Product Review : Tata 1412g LPT CNG Variants Explained

Product Review : Tata 1412g LPT CNG Variants Explained

Tata 1412g LPT Cng Product Overview

Indian truck makers are always trying to offer innovative products to the customers to enable a good total-cost-of-ownership, the highest productivity and a profitable fleet. Hence, Tata Motors, a leading global automobile manufacturing company, provides Tata 1412g LPT for the fast-growing intermediate commercial vehicle segment. It is a CNG truck that comes with 6 tyres. 

The truck model is used for transporting light materials in and around the city. This intermediate commercial vehicle is targeted at medium cargo transportation. Tata 1412g LPT CNG truck model comes with an old and trusted 3.8SGI TC engine, providing best-in-class mileage. It has 2 different CNG Capacity options to complete the requirement of all Cng applications. 

Complete Review Of Tata 1412g LPT Truck Model

Check out Tata 1412g LPT features, specifications and variants with a price:- 

Key Features

Key Features

To address customers’ increasing demand, Tata made this truck with superior features. The 1412g LPT CNG truck has a spark-ignition engine with 3783 CC. The truck model is flexible and profitable, saving extra fuel costs. The potent engine of the truck generates 123 Horsepower at 420 Nm of torque. The truck’s engine is very responsive and delivers better pickup. 

The 1412g LPT BS6 truck is available with a 4200 MM wheelbase, 225 MM ground clearance and 25% Gradeability. It has high-quality safety components for better safety and higher working life. The intermediate truck comes with a High-pressure filter, an Auto Shut off valve, an Electronic Viscous fan, a Refuelling interlock device and Swagelok fittings. 

Other key features are a Reverse parking Buzzer, GSA, a Music system with a Fast USB charger, fast and slow filling nozzles etc. The fuel tank capacity is 486 Ltr with 8.25R 20-16PR Radial front and rear tyres. 


Tata fitted this CNG truck with a large cabin which ensures driver’s comfort and safety from dust and bright sun rays. It has a Box body with a day cabin. The cabin also provides less gear shifting and clutching efforts for less driving fatigue. 

Tata 1412g LPT BS6 truck has comfortable seating that prevents unnecessary fatigue and body pains. The truck model has D+1 Seating Configuration, which adjusts in the XZ direction. This configuration reduces driver fatigue and increases overall driving comfort. The seat made with Melba Fabric that provides better comfort in both seasons, summer and winter. 

Brakes & Suspension

Brakes & Suspension

The truck model comes with the best brakes and suspension. Air Brakes with parking brakes ensure the driver’s safety by slippage and overspeeding. This feature makes it one of the safest truck models in the segment. Tata 1412 CNG comes with a Parabolic leaf spring with hydraulic double acting telescopic shock absorbers front suspension. At the same time, the rear suspension is a Semi-elliptical Leaf spring. Its rear axle is TATA RA1109 fully floating benjo. Tata 1412 CNG mileage is also economical. 

Other Specifications

Power Steering

Tata manufactured this truck with a 330 mm- Single plate dry friction type clutch, which allows engagement or disengagement of gear while truck stops and engine running. It has a GBS 40 Gear Box (5F,1R), Mechanical linkage road shifting gearbox. 

Tata 1412 bs6 CNG is loaded with Tilt & Telescope Power Steering with manual transmission for superior driver comfort. It comes with a white illumination facia and ignition switch, which provide easy visibility at night. The truck model increased high-speed stability and provided better fuel economy. 


The intermediate truck model comes with various variants, mentioned here:- 

1. Tata 1412g LPT 4200/CAB
2. Tata 1412g LPT 4830/HSD
3. Tata 1412g LPT 4830/Reefers
4. Tata 1412g LPT 4830/FSD
5. Tata 1412g LPT 4830/Containers
6. Tata 1412g LPT 4830/CAB
7. Tata 1412g LPT 4200/HSD
8. Tata 1412g LPT 4200/Reefers
9. Tata 1412g LPT 4200/CLB
10. Tata 1412g LPT 4200/Containers


Tata 1412 cng BS6 CNG price has been fixed keeping in mind the needs of the customers. Hence, Tata 1412g LPT Price is Rs 21.54 – 23.86 Lakh.

If you want an excellent intermediate truck that provides high performance, is easy to drive and offers good earnings, Tata 1412g Cng LPT is the best option that you should explore. Check out detailed information about Tata 1412g LPT at Truck Junction.

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