Ashok Leyland Driver Saathi – Features & Benefits

Ashok Leyland Driver Saathi – Features & Benefits

A new offer by the second-largest truck manufacturer Ashok Leyland, Driver Saathi, is an innovative digital app to increase performance, safety and productivity.  

Truck drivers are an essential part of the sustainable transport and logistic sector as they drive Indian freight traffic and keep the economy wheels running. Truck driver community is very rare which highly affects fleet owners.  Therefore, attracting new drivers is a difficult task for fleet operators. So, to overcome such a complicated situation, fleet owners and OEMs create awareness to improve the driver’s life by providing various organic and in-organic equipment. In addition, they are working together to bring technology for helping drivers to make truck driving easy. Likewise, to solve the shortage of drivers, Ashok Leyland, a major domestic truck brand, introduced an integrated digital application called Ashok Leyland Driver Saathi

Ashok Leyland Driver Saathi is a digital solution provided to drivers and their customers to manage the fleet efficiently and raise the truck’s utilization. It is a patented system-driven telematics solution by Ashok Leyland for increasing driver’s performance, safety, productivity. The launch of the Driver Saathi App is for the benefit of drivers, Fleet Managers and Fleet Owners. 

What is Ashok Leyland Driver Saathi? 

Ashok Leyland launched an initiative as a digital solution to address the shortage of truck drivers and enhance their performance, safety, and productivity. The company introduced an innovative application called Driver Saathi. It is a patented system-driven telematics solution that aims to improve drivers’ performance and guide them for good driving. It is an ingeniously designed app coupled with the iALERT platform to enhance drive performance by real-time feedback and offer objective assessment to make the process efficient and safe. iALERT processed the data, which is bucketed into 3-categories, performance, productivity and safety.

The data is to be scrutinized based on parameters such as red zoning, top gear utilization, rugged braking, idling, over stoppage to make it time-effective for fleet managers and owners. With these, this easy to navigate interface coupled with the especially innovative solutions for improving business profitability and multifold gain by saving through the behaviour modification of drivers. In addition, the app’s user-friendly features help improve the driver’s performance, resulting in high profits for fleet managers and owners. 

Driver Saathi Features

driver sath features

The Driver Saathi has aimed to strengthen the transport ecosystem by providing innovative and user-friendly features. This app has many useful features that help drivers enhance their performance, productivity and safety. These driver Saathi features are complete solutions for fleet managers, fleet owners and fleet operators. 

Following are the innovative driver Saathi features of the driver Saathi:- 

  • Live Coaching For Drivers – To train people and make them good drivers, the app provides live coaching classes. In which they learn about trucks and their operations. From these classes, drivers can learn every little bit of information about trucks, and also, these classes give details about the functions of the trucks. With these live classes, drivers can learn all about just sitting at home. 
  • Integrated With Google Maps – Google maps are an important factor in driving, especially for long journeys. Therefore, this driver Saathi app is Integrated with Google maps to navigate drivers during long routes. 
  • Patented Driver Scoring – The app is also featured with a Patented Driver Scoring mechanism that gives a score to the driver. This score is given based on the driver’s performance. Through the ratings, this app defines the performance of drivers. 
  • Available In Major Regional Languages – The best thing about this app is that it is available in major regional languages. So, drivers can easily use this app and take advantage. 

Through these features, drivers gain relevant insights to improve behaviour and skills. Of course, it helps to earn profits and be proud as a star performer to reward drivers who are working hard towards improvement. 

Driver Saathi Benefits

1. Top Drivers

 Top Drivers Benifits

Following are the driver Saathi benefits of the Ashok Leyland Driver Saathi app:- 

  • Provide driver performance score
  • Reduced stoppage 
  • Improve TAT (turn around time) 
  • Increase top gear utilization 
  • Decrease idling 
  • Decrease over-revving 
  • Loaded with safety features such as alert on overspeeding and harsh braking

2. To Fleet Owners

To Fleet Owners Benefits
Along with drivers, the app also helps fleet owners. How? Check out below. 

  • Efficient benchmarking – vehicle/route-wise
  • Use of fleet 
  • Trip history 
  • Driver leaderboard
  • SOS status 
  • Vehicle uptime 
  • Help fleet owners to identify the best performing driver 
  • Driver retention

3. To Fleet Managers

To Fleet Managers Benefits
Besides fleet owners, the app is beneficial for fleet managers. Following are the advantages of the driver Saathi app for fleet managers:- 

  • Live vehicle status
  • SOS status and history 
  • Driver leaderboard
  • Fleet usage data 
  • Actionable insights
  • Summary for trip cancellation or creation
  • Comparisons of driver or vehicle or route
  • Driver scores act, helping overall fleet performance 

These are some essential information about the new Driver Saathi app. It is another big step by Ashok Leyland for the benefits of drivers, fleet managers, fleet owners and fleet operators. This app is one solution to all problems for the fleet. Keep in touch with Truck Junction for more informative blogs.

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