Tata Yodha CNG – The New & Upgraded CNG-Powered Pickup

Tata Motors always pushes the limits of its innovation in all the sectors in which they involve. As a result, the automobile industry has seen many new technologies emerge from this brand. The 16th edition of the Auto Expo witnessed some of the company’s first-in-class technologies, including the Yodha CNG pickup. This new pickup is based on CNG fuel and is also designed with a powerful engine that can easily carry a high payload. In addition, the vehicle is manufactured with bold styling, a strong metallic bumper & fender, a stylish grille and the Tata signature “Trust Bar”.

The Technical Side of Tata Yodha CNG

  • The vehicle comes with a Tata 2.2L CNG BS6 engine which generates a power of 100 PS or 98.632 HP with a torque of 240 Nm. The engine is mated with a 5 Speed Manual Transmission.
  • The Tata Yodha CNG is engineered with 2 types of CNG fuel tanks. First is 2 cylinders (90L + 90L of water capacity) and 3 Cylinders (90L+90L+35L of water capacity). And it delivers a range of 500 – 600 kilometres.
  • The vehicle comes with an upgraded suspension system. It has Rigid Suspension with leaf spring & Shock absorber type suspension. In addition, it comes with power steering with a tiltable steering column.
  • This Tata pickup comes with a high-value Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 3800 kg. In addition, the pickup has the highest-rated payload capacity of 1800 kg.
  • The dimensions of this vehicle are crafted precisely. This vehicle’s length, width and height are 5350mm, 1860mm and 1810mm, respectively. Also, it comes with a minimum turning radius of 12.5m.
  • As the vehicle gets a high value of GVW, it also comes with a perfect wheelbase. The wheelbase of 3300mm balances the high load of 1800kg easily. Also, it has a ground clearance of 210mm.
  • The load body dimensions of this vehicle are also good. The loading area’s length, width and height are 2650mm, 1850mm and 490mm, respectively. Moreover, the loading area type of this vehicle is a hinged rear tailgate (standard).
  • Along with its specifications, the pickup comes with features which make driving comfortable and easy. All of these features ensure a fatigue-free long, and safe journey.

Features of Tata Yodha CNG Pickup

Features of Tata Yodha CNG Pickup

  • Tata Yodha CNG comes with the highest-rated payload capacity in the CNG pickups segment, which is 1800kg. In addition, it is also engineered with a reinforced chassis frame for enhanced durability.
  • The vehicle has the highest CNG capacity in the pickup segment, with 2 fuel tank options. As a result of the highest fuel capacity, the vehicle delivers the highest range in the pickup segment.
  • The Tata Yodha CNG pickup also generates the highest torque of 240 Nm.
    Tata Motors has loaded the pickup with quality features, including the longest body length of 2650 mm (8.7 ft) in CNG.
  • Concerning safety, the vehicle has a 3-piece metallic bumper, stone guard, metallic fender assembly, stylish grille and the Tata Signature “Trust Bar”.
  • It has an Anti-roll bar at the front of the vehicle for stability, gradients, and unlevelled roads. It helps in keeping the balance of the pickup while driving. Moreover, it has advanced connectivity features.
  • The Tata pickup has many advanced features, including the GSA (Gear Shift Advisor). This system helps the driver to change gears at the correct time, which makes it more efficient. In addition, the vehicle has the lubricated for life (LFL) feature.
  • The vehicle is a trademark of enhanced safety. It has the Side Under-Run Protection Device (SUPD), Rear Under-Run Protection Device (RUPD), Battery cut-off switch, and Antiskid Footstep.
  • Moreover, the vehicle also has ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), Cruise Control, Blind spot detection, Immobiliser, a 7-inch infotainment screen, steering wheel control switches and fleet edge telematics.


The Tata Yodha CNG pickup will explore new areas in the last-mile delivery segment. It is a synonym for robustness and a strong body structure. The key applications of this pickup are Fruits & Vegetables, agriculture products, industrial goods, poultry, fisheries, water bottles, dairy products and construction materials.

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