Compulsory for Trucks to Have Separate AC Cabins for Drivers from 2025

Compulsory for Trucks to Have Separate AC Cabins for Drivers from 2025

The Indian transportation industry is  revolutionizing speedily. We now have high-end technology-enabled and modern features outfitted trucks and commercial vehicles.  The Indian government never underlooks the driver’s comfort and thus has brought a great initiative. An initiative to make all commercial vehicles have air-conditioned (Ac) cabins.

Enhancing the driver’s comfort has become necessary as they operate commercial vehicles for 11-12 hours in hot and sweaty confines. Drivers constantly require to operate and drive around hot temperatures between 43 to 47 degrees C. Moreover, the tough and long working conditions continuously result in driver fatigue and accidental cases. Furthermore, another reason to blame is the changing climatic conditions. 

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Indian Government’s Initiative to Seek Truck Drivers Comfort 

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, has stated that all the driving compartments will have AC by 2025.

Gadkari addressed this initiative in a gathering at a Mahindra Logistics event. He further added that this initiative he had in mind ever since he joined office. This can be a challenging endeavour as manufacturers and operators are still worried about the high truck prices. 

Furthermore, the Union Minister has given this assurance that the centre is putting all efforts into enhancing rest stops all across the national routes.

Scania & Volvo – Global Players Already Ahead of the Curve

Global, high-end truck manufacturers like Scania & Volvo are already ahead of the curve and have their AC cabin trucks in the market. However, the Indian manufacturers are still in the debate and at a gap in advocating this idea fully.

In the ‘Desh Chaalak-Recognising those who Move India’ event, Minister Nitin Gadkari concluded that auto manufacturers will soon need to install Air conditioners inside the cabin of the trucks. He has already signed a file stating that automobile companies must implement this idea fully. It was arlier in 2016 when the road transport ministry first proposed this move.

Approx Expenditure to Implement AC Cabins in Trucks

On average, the extra expenditure in providing AC cabins would range between Rs 10,000 -20,000 for a single truck.

Challenges Around this Big Initiative!

Truck manufacturers are voicing that it should be optional for manufacturers to opt for this initiative. Some conveyed that AC cabins might make operators feel drowsy and sleepy on routes. Others even stated that we had non-AC bus and truck cabins for years, and we don’t feel the need to have them now.

To back this debate, a ministry official concluded that — the emergence of AC cabins in Scania and Volvo vehicles are successfully changing this perspective. Thus, we should welcome this cause not just in luxury buses or trucks but even in all regular commercial vehicles as well.

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