Force Urbania vs Tata Winger: Which is Better Tempo Traveller

Force Urbania vs Tata Winger: Which is Better Tempo Traveller

Are you looking for a dependable and effective commercial vehicle for your business or personal use? In this blog, Force Urbania vs Tata Winger Cargo Comparison, we will explain both models by looking at their specifics, including their performance, dimensions, and pricing. We’ll also discuss important terms like the Force Urbania price, Tata Winger price, tempo traveller, and GVW to help you make an informed decision.

Picking the right commercial vehicle can be challenging particularly when considering famous choices like the Tata Winger and Force Urbania.

The Force Urbania is known for its strong motor, spacious interior, and high level safety features, making it ideal for different business applications. On the other hand, the Tata Winger stands out for its eco friendliness and easy to understand configuration which makes it ideal for passenger transport and light cargo delivery.

Price Comparison: Force Urbania vs Tata Winger

How does the Tata Winger vs Force Urbania prices compare? Price is a critical factor when deciding between these two commercial vehicles. The Force Urbania price ranges from Rs. 28.99 Lakh to Rs. 29.25 Lakh. On the other hand, the Tata Winger price is significantly lower, ranging from Rs. 16.28 Lakh to Rs. 16.38 Lakh. This substantial difference in price could influence your choice, depending on your budget and specific requirements.

The Tata Winger is significantly more affordable than the Force Urbania making it an attractive option for budget conscious buyers. However, Force Urbania higher price reflects its superior power, torque, and load capacity, which may justify the investment for businesses needing these features.

Force Urbania vs Tata Winger BS6 Comparison

1. Engine Specifications

Which tempo traveller has the better engine? Both the Force Urbania or Tata Winger have robust engines designed for reliable performance.

(A). Force Urbania: The Urbania has an FM 2.6 CR ED TCIC engine, compliant with BS6 norms, producing 115 HP and a max torque of 350 Nm. This engine ensures strong performance for various terrains and load conditions.

(B). Tata Winger: The Winger includes a 2.2 liter DiCOR motor, likewise consistent with BS6 phase 2 principles, delivering 102 HP and 200 Nm of maximum torque. While it offers somewhat less power and force than the Urbania, it actually gives sufficient performance to urban and rural routes.

2. Engine Cylinders and Fuel Efficiency

Both Force tempo traveller and Tata have four cylinder engines, guaranteeing a reasonable mix of force and eco-friendliness. The Urbania’s engine has a bigger displacement and higher torque, which could contribute to better performance under heavier loads.

3. Maximum Speed and Fuel Tank Capacity

(a). Max Speed: Both the Force Urbania and Tata Winger have a maximum speed of 80 KMPH. This ensures compliance with speed regulations and safety standards.

(b). Fuel Tank Capacity: The Force Urbania fuel tank capacity is 70 litres compared to the Tata Winger 60 litres. The larger tank allows for longer trips between refuelling stops, which can be beneficial for long distance travel.

4. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

(a). Force Urbania: With a GVW of 3625 KG, the Urbania is designed to handle heavier loads, making it ideal for commercial use where higher payloads are common.

(b). Tata Winger: This models GVW is 2800 KG which makes it more suitable for lighter loads and urban transportation needs.

5. Dimensions: Force Urbania vs Tata Winger

Force Urbania Dimensions Tata Winger Dimensions
Length: 5440 MM Length: 4940 MM
Width: 2095 MM Width: 2255 MM
Height: 2550 MM Height: 2110 MM
Wheelbase: 3350 MM Wheelbase: 3200 MM

The Force Urbania is larger in length, height, and wheelbase than the Tata Winger, which could translate to more interior space and better road stability. However, the Winger’s wider body might provide more comfort for passengers with a slightly broader seating arrangement.

6. Space and Maneuverability

The Force Urbania is longer and taller than the Tata Winger, offering more interior space, which is advantageous for carrying more passengers or cargo. However, the Tata Winger’s wider body can provide more comfort and better stability, particularly in high-traffic urban environments.

7. User Experience: Comfort and Convenience

(a). Interior Space

The Force Urbania offers more interior space due to its larger dimensions, making it ideal for applications requiring more room for passengers or cargo. The Tata Winger, while slightly more compact, provides a comfortable and stable ride, particularly beneficial in urban settings.

(b). Driver Comfort

Both commercial vehicles have modern features to enhance driver comfort, including ergonomic seats and user friendly controls. Further, the choice between the two may come down to specific needs regarding space and load capacity versus manoeuvrability and cost.

8. Applications: Force Urbania vs Tata Winger

(1). Urban and Intercity Transport

The Tata Winger is popular for urban and intercity transport due to its affordability, manoeuvrability, and comfort features. Its lower GVW makes it ideal for city commutes and light cargo transport.

(2). Heavy Duty and Long Haul Transport

The Force Urbania, with its higher power, torque, and GVW, is better suited for heavy duty applications and long haul transport. It can handle larger loads and longer distances more efficiently, making it a preferred choice for businesses requiring robust performance.

Conclusion: Tata Winger vs Force Urbania Which Is Better?

We hope this Force Urbania vs Tata Winger comparison has clarified your decision. In this blog, we have answered all your questions regarding Tata Winger or Force Urbania tempo travellers. Your decision will depend on your specific requirements and budget.

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