Best 7 Auto Rickshaw Models In India – Price & Overview

Best 7 Auto Rickshaw Models In India – Price & Overview

Looking for the best Auto Rickshaw? This blog is the right place for you as this blog shortlisted Best 7 Auto Rickshaw Models In India. It will help you purchase an auto rickshaw according to your needs and earn more profit from your business. 

The passenger vehicle segment of India is the fastest-growing segment in the automobile industry. And the demand for the Auto Rickshaw model is also increasing among the customers. Hence, to meet the growing customer demand, many established brands and some new ones are creating a number of efficient auto rickshaw models and making their mark in this emerging market. These well established and new auto rickshaw models provide reliable and durable performance. 

So if you are interested in buying the auto rickshaw, check out the given auto rickshaw price list before picking one. 


Listing Of Best 7 Selling Auto Rickshaw Models Price List 2023 In India

Below, we are providing a Best Auto Rickshaw list with features, price, variants, GVW and other essential information to find the right one. Let’s explore them. 

1. Bajaj Compact RE 

Bajaj Compact RE Auto Rickshaw

One of the flagship auto rickshaw models from Bajaj House is the Bajaj Compact RE. This model comes with the strongest diesel 236.2 cc engine that generates 10 HP and a peak torque of 19.2 Nm. The auto rickshaw belongs to the 672 KG GVW category. It is a completely eco-friendly product in the passenger vehicle segment as it follows BS6 emission norms. A wet multiplate clutch with handle bar steering provides smooth operation even on rigid surfaces and terrains. Day cabin of this best auto rickshaw provides comfort to the driver as well as passengers. Auto rickshaw price is Rs 2.27 – 2.37 Lakh*. 

Variants – Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/LPG, Diesel, CNG and Petrol 

Fuel Tank 8 Ltr
Wheelbase  2000 MM
Gradeability 20%
Ground Clearance  170 MM
Overall Dimension (LXWXH in MM) 2635 MMX1300 MMX1700 MM

2. Bajaj Maxima Z

Bajaj Maxima Z Auto Rickshaw

Another strong player in the passenger vehicle segment from Bajaj house is Bajaj Maxima Z. It is a diesel rickshaw that comes with 1 cylinder and 470.5 engine that produces 8 hp and 24 Nm peak torque. This rickshaw caters to all the passenger needs in city, town and rural regions. It is fitted with a dry, single-plate clutch, handlebar steering and manual transmission. The hydraulic drum brakes with parking brakes ensure proper safety from the slippage and over-speeding to the driver and passenger. It is available at Rs 1.90 – 1.99 Lakh price.

Variants – Bajaj Maxima Z 4-Seater/LPG, Diesel and CNG 

GVW 790 KG
Fuel Tank 8 Ltr
Wheelbase 2000 MM
Cabin Day Cabin
Gradeability 18 %
Overall Dimension (LXWXH in MM) 2825 MMX1350 MMX1780 MM

3.TVS Deluxe

TVS Deluxe Auto Rickshaw

TVS Deluxe is one of the highly promising auto rickshaw models. It is a durable vehicle with leading features and fuel mileage. TVS Deluxe is equipped with a sturdy powertrain comprising a 4 stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled SI-engine that generates maximum power of 7.8 kW at 5500 rpm. The autorickshaw features are highly advanced, which provide greater performance and work efficiency. TVS Deluxe gets stronger and greener with BS6 emission norms. This green auto rickshaw model has a drum, hydraulic and swing arm with hydraulic damper & coil spring. It is available at Rs 1.60 – 2.00 Lakh*. 

Variants – VS Deluxe ZS+ FI – 4S, TVS Deluxe LS+ FI -4s and TVS Deluxe GS+ FI -4S. 

Maximum Torque  15.5 Nm
Kerb Weight 63 ± 2 km/h KMPH
Wheelbase 1990 MM
Gearbox 4 Forward +1 Reverse
Overall Dimension (LXWXH in MM) 2647 MMX1329 MMX1740 MM
Gradeability 10% 

4. Piaggio Ape City Plus 

Piaggio Ape City Plus Auto Rickshaw

Piaggio is one of the market leaders which offers the highest-selling passenger auto rickshaw Piaggio Ape City Plus. It has a lot of high-quality features and follows BS6 emission norms. The passenger vehicle has a powerful 1 cylinder and water-cooled engine for efficient working. The engine produces 9.39 HP of power at a superior 23.5 Nm of torque, equipped with a 5-speed gearbox and multi-disc, wet type clutch. Handlebar steering with a manual transmission makes the driver and passengers feel safe. 

Variants – Piaggio Ape City Plus 3-Seater/1920/CNG, 1920 and 1920/LPG. 

Max Speed 60 KMPH
Fuel Tank 10 Ltr
GVW 802 KG
Wheelbase 1920 MM
Overall Dimension (LXWXH in MM) 2880 MMX 1435 MMX1920 MM
Gradeability 26.4 %

5. Piaggio Ape Plus

Piaggio Ape Plus Auto Rickshaw

Ape Plus is another best auto rickshaw from the Piaggio brand, which comes with a powerful water-cooled engine. The engine is available with a diesel fuel option and generates maximum power of 9.39 HP and a peak torque of 23.5 Nm. This passenger vehicle is designed with high mobility solutions and many innovative features. It has a multi-disc, wet type clutch and 5-speed gearbox that complete all transmission duties for a smoother and fatigue-free driving experience. This Indian auto rickshaw is available at Rs 2.06 – 2.66 Lakh. 

Variants – Piaggio Ape Plus 5-Seater/2100 

Max Speed 60 KMPH
Fuel Tank 10 Ltr
GVW 974 KG
Wheelbase 2100 MM
Overall Dimension (LXWXH in MM) 3140 MMX1465 MMX1950 MM
Gradeability 23.8%

6. Mahindra Alfa 

Mahindra Alfa Auto Rickshaw

Another best auto rickshaw for passenger vehicle buyers is Mahindra Alfa. The Mahindra product has the ability to transport passengers with proper safety and comfort. It is fitted with a diesel engine of Four Stroke single cylinder water cooled aggregates. The engine produces power of 9 HP and peak torque of 23.5 NM, tuned to a 5-speed gearbox. It has a car like coil spring with an independent swinging arm hydraulic shock absorber. Multi-plate wet clutch and handlebar steering ensure smooth operation and movement of the rickshaw. The cost of an auto rickshaw is Rs 2.75 – 2.83 Lakh*. 

Variants – Mahindra Alfa 3-Seater/Comfy and DX 

GVW 825 KG
Fuel Tank 10.5 Ltr
Max Speed 54 KMPH
Wheelbase 2005 MM
Overall Dimension (LXWXH in MM) 3020 MMX1460 MMX 1900 MM
Ground Clearance 170 MM

7. Lohia Humsafar

Lohia Humsafar Auto Rickshaw

Lohia Humsafar is one of the efficient auto rickshaws in the passenger vehicle segment. It has a single-cylinder four-stroke, direct injection forced air oil-cooled engine that generates 8.1 hp at 22.2 Nm of torque. The passenger vehicle has 950 KG GVW and is fitted with a 4-speed gearbox, handlebar steering and manual transmission system. Drum Brake with parking brakes prevents motion by absorbing energy from a moving system. The rickshaw specifications are highly advanced that ensure greater performance. This best auto rickshaw price is Rs 1.80 – 2.00 Lakh*.

Variants – Lohia Humsafar 5-Seater/1945/Petrol and Lohia Humsafar 3-Seater/1945. 

Max Speed 45 KMPH
Fuel Tank 10.5 Ltr
GVW 950 KG
Wheelbase 1945 MM
Overall Dimension (LXWXH in MM) 2965 MMX1470 MMX1810 MM
Cabin Type Day Cabin

Important Points For Infographic:- 

  • This infographic listed the best 7 auto rickshaw models in India. 
  • In this infographic, auto rickshaw models are listed with power, wheelbase, fuel tank and price. 
  • Listing of best 7 auto rickshaw models includes Bajaj Compact RE, Bajaj Maxima Z, TVS Deluxe, Piaggio Ape City Plus, Piaggio Ape Plus and others. 

Best 7 Auto Rickshaw Models In India - Price & Overview


If you plan to buy an auto rickshaw, you can check the given best 7 auto rickshaw for sale. The list has all the top brands with a plethora of attractive options. Each auto rickshaw has a special identity because of its advanced features. You can check them all out on Truck Junction before going to their dealers. 

At Truck Junction, you can also find electric auto rickshaw details and electric auto rickshaw price. You can select your truck according to your business needs at our website. 

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