 compared to July 2021. Hence witnessing a growth of 31% in exports. A total of 34,154 units were sold considering exports and imports. Therefore, an increase of 43% was seen.

TATA Motors is a subsidiary of the TATA group that has a strong presence in the commercial vehicle segment.

Tata Motors Sales Report July 2022 Domestic & Export

Tata Motors Sales Report July 2022 Domestic & Export

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