Eicher Pro 6055 VS BharatBenz 5528TT Tractor Comparison – Overview

Eicher Pro 6055 VS BharatBenz 5528TT Tractor Comparison – Overview

Here we are going to compare Eicher Pro 6055 vs BharatBenz 5528TT tractors on some parameters which will help you to choose the right one between these two best tractor trucks.

Eicher Pro 6055 and BharatBenz 5528TT both are superb in their performance. Moreover, these two companies come under the top truck companies in India. Thus, both are quality tractor trucks for sure. So, if you are searching for a productive tractor truck, you should choose between 6055 vs 5528TT. But, now the question arises from these two which one is perfect. So for sorting out your query, we come here with this post where you can get a complete comparison between these two tractor trucks. It will help to choose between 6055 or 5528TT. 

Eicher Pro 6055 VS BharatBenz 5528TT – Compare 

Eicher Pro 6055 and BharatBenz 5528TT both are premium products that ensure higher results. Let’s compare Eicher Pro 6055 and BharatBenz 5528TT tractor trucks to make your decision quite easy.

1. Power & Performance (Engine)

Power & Performance (Engine)

The power and performance of the vehicle are one of the most important aspects of a transportation business. To consider this point, companies provide high performing and powerful vehicles. Likewise, Eicher made a Pro 6055 tractor truck with 6 cylinders and a VEDX8 CRS 7.7L diesel engine that generates power of 260 hp, ensuring outstanding performance. Whereas, BharatBenz built 5528TT with 6 cylinders and an OM926 diesel engine that produces power of 281 hp. Both the robust engines of the vehicles also generate a torque of 1000 Nm and 1100 Nm, respectively. Moreover, Eicher Pro 6055 and BharatBenz 5528TT both tractors are eco-friendly as they follow BS6 emission norms. However, the selection of the vehicles depends on your business application and transportation needs. 

Additionally, Eicher Pro 6055 tractor and BharatBenz 5528TT tractor are equipped with 350 Ltr and 455 Ltr fuel tanks. Both the tanks are large, which help the vehicles to run for a long time.

2. Payload & GVW 

Payload & GVW 

Now, in the Eicher Pro 6055 VS BharatBenz 5528TT Tractor segment, we talk about payload and GVW of vehicles. Both the vehicles are heavy and can easily carry bulky materials for transportation. Eicher Pro 6055 has 55000 KG GVW and can carry 55000 KG loads. On the other hand, BharatBenz 5528TT has 54960 KG and 55000 KG payload. This factor clearly shows that both vehicles will profit the transporter in revenue generation.

3. Dimension


Now, it’s time to compare the dimensions of both the tractor-trailers. Eicher tractor-trailer’s overall dimension is 7093 MMX2528 MMX2915 MM (LXWXH), while BharatBenz tractor-trailer’s whole dimension is 6935 MMX2490 MMX2910 MM (LXWXH). Additionally, the giant Eicher tractor-trailer has a 4050 MM Wheelbase and 220 MM ground clearance. On the other hand, the heavy-duty BharatBenz tractor-trailer has a 3975 MM wheelbase, 255 MM ground clearance and 7600 MM minimum turning radius.

4. Cabin


An enjoyable and relaxing ride is one of the common demands of users, especially for a long duration. Hence, most OEMs provide their vehicles with the best cabin facilities that ensure comfort during the whole ride. Likewise, the popular Eicher provides a day and sleeper cabin in its tractor truck, while Bharatbenz offers a day and sleeper cabin in its tractor-trailer. Both the cabins are elegant, have the best facilities and provide adjustable driver seats. In addition, the 6055 has a D+1 seating capacity, while 5528TT comes with a similar D+1 seating capacity.

5. Brakes 


In terms of brakes, Eicher 6055 tractor-trailer is equipped with a dual circuit, full air s cam brakes and parking brakes. On the other hand, BharatBenz 5528TT has pneumatic foot-operated dual line brakes with parking brakes. 

Additionally, the front and rear axle of the Eicher vehicle is Forged I Beam – Reverse Elliot Type and Heavy duty fully floating single reduction, respectively. It is also available with parabolic suspension with double-acting shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar. It is also part of EUTECH6 technology, which makes it ideal for applications such as containers, auto-carriers, LPG bullets, and steel coils. 

On the other hand, the BharatBenz vehicle has IF 7.0 and RA 1 IRT390-11 front and rear axles. Also, it comes with a parabolic type leaf spring with 2 hydraulic shock absorbers.

6. Clutch & Transmission

Clutch & Transmission

Now compare the clutch and transmission of 6055 and 5528TT tractor trucks. Eicher Pro 6055 has a 430 mm clutch and manual transmission system, tuned with a 9-Speed gearbox. It is fuel-efficient and has M Booster plus and cruise control to provide plus performance. BharatBenz 5528TT is loaded with a single dry plate hydraulic control clutch and Manual transmission system, tuned with a 9-Speed gearbox. This vehicle has many excellent aggregates like driver state monitoring system, music system, HVAC (Heating, ventilation and AC) and central locking system. Both vehicles have efficient power steering to reduce driver fatigue and smooth handling. The Gradeability of vehicles is 23% and 23.6%. 

Eicher Pro tractor-trailer comes with 11R20 rear and front tyres, while BharatBenz tractor-truck is fitted with 11.00 R20 rear and front tyres. The tyres of both vehicles are fully aired and have many excellent qualities.

7. Variants 


Both the vehicles come with many efficient variants. For example, Eicher Pro 6055 offers powerful Eicher Pro 6055 4050/CBC while BharatBenz 5528TT has durable BharatBenz 5528TT 3975/CBC. To know about these variants, you can visit Truck Junction.

8. Price 


In terms of the price range, Eicher Pro 6055 tractor price is Rs 35.37 – 39.47 Lakh while BharatBenz 5528TT is available at Rs 43.65 – 51.05 Lakh. Eicher and BharatBenz are not only offering competitively priced trucks but an overall package that includes best after sales service and 24×7 support across India including breakdown and additional services. 


Eicher Pro 6055

BharatBenz 5528TT


Rs 35.37 – 39.47 

Rs 43.65 – 51.05 Lakh

The comparison of Eicher Pro 6055 VS BharatBenz 5528TT clearly indicates that both vehicles are efficient and ideal choices for transportation. However, in some terms Eicher takes an ideal position but in some ways BharatBenz gives a tough competition. So, now the decision is up to you. Rest, for more clarity about their specifications and features, you can go to their respective dealers. You can check Eicher brand dealers and BharatBenz brand dealers near you at Truck Junction. 

For more such comparison blogs, stay connected with us. Here, you can also select your truck as per your business applications. 

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