Compare Of Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe & Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater

Compare Of Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe & Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater

In India, you are served with a wide range of options available in an auto-rickshaw. From notable manufacturing companies Bajaj and Piaggio to even Mahindra, almost every brand has offered customers high-quality yet affordable auto rickshaws. Still, most people research price, performance and power before purchasing their dream auto rickshaw. If you’re specifically planning to buy Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe and Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater auto rickshaw, this informative blog is for you.

To ease your decision-making, we have thoughtfully compared Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe & Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater auto rickshaw in detail here.

Deep Comparison of Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe and Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater Auto Rickshaw

Before we move forward, let’s understand the basics of each model or product one by one.

Mahindra Alfa DX:

Mahindra Alfa Dx

The Mahindra Alfa Dx Auto Rickshaw is India’s most sought-after passenger vehicle, delivering maximum output and convenience. This auto rickshaw has a powerful engine designed to provide excellent mileage for commercial business purposes.

Furthermore, with a distinct design and several safety systems, the Mahindra Alfa is ideal for Indian roads.

TVS Deluxe:

TVS Deluxe

The TVS Deluxe auto rickshaw is a great option because of its long-lasting performance and low fuel consumption. In addition, many users prefer it because of its comfortable seating capacity, low maintenance cost and expansive design. The TVS Deluxe is also simple to maintain, making it an appealing option for people wishing to save money on repairs.

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater:

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater

The Bajaj Compact RE Auto Rickshaw is a dependable, fuel-efficient option for riders and drivers. It has a strong four-stroke engine and a comfy seating capacity of between three and four persons. The Bajaj RE also has a cheap operating cost and a long lifespan, which makes it a popular option among auto rickshaw operators in India.

As you now understand the basics of each model, we will dig deep into the best comparison of Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe and Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater.

Best Comparison Of Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe & Bajaj Compact RE Auto Rickshaw

1. Price Comparison

Price Comparison

The price is always the top factor that can either make or break a deal before purchasing a high-quality auto rickshaw online or offline. So, here we have mentioned the price range of each model in India.

India’s Mahindra Alfa Dx Auto Rickshaw price range starts at Rs. 2.85 lakh* to Rs. 2.90 lakh*. On the other hand, the TVS Deluxe Auto Rickshaw price starts at Rs. 1.20 lakh* to Rs. 1.35 lakh* in India, which is slightly more economical than Mahindra Alfa.

If you’re specifically looking to buy Bajaj Compact RE Auto Rickshaw, the price starts at Rs. 2.34 lakh* to Rs. 2.36 lakh* in India.

Also, remember that the Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe, and Bajaj Compact RE Auto Rickshaw on-road prices may vary in different states depending on their taxation authorities and rules.

2. Engine Performance

Engine Performance

The engine is another factor that no new or existing customer wants to overlook in a brand-new auto-rickshaw. Every engine has its speciality and functions slightly differently than the others. Each model, like Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe and Bajaj Compact RE, is equipped with a powerful engine and immersed in the latest technology and innovations. It is now time to peek into the engine performance and compare Mahindra Alfa Dx Vs. TVS Deluxe Vs. Bajaj Compact RE auto Rickshaw.

The Mahindra Alfa Dx Auto Rickshaw comes with the BS6 395 cm3 water-cooled, Single cylinder engine. This 3-tyre auto rickshaw can generate 9.5 HorsePower and produce a peak torque of 23 NM.

In contrast to Mahindra Alfa Dxl, the efficient TVS Deluxe has a Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke Air Cooled, Si-powerful engine that can produce 10.46 Horsepower and maximum torque of 15.5 NM.

In addition to the above models, the Bajaj Compact RE is driven by the BS6 Four Stroke engine. This engine can effortlessly produce 10 HP and generates 19.2 NM of torque, sufficient to accomplish a wide range of applications.

3. Brakes & Transmission

Brakes & Transmission

The Mahindra Alfa Dx is fitted with Drum brakes with practical parking brakes. Furthermore, it has a gearbox for steering. In addition, the Mahindra Alfa Dx Auto Rickshaw has a Hydraulic Telescopic Front Suspension and a Hydraulic Telescopic Rear Suspension.

Moreover, the TVS Deluxe carries Drum, Hydraulic brakes, making this a safer auto rickshaw to commute. The front suspension and rear suspension of this auto rickshaw are Swing Arm with Hydraulic damper & Coil Spring to provide the ultimate driving experience to the operator.

On the other hand, the Bajaj Compact RE comes with Hydraulic drum brakes with no parking brakes. Along with this, this performance auto rickshaw carries a Parabolic leaf spring at the Front and rear suspension.

4. Seating Capacity

Seating Capacity

Interestingly, the seating capacity of all three models, i.e., Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe and Bajaj Compact RE, are all the same, with spacious cabins and modern designs. As a result, each model can effortlessly accommodate One Driver Plus Three passengers providing them with a comfortable yet less tiring driving experience.

Closing Thoughts

We understand a customer’s challenges before picking the most worthy auto rickshaw or any commercial vehicle. One has to make a firm decision while evaluating many factors like price, mileage, engine performance, dimensions and more.

We hope this well-curated blog on Mahindra Alfa Dx, TVS Deluxe and Bajaj Compact RE auto rickshaw comparison can provide you all with all the necessary information needed and help you finalise your decisions.

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