Bajaj Maxima C Vs TVS King Kargo Three Wheeler : Features Comparison

Bajaj Maxima C Vs TVS King Kargo Three Wheeler : Features Comparison

Bajaj Maxima C and TVS King Kargo are top contenders in last-mile cargo three wheeler market in India. So, we get a closer look at the Bajaj Maxima C Vs TVS King Kargo comparison. It helps you to decide which one suits your needs and budget. 

Three-wheelers are perhaps the well-known vehicle in India’s last-mile cargo three-wheeler market. They have a high demand for cargo/logistics deliveries in cities, towns and villages to drive the market continuously. When it comes to purchasing an efficient three-wheeler, customers want a fuel-efficient, high performance and cost-effective vehicle. But rising diesel prices and higher running costs make it difficult for small-entrepreneurs or small fleet operators. To overcome this problem, you have to bring down the operating costs significantly. For this, you should choose a diesel-alternative 3W or the CNG three-wheeler

So, if you are searching for the best CNG 3W then the equally strong CNG three-wheelers Bajaj Maxima C and TVS King Kargo must grab your attention. They complete the growing sub 500kg last-mile delivery segment. So now many questions must have come to your mind related to it like which is the best? What are the key features? How is their performance? Then don’t worry; this single blog has answers to all your questions. Here, we explore them in detail. 

Bajaj Maxima C Vs TVS King Kargo Comparison

Let’s compare Bajaj Maxima C and TVS King Kargo 3 wheelers on some key parameters of them. 

1. Engine 


The engine is the most important aspect of a three-wheeler as it ensures efficiency and high performance to transport goods. Considering this, Bajaj and TVS developed them with reliable and fuel-efficient engines. For example, Bajaj Maxima C comes with a 1-cylinder, 236.2 engine that generates 9 hp at a peak torque of 16.2 NM. And TVS King Kargo has 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Liquid Cooled, EFi – Si-Engine, producing 6.91 Kw @ 5000 rpm. The GVW of Maxima C is 986 KG and King Kargo is 864 KG. 

2. Dimensions 


Knowing about the dimensions is one of the essential aspects while purchasing a new one. So, in Bajaj Maxima or TVS Kargo comparison, we mentioned the dimensions of both top contenders. Bajaj Maxima C has 3230 MMX1493 MMX1818 MM (LXWXH) with 2125 MM wheelbase and 195 MM ground clearance. TVS King Kargo has 3010±20 MMX1350±10 MMX1720±10 MM (LXWXH) with a 1990 MM wheelbase and 169 MM ground clearance. 

3. Key Features 


Good quality aggregates are critical for durable and versatile performance. So, in the Maxima C vs King Kargo comparison segment, we talk about some vital aggregates of them. Bajaj Maxima C has a Wet, Multiplate clutch that provides a smooth and easy operating system. The brake is a Hydraulic Drum type. The CNG 3W has Handle Bar steering with manual transmission. 

TVS King Kargo comes with 4 forwards & 1 Reverse gear to control the overspeeding. While Drum, Hydraulic type brakes protect the driver from slippage and accidents. It has 3 tyres of 4.00 – 8,76F 6 PR size. 

4. Variants 


Now, we show variants of Bajaj Maxima C or TVS King Kargo. Bajaj Maxima C has two variants, Bajaj Maxima C 2125/Diesel and Bajaj Maxima C 2125/CNG. On the other hand, TVS King Kargo offers 4 variants, TVS King Kargo 4S CNG – Load Body(ZK FI), TVS King Kargo 4S CNG – platform (ZK FI-PF), TVS King Kargo 4S LPG – Load Body(LK FI) and VS King Kargo 4S LPG – Platform (ZK FI-PF). 

5. Price 


Bajaj Maxima C 3 Wheeler price is Rs 2.64 – 2.85 Lakh, while TVS King Kargo – High Deck is available at Rs 2.10 – 2.50 Lakh. So it clearly shows TVS King Kargo – High Deck is more reasonable than its rival Bajaj Maxima C. 


Bajaj Maxima C

TVS King Kargo


Rs 2.64 – 2.85 Lakh

Rs 2.10 – 2.50 Lakh

6. Result 

Now, it is clear that three-wheeler manufacturers have entirely rebuilt the cargo carrier segment by providing more for less. They both three wheelers follow BS6 emission norms, making them eco-friendly and the smallest but cleanest engine in India. Bajaj Maxima C offers more if we talk about their performance, but TVS King Cargo is also second to none. Their key features such as engine, dimension, clutch, steering, brakes, and overall features have few differences, and each 3W carries its own identity. Rest, you can know more about these vehicles by visiting their respective dealers. 

We hope by Bajaj Maxima C Vs TVS King Kargo comparison, you can get answers to all your questions. So, if you are waiting to buy one, then it is time as diesel prices will not go down soon. 

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