Difference Between Light Duty Truck And Heavy Duty Truck

Difference Between Light Duty Truck And Heavy Duty Truck

For the last few decades, trucks have been a popularly known subject among commercial business owners. They are used in multiple ways like for  carrying, picking loads and goods, etc. These vehicles have made a strong identity due to their superior performance in small to large areas. Different types of trucks are available in the market, which can differentiate based on their size, hp, and other features. Hence, in this blog we discuss about light duty truck and heavy duty truck, ehancing and clearing your knowleadge about these trucks. 

We bring a blog dedicated to the difference between heavy duty and Light duty, which helps you choose a profitable truck for your work.  

Light Duty Truck And Heavy Duty Truck – Which Is Profitable? 

As there are many trucks available which we can use to perform different types of tasks. Every type of task requires the use of a specific truck. Trucks that are heavy and used to transport large and heavy cargo are called heavy duty trucks. Likewise, small trucks deliver small cargo, known as light duty trucks. The category of heavy duty truck involves trucks, tippers, tractors and transit mixers, while the light duty truck category includes mini trucks and pickups. The demand for light duty or heavy duty truck both are good in their work. 

Let’s take a quick insight into a light duty and heavy duty truck. 

Heavy Duty Trucks 

Heavy Duty Trucks 

Heavy duty trucks are an essential vehicle for the transportation industry to transport large quantities of products or materials. These kinds of trucks are heavy and large, like concrete pump trucks and heavy duty dump trucks, capable of lifting and transporting heavy cargo, goods, loads and materials. They are multi-purpose vehicles with various usages such as towing and moving houses, recovery of disabled and stranded vehicles, and delivery and transport. These trucks can work on both types of roads, off-roads as well as on-roads. These vehicles have exceptional power starting from 160 HP up to around 500 HP.  

Uses Of Heavy Duty Trucks In India 

  • People use these trucks for recovery of stranded and disbaled vehicles. 
  • People used heavy duty vehicles to carry heavy furniture, appliances, and house materials. 
  • Medium and heavy-duty vehicle is suitable for pulling heavy loads for long distances, especially on construction sites. 
  • For transporting beverages, soft drinks, liquors, beers, and such kinds of materials, people use heavy duty trucks. 
  • They travel long distances and reach the destination with the products in good condition.
  • People use heavy load vehicles like garbage trucks or trash trucks to collect garbage and incinerate it to the landfill or solid waste.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Trucks 

  • The first and best advantage of heavy duty trucks India is that they have a strong chassis frame. 
  • They are highly durable and offer high performance. 
  • These types of trucks come with efficient brakes and upgraded cooling systems.
  • These trucks are much safer as they come with hi-tech security systems. 
  • Heavy duty trucks have no competition when we talk about payload and towing capacity. These trucks have a capacity for towing large to large vehicles. 
  • Today, heavy duty trucks are more luxurious due to an ever-expanding list of features. Leather seats, high-quality infotainment systems and other niceties like folding running boards make the ride of heavy duty trucks comfortable. 
  • They can easily handle all weather conditions. Also, it is suitable for both on-road and off-road use. 

Light Duty Trucks 

Light Duty Trucks 

Light Duty Trucks, also known as light trucks or light duty vehicles, used to transport small and light cargo. The category includes mini trucks, vans and pickups, used for carrying and lifting light goods and loads. The capacity of these trucks are less than 4000 pounds (1.815 kg) and come in medium sizes. These trucks transport light furniture when changing residences or delivering goods to a local shop. Transportation of people from one place to another is also one of the primary uses of this truck. These types of trucks deliver light loads and goods like couriers, parcels, vegetables, fruits and many more. 

Uses of Light Duty Trucks 

  • Light duty trucks are suitable for transporting and distributing goods over short distances within a preferred geographical zone. 
  • Also, they facilitate light cargo, loads, goods and materials between different cities. 
  • These kinds of trucks are also used as family vehicles for travelling and personal use. 
  • Shop owners use light trucks for moving their light-weighted loads and cargo. 

Benefits Of Light Duty Trucks 

  • Light duty vehicles in India are tough and compact and come with sturdy bodies and systems. 
  • They have fuel-efficient engines and low operating costs, making them more suitable for intra-city operations. 
  • The air brakes of trucks give higher braking efficiency. 
  • These trucks come with radial tyres with longer life and a low aspect ratio. 
  • Light Duty Trucks come with a world-class cabin with storage space and good safety features. 
  • They are high on performance and low in maintenance. 

Compare Between Light Duty Truck And Heavy Duty Truck

Let’s check the difference between light duty and heavy duty through the given table:- 

Aspects  Heavy Duty Truck  Light Duty Truck 
Storage  Heavy Duty trucks are big and have a large storage. Light Duty trucks are medium in size and available with small storage. 
Loads  These trucks can easily lift large and heavy loads.  These types of trucks move light-weighted loads and goods. 
Design  Heavy trucks are designed in a way to carry the maximum payload.  The design of light trucks is aerodynamic to carry the minimum payload. 
Engine  Heavy duty trucks run on diesel engines.  Light trucks work on diesel engines and CNG. 
Roads  These trucks are suitable for both on and off roads.  Light trucks are suitable for on roads. 
Body Type  This vehicle category includes trucks, tippers, tractors and transit mixers Light trucks category has trucks, mini trucks and pickups. 
Distance  Heavy trucks can transport loads for long distances.  Light trucks can transport loads for a short duration or intercity operations.  
Tonnes  The GVW of heavy duty trucks is 16 tonnes and above.  Light duty truck’s GVW is up to 8 tonnes. 

The above mentioned table of Light duty vs heavy duty help you to differentiate working, design and uses of them. 

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