Top 10 E Rickshaw Manufacturer Companies In India

The blog listed the popular E Rickshaw Manufacturers In India with vital information. 

India’s passenger vehicle segment rapidly adopted electrification, making commuting easy and reasonable. And also give a good and profitable business option to the people. Hence, the demand for E Rickshaw models is increasing daily, which many entrepreneurs notice. Therefore, to meet the customers’ demands, many OEMs are making good inroads into this emerging sector. 

Hence, in this blog, we have mentioned the top-rated e rickshaw manufacturers in India. These OEMs empower this segment and provide the best mobility solutions for intercity operations. Also, E Rickshaw Manufacturers mentioned in the list will support the electric passenger vehicle segment with their excellent E rickshaws. So, let’s take a closer look at them. 

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Best E Rickshaw Manufacturers In India 

Below, we shortlisted the top 10 E Rickshaw Manufacturers In India with their vital information and best products. Check them out. 

1. Mahindra Electric 


Mahindra Electric Mobility is a leading brand in providing electric solutions, which comes from the house of Mahindra & Mahindra Group. This electric rickshaw manufacturer was established in 2010 by a partnership between Mahindra & Mahindra and Reva Electric Car Company. First, the company was called Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, but later it was renamed Mahindra Electric Mobility. Moreover, the company produces a large portfolio of EVs made with drive train technology and gives mobility solutions. 

2. Atul Auto 


Atul Auto Limited is one of India’s youngest and fastest-growing E-rickshaw manufacturers. Also, it counted in the list of the World’s top 5 three wheelers brands. E Auto rickshaw manufacturer supplies various vehicles, including cargo three wheelers and auto rickshaws. The company began its journey in 1986. Today there are more than one million Atul vehicles plying on the roads across the World. Likewise, Atul has an extensive portfolio of electric passenger vehicles, including battery-operated auto rickshaws. Many Atul E-rickshaws are available: Atul Shakti Cargo, Atul GEM Cargo, Atul Elite Cargo, and Atul Elite Plus. 

3. Piaggio Vehicles 

Piaggio Vehicles

Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (PVPL) is one of India’s renowned E rickshaw manufacturers. The company was founded by Rinaldo Piaggio and has provided its service since 1884. This best E rickshaw manufacturer started its journey in India through the launch of Ape in 1999. Also, Piaggio leads the intra-city transportation league in India. Later the company made its presence felt in the electric vehicle segment by providing electric three wheelers and rickshaws. And it also created a popular image in this segment. 

4. Kinetic Green


Kinetic Green is one of the leading players in the intercity transportation segment. This electric auto rickshaw manufacturer founded in 1972 by HK Firodia. In addition, the company is the synonym of innovation and excellence, reflected by its products. Today, Kinetic has a wide range of products, including 3 wheelers, scooters, E-cycles and buggies. Moreover, the company started its production plant by manufacturing Luna Moped. Also, it was the first indigenous moped that sponsored the “Man of The Match” award in the Indian Cricket Series in 1975. Along with this, Kinetic Green delivers Kinetic Safar Smart and Kinetic DX.

5. Jezza Motors


Jezza Motors is a popular brand of Vani Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd founded in 2014 by Kolkata based young entrepreneurs. The company started with a strong belief in the electric vehicle industry’s future. Today, Jezza has a comprehensive product line and also a wide dealer network. Therefore, it stands out as one of the promising players in the electric vehicle industry. Also, this E rickshaw manufacturer in India supplies e-rickshaws, two-wheelers and spare parts for electric vehicles approved by i-CAT. Jezza’s product line includes the Jezza J1000, Jezza Super J1000 and Jezza J1000 Prime. 

6. Thukral Electric 


Thukral Electric is a Delhi-based manufacturer which started in 2014. The Delhi-based startup manufactures, exports, trades, and also supplies electric vehicles, including electric three wheelers and E rickshaws. These vehicles are eco-friendly and approved by iCAT, which patrons praise. A vast product line consists of Thukral Electric DLX, Thukral Electric Grand Stainless Steel, and others. 

7. UdaanUdaan

Udaan is a Delhi-based firm belonging to the Energy Electric Vehicles incorporated in 2015. The company manufactures and wholesales a wide range of electric vehicles, including three wheelers and auto rickshaws. In addition, this top E Rickshaw manufacturer is involved in delivering highly commendable quality electric auto rickshaws to customers. Also, Udaan delivers many efficient E rickshaw models, including SN Electric Passenger E Rickshaw, Udaan E Rickshaw, etc.

8. Mayuri 


Mayuri is India’s largest E rickshaw manufacturer of Saera Electric Auto Pvt. Ltd, part of Satra Group of companies. The company has over 40 years of legacy in the Indian vehicle segment. Moreover, this best E rickshaw company in India is handled by Mr V.K. Kapoor, who is the “Father of E-Rickshaw”. Shri Nitin Gadkari launched Mayuri’s first product. Also, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi distributed more than 3,500 e-rickshaws to the people of Uttar Pradesh in 2015. 

The company has India’s biggest manufacturing plant in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, which produces over 288 E-Rickshaws per day. Also, Mayuri offers Mayuri E-rickshaw, Mayuri Grand and Mayuri Deluxe.

9. Mini Metro EV

Mini Metro

Mini Metro EV LLP is one of India’s prominent electric rickshaw manufacturers. The company was established in 2014 and engaged in manufacturing and retailing a large portfolio of electric vehicles. Moreover, this broad assortment of products includes electric passenger vehicles, electric loader rickshaws and electric garbage vans. Also, it is a UP-based company with a large manufacturing plant in Meerut, UP. Furthermore, the plant produces a premium quality range of vehicles per international standards. Mini Metro has Mini Metro M1 MS Battery Operated E Rickshaw, Mini Metro Gold Rickshaw and others. All Mini Metro are efficient and excellent in working, providing greater performance. 

10. City Life 

City Life 

City Life is one of the best E rickshaw companies in India from Dilli Electric Auto Pvt. Ltd. It established in 2015, and since then, it has been supplying E-rickshaws, Battery operated loaders etc. Also, the company has a good reach in the Indian passenger vehicle market due to highly qualitative electric rickshaws. Experts and professionals of the company design these vehicles to meet global standards. Also, the product range of City Life consists of City Life School Type XV850, City Life Butterfly Delux XV850, etc. 

List Of Top 10 E Rickshaw Models In India

We listed Top 10 E Rickshaw Models In India with essential points below to choose the best one:- 

1. Mahindra E-Alfa

Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Auto Rickshaw

The company has many electric vehicles, but the E-Alfa Mini Rickshaw is the latest and most efficient among them all. It can carry 5 people at a time as it has 4+1 seating space. The E-rickshaw is powered by a Brushless DC motor that generates power of 2 Hp. It is available at Rs 1.26 – 1.28 Lakh.

2. Atul Elite Plus

Atul Elite Plus E Rickshaw

Elite Plus is the finest Atul E-rickshaw in the Indian market. It comes with a Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor that generates 1.4 HP. The rickshaw is also loaded with a 12 kWh battery which can be charged within 8-10 Hours. Also, it has a driver and 4 passenger seating capacity. Atul Elite Plus price is Rs 1.12 – 1.15 Lakh. 

3. Piaggio Apé e City

Piaggio Ape E City

Piaggio is offering a wide range of e-rickshaws, and Apé e City is one of them. It is one of the finest E rickshaws in India as this e-rickshaw provides a swappable battery option for customers. The vehicle also has an electric motor that generates power of 7 hp. It is also available at Rs 1.97 – 2.00 Lakh.

4. Kinetic Safar Smart


Kinetic Safar Smart is the company’s latest product, which has 2 (850 W) HP and BLDC Motor. It comes with a 48 V 40 amps (Lead Acid Tubular/LiIon) battery and has D+4 seating arrangements. Moreover, its price range is Rs 1.53 – 2.18 Lakh. 

5. Jezza Super J1000

Jezza Super J1000

Super J1000 is a well-known Jezza E rickshaw in India with BLDC 1000 Watt motor. This battery-operated rickshaw comes with the best features and is also durable for users. It is also available at Rs 1.01 – 1.03 Lakh. 

6. Thukral Electric ER 1 Paint

Thukral Electric ER 1 Paint

Thukral Electric ER 1 Paint is one of India’s most durable and reliable electric vehicles. It has a strong electric motor that generates 1160 Watts at high rated RPM. The motor is also powered by a 130Ah battery and has a D+4 passenger seating capacity. It also is available at Rs 1.14 – 1.18 Lakh.

7. Udaan Battery E Rickshaw

Udaan Battery E Rickshaw

The Udaan Battery E Rickshaw is the most efficient in working as it comes with a 1000W water-resistant motor. The robust motor produces power of 1410 Watt. It also is available at Rs 1.42 – 1.45 Lakh.  

8. Mayuri E-rickshaw

Mayuri E-rickshaw

The Mayuri E-rickshaw has a BLDC, 1050W motor powered by a 48V, 130Ah battery. The motor produces 1.4 Horsepower at high rated RPM. It also is available at Rs 1.02 – 1.05 Lakh

9. Mini Metro Gold SS

Mini Metro Gold SS

Mini Metro Gold SS is the lowest priced Mini Metro electric auto rickshaw. It also has an Electric Motor and is available at Rs 1.00 – 1.04 Lakh. The Electric rickshaw is efficient as well as reasonable for customers. 

10. City Life School Type XV850

City Life School Type XV850

City Life School Type XV850 is a durable rickshaw model with an Electric Motor and a powerful battery. Also, this vehicle has a Lead Acids 100Ah – 135Ah battery and can carry 5 people at one time. 

These are some top E rickshaw manufacturers in India. You can get a complete list of products of these manufacturers at Truck Junction. Along with this, here, you can also select your truck as per your choices.

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