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06 Oct 2021

Tata Motors Sales Report September 2021

By News Date 06 Oct 2021

Tata Motors Sales Report September 2021

Tata Motors has always been a market leader in heavy passenger and cargo vehicles. In today’s feature, we will look at how this Indian automaker performed in the last month in terms of sales. Here is the Tata CV sales report for September 2021.

Tata Motors Sales | Commercial Vehicles

This is a space where Tata Motors has been on the top since time immemorial. The total number of commercial vehicles they sold in September 2021 is 30,258, including the sale of HCVs, LCVs, passenger carriers and cargos. This figure means a YoY growth of 30%, which is a significant figure considering India's overall scenario of vehicle sales.

In September 2021, the sales of medium and high commercial vehicles was 5,600 while in September 2020, 4572 medium and high commercial vehicles sold which shows an increase of 88%. 

In September 2021, 5600 intermediate and light commercial vehicles sold while 3,339 sold in September 2020 which shows a 68% positive YOY change. 

1085 Passenger Carriers sold in September 2021 but in the last year (September 2020)  778 vehicles were sold which means there is an increment of 39%. 

14,964 SCV Cargo were sold in September 2021 and in September 2020 14,522 SCV Cargo was sold which recorded a 3% success rate. 


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