Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler Expert Reviews – Specification and Price

Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler Expert Reviews – Specification and Price

The commercial vehicle segment is growing and being regularly upgraded, and new technologies are being added. As a result, there are more and more companies using more environmentally friendly and cleaner fuels. Euler Motors is one of the fastest growing companies in the electric commercial vehicle sector. So, if you are planning to buy new Cargo-3 vehicles for your business, you can choose this vehicle.

The stores of this brand are available in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

The Euler Hiload EV 3 Wheeler is equipped with everything that is needed in this segment. The Euler Hiload EV 3 Wheeler has everything this segment needs. It is easy to handle, available at an affordable price and is one of the best choices for last mile delivery. So let us take a look at all the specifications of the Euler Motors HiLoad EV.

Detailed Analysis of Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler 


Let’s review all the Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler prices in India with their specifications, range, and features. This Electric cargo vehicle is changing all the dynamics of the transportation sector.  

1. Big On Power

The Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler is engineered with an AC Induction Motor and battery of 12.4 Kwh. This combination generates a peak power of 15 HP and a peak torque of 88.55 NM. In addition, this vehicle has a maximum speed of 42 KMPH, which helps provide better TAT (Turnaround Time). Furthermore, this cargo 3-wheeler is an electric vehicle with fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance. Moreover, the vehicle delivers a certified range of 150 Kilometres and has a true range of 110 (+/-) 10 Kilometres. 

Motor  AC Induction Motor 
Power  15 HP 
Torque  88.55 NM
Range  150 km/ Charge
Max Speed 42 KMPH 

2. Big On Load Capacity

The Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler is built with a GVW of 1413 KG and a payload capacity of 688 KG. This cargo 3-wheeler comes with loading volumes which can be very beneficial for loading applications. Also, this Euler Motors HiLoad EV has a kerb weight of 618 KG providing better cargo facilities.

The presence of this vehicle in the intra-city cargo segment has a big impact on the day-to-day commuters for urban and rural connectivity. Moreover, this payload and GVW capacity are higher than some IC engine vehicles, which means no more electric vehicles with lower payloads. As a result, the owner can carry a good volume of payload without hesitation. 

Gross Vehicle Weight  1413 KG
Payload 688 KG
Kerb Weight  618 KG

3. Big On Features

The Euler HiLoad EV 3 wheeler has some of the best features, which makes it stand out in the market. It has projector headlamps that provide low-light driving and better visibility in foggy conditions. In addition, it has a ground clearance of 300 MM, which offers superior water-wading depth and underbody safety. This ground clearance also allows you to drive on any road condition without damage.

The HiLoad is engineered with 30% wide tires, which provides extra grip and safe driving. Moreover, its big wheelbase of 2200 MM helps distribute the weight and provides a balanced driving experience. 

Wheelbase  2200 MM
Ground Clearance  300 MM
Charger Type Plug and play charging gun. No extra hassle or components.
Battery Capacity 12.4 Kwh

4. Big On Business Sense

The Euler Electric Cargo Three Wheeler comes with all the points that can help you expand your business. These points include fast & Rapid charging, and it also has home charging options. The bigger loading capacity of this Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler ensures bigger savings on fuels and bigger earnings on every trip. The brand has provided an enhanced network of 200 charging stations across 7 hubs in Delhi/NCR, Noida and Gurgaon. You can charge your HiLoad EV at these given locations easily. 

In addition, this vehicle has updated features, including software that can track your vehicle and help you in case of theft. The display shows the charging status, updating you about when to charge. In addition, it gives you maintenance alerts so you can easily maintain the health of your vehicle. 

5. Different Variants

This Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler has 4 other variants of this model, which are written in the following. 

Variants  GVW Price
Euler HiLoad EV DV 1413 Rs. 3.78 – 4.01 Lakh
Euler HiLoad EV PV 1413 Rs. 3.78 – 4.02 Lakh
Euler HiLoad EV FB 1413 Rs.  3.78 – 4.01 Lakh
Euler HiLoad EV HD 1413 Rs. 3.78 – 4.00 Lakh

Euler HiLoad EV Price

The Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler Price in India starts from Rs. 3.78 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 4.03 Lakh*. However, the vehicle’s on-road price differs in all states depending on the RTO charges and road taxes. RTO charges depend on the norms of particular transportation authorities.

Euler HiLoad EV Reviews At Conclusion

There is no end to the specifications of Euler Motors HiLoad EV as it enhances the performance and makes the vehicle different from all the competitors. For better safety and comfort, you get a comfortable cabin and low centre of gravity, providing high balance. This product offers better cargo options and provides different dynamics to the electric commercial vehicle sector. This updation of products delivers huge success to the Indian Electric EV market.

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