Best Long-Range Trucks In India With Different Commercial Applications

Best Long-Range Trucks In India With Different Commercial Applications

With brand-new HCV models entering the market, Indian transportation is diversifying. HCVs have a GVW of much more than 40000 kg. They are the best for uphill hauling, large freight transport, building and mining tippers, near containers, flatbed trailers, and tractor-trailers. Because of the numerous advantages in transportation and moving commodities, the popularity of Heavy Duty Haulage trucks is skyrocketing in the Indian sector. And also, These large commercial vehicles deliver heavy materials such as steel, concrete, fertilizer, timber, cargo, etc. A Top Haulage Truck can convey all of the material that multiple mini trucks can handle, significantly saving fuel, time, and labor. Therefore, the large commercial vehicle segment of the Indian trucking business is high volume and value.

Major manufacturers in the HCV business include Eicher and Tata Motors, developing some wonderful trucks for the industry using new and smart technologies. Apart from this, firms such as Ashok Leyland, Bharat Benz, and Mahindra are also increasing their business by bringing more affordable vehicles to the market. In this informative blog, we will look at the list of the Best long-range truck in India with the latest features, prices and more.

What is Heavy Haulage Truck?

Ideally, the domestic truck industry is divided into three main categories: 


The Haulage Truck sector ranges from 28T to 55T GVW. Trucks in this category include rigid/haulage, tipper, and tractor-trailer combinations.

Heavy-duty vehicles can pull, carry, or transport heavy objects across long distances. And also, These commercial vehicles are known as heavy-duty hauling trucks. They also incorporate heavy-duty hooks and chains for moving bulky goods with ease.

Haulage Heavy Duty trucks are used to transport a variety of bulk cargoes, such as an open cargo body, canister, or special applications such as tanker/bulkers, for hauling a variety of cargo such as concretes, petroleum products, agricultural implements, market loads, oil, bitumen, and Food & beverages, as well as special applications such as fuel/gas or liquid cargo via tanker or fully prepared construction material via bulkers.

List Of Long Distance Trucks In India With Price 2023

Here is the comprehensive list of the long-range truck in India you can think of buying this year.

1. Tata LPT 4225 Cowl Truck

Tata LPT 4225 Cowl Truck

Tata LPT 4225 Cowl is made using cutting-edge technologies that provide impressive performance. This HCV has a total horsepower of 250hp, making it appropriate for various applications. Moreover, the overall torque developed by the Tata LPT 4225 cowl is 950 Nm, making this long-range transport vehicle the ideal choice for hauling. 

A 6-cylinder Cummins ISBe 6.7L engine powers it. The vehicle is also accessible with a cowl chassis. With a wheelbase of 6800 mm and 9144 MM of length, the Tata LPT 4225 vehicle may provide a load body length suited for various applications. Air brakes offer enhanced safety in the Tata truck, and the front suspension features parabolic leaf springs and Semi elliptic leaf springs with a Bell crank mechanism in the rear for a smooth ride.

Know about the other main specifications of the Tata LPT 4225 Cowl Truck:

GVW 42000 KG
FUEL TANK  365 Ltr.
PRICE Rs. 38.57 lakh to Rs. 44.03 lakh in India

2. Ashok Leyland 4825 10×2 DTLA MAV Truck

Ashok Leyland 4825 10x2 DTLA MAV Truck

The brand Ashok Leyland’s most productive yet popular haulage truck, the Ashok Leyland 4825 10×2 DTLA MAV Truck, is developed with innovative technologies that ensure the optimum return to the customers. This HCV is accessible in a
4-cylinder A series CRS with iGen6 Technology powerful engine. The Ashok Leyland 4825 has a maximum horsepower of 250hp. It is a vehicle with a gross weight of 47500 kg. Ashok Leyland has a maximum torque of 900 Nm. 

The Ashok Leyland 5525 contains amenities such as power steering and Full air dual line with ABS air brakes. In addition, it has Semi-elliptic multi-leaf/Parabolic springs at the front suspension and Non-reactive suspension with parabolic type helper spring Slipper ended suspension at the rear. Along with the advanced features, this top long-range truck can handle various applications such as market load, cement, iron & steel, tanker, construction material and more.

Here unveiling more features of the Ashok Leyland 4825 10×2 DTLA MAV Truck:

375 Ltr.
6600 MM
2.5 to 3.5 KMPL
Rs. 45.32 lakh to Rs. 50.52 lakh in India

3. BharatBenz 4228R Truck

BharatBenz 4228R Truck

BharatBenz seems to be another brand that has evolved as a competitive contender in India’s commercial truck sector. The 4228R is a sturdy truck created specifically for Indian driving conditions and duty cycles in the 42T category. If you wish to lead the change, BharatBenz 4228R is the most popular long-range truck you can buy this year. 

The BharatBenz 4228R has a robust OM926 engine that combines 281 Horsepower and 1100 NM torque to handle all medium and long-haul freight shipping needs. With its well-tuned powertrain and sturdy aggregates, this long-range truck is capable of hauling big and substantial items effectively. BharatBenz says the 4228R freight truck requires the least maintenance and lasts the longest, giving a greater ownership experience. In addition, this vehicle is available in a flexible, customizable solution to a broad array of cargo transportation market requirements. This efficient Haulage Trucks Price in India starts at Rs. 39.79 lakh to Rs. 44.21 lakh.

Let’s know about the other specifications of the BharatBenz 4228R Truck:

GVW 42000 KG
FUEL TANK  310 Ltr.

4. Eicher Pro 6048 Truck

Eicher Pro 6048 Truck

Eicher also has a top truck option in this segment, the Pro 6048 Truck, which is powered by an economical and dependable VEDX8 CRS 7.7L engine. This Best Haulage Truck is engineered to perform optimally in some of the most demanding operational cycles without sacrificing mileage or sturdiness. This long-range truck price starts at Rs. 42.00 lakh to Rs. 45.15 lakh in India.

This result-driven Long distance truck is perfect for all those reliable customers who are specifically looking for superior performance, greater fuel efficiency, better mileage, and productivity and aiming to enhance the business’s profitability. In addition, the truck has plenty of comfort features such as a standard HVAC sleeper cabin for ultimate comfort, an Intelligent Driver Information System (IDIS), Tilt & telescopic power steering & a 6-way adjustable seat for a better driving position, and cruise control for the free and relaxable driving experience.

Here unveiling the latest features of the Eicher Pro 6048 Truck:

GVW 47500 KG
FUEL TANK 350 Ltr.

  5. Mahindra Blazo X 28 Truck

Mahindra Blazo X 28 Truck

The Mahindra Blazo X 28 is a large advanced rigid truck series that promises more mileage, power, and profit. A mPower 7.2 Litre FuelSmart engine powers it. Its strong engine generates class-leading power of 280 HP and torque of 1050Nm. In addition, its fuel-intelligent technology allows the operator to select power output according to the vehicle’s load and gradient.

Lorry and truck driving are typically used to move building materials, crates, and other items. The Blazo X28 is the ideal high-end truck for all of these tasks. Eicher outfitted this Best long-range truck with cutting-edge technology to redefine levels of efficiency and profitability, allowing you to operate an economical fleet at peak efficiency, decrease costs, and generate more cash on every trip.

Here are the other main features of the Mahindra Blazo X 28 Truck:

GVW 28000 KG

Conclusion Thought

These Haulage Heavy Duty trucks in India have grown in technology, functionality, important applications, and enhanced success throughout time. However, you need to keep everything in mind, like features, price, mileage, including other factors, to get the most from your dream truck. Therefore, keep an eye on your most productive haulage trucks to expand your business.


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