Most Popular TVS 3 Wheelers Models in India: Price & Features

Most Popular TVS 3 Wheelers Models in India: Price & Features

India’s magnanimous three-wheeler remains a standout performer in the automobile market, recording consistent growth throughout the passenger and freight carrier segments. In addition, the popularity of TVS 3 Wheeler shows a strong rural and semi-urban market where these economical, lightweight vehicles that help move individuals and goods are essential to everyday life.

The expanding global population’s demand and preference for TVS electric three wheeler has prompted India’s finest electric auto manufacturers to think about it and improve manufacturing capacity. Hence, it will have a favourable effect on the growth of electric automobiles.

In this blog, we will take you through the comprehensive list of India’s most popular TVS three Wheeler models with technical specifications and price range.

The Emergence of TVS 3 Wheeler In India

TVS Motor Company Ltd is India’s third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer and a market leader in three-wheelers. The business has a long history in the three-wheeler sector and holds the fourth-greatest customer base.

They are also simple to handle and park, making them excellent for manoeuvring through busy roads and tight areas.

 Popular TVS 3 Wheelers in India Models with Detailed Specifications

TVS 3 wheelers, widely known as auto rickshaws or three-wheelers in India. It is the common means of transportation in India for those searching for a compact and effective way to travel. The popular TVS Three Wheeler is driven by a compact, fuel-efficient engine and can produce outstanding mileage. 

1. TVS King Duramax  

TVS King Duramax Auto Rickshaw

If you want power, comfort and high-end features, the TVS King Duramax Auto Rickshaw is for you. The King 4S Duramax has been upgraded with stronger aggregates and a revolutionary BS6 powertrain designed to be more environmentally friendly and effective. 

Regarding TVS King engine specifications, the 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Liquid Cooled Si generates 10.46 HP and a peak torque of 18.5 NM. In addition, constant Mesh, Fork & Cam Type Shift Mechanism transmission is accessible on this TVS 3 Wheeler. The best TVS Three Wheeler is a 4 Seater vehicle with dimensions of 2647 mm length, 1329 mm width, 1990 mm wheelbase, and 169 mm ground clearance.

The TVS King Duramax can effortlessly handle your last-mile passenger-carrying needs in urban or rural settings. Aside from effectiveness, this TVS three wheeler auto has also provided new style aspects and overall appealing appearances with an improved design aesthetic. In addition, this 3W has various fuel options to fit your budget and application requirements.

Know about the other technical details and TVS Three Wheeler price range in India.

POWER 10.46 HP
PRICE RANGE IN INDIA Rs. 1.80 lakh to Rs. 2.25 lakh

2. TVS King Kargo

TVS King Kargo 3 Wheeler

The TVS Cargo, often known as the TVS King Kargo, is the ideal solid performer for a startup firm and small business owners. This TVS cargo vehicle 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Liquid Cooled, EFi – Si engine provides 9.26 HP power with 15.5 NM torque, while the sturdy chassis offers the necessary strength. The TVS king 3-wheeler is priced at Rs. 2.10 – 2.50 Lakh*.

This superb TVS cargo auto is economical and adaptable, producing outstanding results. This 3-wheeler is ideal for hauling modest cargo and is suitable for all consumers. In addition, this TVS 3 wheeler has exceptional attributes that aid on rough roads and difficult transit applications. Thus, if you’ve just launched a small freight firm and are searching for an excellent 3-wheeler, the TVS King Kargo – High Deck is ideal.

This TVS three wheeler new model by TVS Motors is ideal for soft-drink supply, water station service, general grocery, construction, egg service, and other tasks.

Taking you through the other main TVS 3 Wheeler features, including the price range.

GVW 864 KG
FUEL TANK CAPACITY 28/33 Ltr. (Water equivalent) 3 Ltr. petrol Ltr. Ltr.
PRICE RANGE IN INDIA Rs. 2.10 lakh to Rs. 2.50 lakh

3. TVS King Deluxe

TVS King Deluxe Auto Rickshaw


This TVS three wheeler model is one of the most flexible, durable, and strong 3 Wheeler for carrying passengers throughout the city, thanks to its low maintenance and best-in-class horsepower and pick-up!  

A dependable 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Air Cooled Si engine performs at reduced revolutions for changing road speeds, resulting in higher fuel effectiveness and lower operating expenses. In addition, the high-capacity engine produces 10.46 HorsePower and 15.5 Nm of peak torque, allowing for gradability without repeated gear adjustments. And, with a top speed of 63±2 KMPH, this TVS 3 Wheeler range outweighs all the other auto-rickshaws on the road today.

It also has many performance and safety enhancements, providing additional safety and convenience. This feature-rich TVS three wheeler price is Rs. 1.20 – 1.35 Lakh*.

Let’s take a look at the other highlights and TVS three wheeler specifications.

FUEL TANK CAPACITY 8.5 ± 0.5 litres (Petrol) Ltr.
POWER 10.46 HP
PRICE RANGE IN INDIA Rs.1.20 lakh to Rs.1.35 lakh

Final Thoughts on Popular TVS 3 Wheelers 

The above-listed TVS 3 Wheeler models are a good choice due to their cheap maintenance costs and engine performance. Moreover, it’s popular among many operators thanks to its wide and comfy design, dependable engine, and comfortable seating capacity. 

If you’re considering buying any of the best TVS three-wheelers, look through the essential specifications, features and 3 Wheeler loading capacity above to ensure it matches your needs.

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