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01 Feb 2023

Tata Motors Sold 32780 Commercial Vehicles in January 2023 Sales Report

By News Date 01 Feb 2023

Tata Motors Sold 32780 Commercial Vehicles in January 2023 Sales Report

The Passenger Carrier Segment of this Brand Recorded the Biggest Hike of 68% in Truck Sales in India. 

Tata Motors is one of the biggest manufacturers in the CV segments, and they have a reputation in the market. The brand is famous for its products which are almost in all segments of Commercial Vehicles. They have products in LCV, SCV, ICV, and M&HCV segments. The Ace series of the company is also famous for intracity and intercity transportation. In the total truck sales data, Tata Motors sold 31,694 compared to 31,708 units in January 2022 which are almost the same. 

Category Wise Tata Motors Truck Sales Report January 2023

Let’s visit the category-wise sales of Tata Commercial Vehicles.

Category Wise Tata Motors Truck Sales Report January 2023

M&HCV:- In this Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle segment, the brand has a good experience in the domestic market. The truck sales figure for January 2023 states that the brand sold 10,736 units against 8,660 units in January 2022. As a result, the M&HCV segment increased sales by 24%. 

I&LCV:- The Intermediate & Light Commercial Vehicle segment, has registered a decrease of -27% in the domestic sales of January 2023. The brand closed the month with 4,013 sold units, whereas they sold 5,526 units in the same month last year. 

Passenger Carriers:- Passenger Carriers segment is currently the highest-growing segment of this brand, gaining monthly sales. This segment sold 2,851 units in January 2023, which was 1,693 in the sales of January 2022. As a result, the Passenger Carriers segment gained 68% in this sales. 

SCV Cargo and Pickup:- The Small Commercial Vehicle and the Pickup segment registered a downfall of -11% in the January 2023 sales. 14,094 units of SCV & Pickup were sold in January 2023, whereas the brand sold 15,829 units in January 2022. 

Export Sales:- In the Export sector, the brand witnesses a downward trend with a 69% decrease in sales. In January 2022, Tata Motors sold 3,560 vehicles outside India, but in January 2023, the sales figures were 1,086 units. 

The complete data of Tata Motors stated that the brand sold 32,780 commercial vehicles, including the domestic and international markets. The total sales data of the brand in January 2022 was 35,268, which declined by 7% this year. 

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