Top 5 Tata Loading Gadi in India: Latest Price & Specifications

Top 5 Tata Loading Gadi in India: Latest Price & Specifications

Whatever you prefer, “Tata loading gadi “or “Tata loading truck,” they predominate in the small commercial vehicle segment in India. This segment includes popular models such as Tata Ace Gold, Intra V30, V50, Ace EV, and Yodha 2.0 Pickup.

These Tata loading gadi models offer numerous benefits, such as a robust engine, spacious cabin, and maximum speed. Moreover, they support businesses in boosting productivity for high profit margins. They also have powerful engines and ample load-bearing capacity, helping businesses transport cargo in large volumes. Consequently, they reduce transportation costs while increasing efficiency.

That’s why here are the top new Tata ki loading Gadi models at budget-friendly pricing and premium features. Read the blog for determined decision-making and a valuable investment.

Best Tata Loading Gadi to Purchase in India

The Tata Loading Gadi price range starts from Rs. 5.01 to 10.40 lakh. Its popular models include Tata Ace Gold, Intra V50, V30, Yodha 2.0, and Ace EV.

Among the top 5 Tata loading Gadi models given in the table below, a Tata Ace Gold mini truck is affordable. Meanwhile, Yodha 2.0 pickup is costly yet suitable for small-scale businesses.

Model Name USP’s Price Range
Tata Ace Gold Ideal for entry – Level businesses Rs. 5.01 to 5.51 Lakh
Tata Intra V30 Highly Durable for long haul driving. Rs. 8.11 and 8.61 Lakh
Tata Intra V50 Premium tough design for diverse needs and capabilities. Rs. 8.90 and 9.40 Lakh
Tata Ace EV Sustainable, low costs, and low maintenance. Rs. 9.21 and 9.22 Lakh
Tata Yodha 2.0 4 – tonnage capacity, good resale value, and multiple variants. Rs. 10.00 and 10.40 Lakh

Key Features of the Top 5 Tata Loading Gadi in India

Here are the best-selling Tata loading Gadi models in India, given the latest price, specifications, and features. The table for each model represents its specifications to help you decide if it fits your business requirements.

1. Tata Ace Gold

Looking for an ideal pickup that suits your new business venture? Meet Tata Ace Gold with 6 promising features of mileage, payload, convenience, earnings, less maintenance and great pickup, ensuring efficiency. Here’s why it stands as a most Popular Tata Loading Gadi with outstanding performance. This model has a Gear Shift Advisor and Eco Switch for impressive mileage. Also, its Tata 275 Gasoline MPFI engine optimizes fuel consumption for enhanced mileage.

Engine Tata 275 Gasoline MPFI
Max Speed 70 KMPH
GVW 1615 kg
Wheelbase 2100 MM
Payload Capacity 750 kg
Body Option Deck Body

Moreover, its impressive gradeability allows drivers to navigate flyovers and terrains with ease. Additionally, this Tata loading gadi features a digital instrument cluster for enhanced fleet management and driving. The Tata Ace Loading Gadi has affordable pricing with a range of Rs. 5.01 and 5.51 Lakh. Further, it’s a low-maintenance model, empowering businesses to save more for business continuity.

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2. Tata Intra V30

Most businesses rely on reliable Tata loading Gadi for their logistical needs. The Tata Intra V30 is one such model designed for this purpose. It has an advanced engine, spacious cargo bed, and superb payload capacity, being preferable for truck owners.

Engine Type & Norm 1496 cc DI, BS-6 Phase 2
Max Speed 80 KMPH
Max Output & Torque 70 HP, 140 Nm
GVW & Payload 2565 kg, 1300 kg
Wheelbase 2450 MM
Load Body Size 8.8ft

Also, its superior gradeability and Eco Switch feature promote fuel economy. This Tata New Loading Gadi is capable of surpassing congested streets and uneven roads with e-power-assisted steering.

Moreover, this Tata loading Intra Gadi is designed for urban and semi-urban regions and has a 22.5-ton load. This proves the durability and sturdiness of this model, making it suitable for long-haul driving. Besides, its price range falls within Rs. 8.11 and 8.61 lakh.

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3. Tata Intra V50

The sturdy model designed for intercity cargo delivery is the Tata Intra V50. It is a commendable Tata loading gadi built on the ‘Premium tough design’ for all (rural, urban) regions. Also, its robust build and best-in-class appearance promote longevity for carrying heavy loads. It can transport groceries, essentials, and LPG cylinders.

Engine Type & Norm Four cylinder, DI
Max Speed 80 KMPH
Max Output & Torque 80 HP, 220 Nm
GVW & Payload 2960 kg, 1500 kg
Wheelbase 2600 MM
Transmision Synchromesh

This Tata New Loading Gadi features Hydraulic power-assisted steering and front disc brakes for a convenient ride. It also ensures enhanced manoeuvring and better grip control for a balanced ride. Further, the price range of this reliable Intra V50 pickup is between Rs. 8.90 and 9.40 lakh.

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4. Tata Ace EV

The Tata Ace EV is India’s first Tata Four Wheeler Loading Gadi with eco-friendly pricing and features. It is designed for efficient urban logistics, empowering businesses to leverage cleaner transportation for their wellness. Also, its lithium-ion battery has a 21.3 kWh capacity, which ensures superb output while ensuring emission-free cargo transportation.

Battery Type & Capacity LFP, Zero Tailpipe
Charging Hours 6-7 Hours
Range 154 Km/charge
GVW & Wheelbase 1840 KG, 2100 MM
Load Body Size 208 ft³
Transmission clutch free, rear-wheel drive

This Tata loading gadi has quick charging that ensures a high driving range for maximum speed. Moreover, its remarkable gradeability allows enhanced traction on inclined surfaces, suitable for intra-city transportation. Additionally, its safety features include tyre pressure monitoring and a rearview camera, ensuring a convenient trip.

The Tata ACE EV’s EvoGen technology promotes sustainable and cost-effective solutions for various industries. These include e-commerce, FMCG, Waste management, business support, and rural connectivity. Further, the Tata Ace Loading Gadi price range falls within Rs. 9.21 and 9.22 lakh.

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5. Tata Yodha 2.0

What if you find a heavy-duty pickup with high performance and tonnage capacity? Businesses like yours can leverage its powerful performance for higher earnings owing to its 4-tonnage capacity. Moreover, it is built for performance and reliability in challenging road conditions.

Engine Type & Norm Tata 2.2 Varicor, BS6, DICR, Diesel Fuel
Max Output & Torque 100 HP, 250 Nm
GVW 3840 kg
Wheelbase 3300 MM
Transmission Synchromesh Transmission
Air Conditioning / Fog Lights Available

This outstanding Tata Motors Loading Gadi has a powerful engine that allows for smooth driving. Besides, its spacious cabin makes long-haul driving more comfortable. The Tata Yodha 2.0 comes in multiple variants, providing accessibility to potential customers with diverse needs. Further, it delivers high fuel efficiency while ensuring good resale value for a profitable investment. This Tata Loading Gadi price is available between Rs. 10.00 and 10.40 lakh.

Final Words on Tata Ki Loading Gadi

The blog covers the top five Tata loading Gadi designed for enhanced profitability. The Tata Ace EV, Gold mini truck, Intra V30, Intra V50, and Yodha 2.0 pickup are popular models. These trucks feature Eco Switch and Gear Shift Advisor for superb mileage. Also, they have spacious cargo beds with comfortable interiors for the driver’s riding experience.

Among all listed Tata loading gadi, the Tata Ace EV is the only one with a powerful motor and efficient batteries. It lowers its operational costs and is a low-maintenance model. Moreover, it’s a perfect choice for small-scale businesses, ensuring safe, clean, and greener transportation for intracity trips.

Besides, the Tata Loading Gadi mileage for all the listed models offers impressive fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, Tata Intra V30 and Intra V50 provide competitive mileage for efficient cargo operations.

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