Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Traveller – Know Highlights Features

Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Traveller – Know Highlights Features

Tata Motors is a renowned global commercial vehicle manufacturer with products in almost all categories. It has gained the trust and reliability among the customers with its products. Tata Winger Cargo has been the customer’s preferred choice since the year it was launched. 

The tempo traveller is designed keeping in mind the urban and modern customer who wants a vehicle with high performance and stylish features. It is built to fulfil the needs of sustainably growing markets. Further, the vehicle has a larger cargo space that can facilitate multiple applications. 

Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Travellers With Upgraded Specifications 


The Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Traveller showcases engineering brilliance with its “Premium Tough Design”. It also offers high-quality performance and durability with a low cost of maintenance. In addition, the vehicle has a stylish design with better aerodynamics, boosting your productivity

Tata Winger Cargo is the best choice if you are looking for a vehicle that allows you to work in intercity and intracity transportation. With the Tata Winger Cargo, “YOUR GOODS, DELIVERED IN STYLE”. 

Tata Winger Cargo With Best Features, Price and High Performance 

Let’s look at the Tata Winger Cargo Specifications and features, which perform best. 

1. Powerful Engine 

Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Traveller Powerful-Engine

Tata Winger Cargo is powered by a Tata 2.2L engine with an engine capacity of 2179 CC. It delivers a power of 100 HP @ 3750 RPM and a peak torque of 200 NM @ 3500 RPM. Furthermore, these specifications added with the maximum speed of 80 KMPH provide faster delivery and increase overall earnings. 

 In addition, Tata Winger Cargo’s mileage is 14 KMPL. 

Engine  Tata 2.2L
Engine Capacity 2179 CC
Maximum Power 100 HP
Peak Torque  200 NM
Top Speed 80 KMPH

2. Bigger Dimensions

Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Traveller Dimensions

The Tata Winger Cargo features a bigger cargo loading area with a length of 3240 mm, a Width of 1640 MM and a height of 1900 MM. These loading area dimensions of this Tata Tempo Traveller allow you to carry medium-heavy cargo materials easily. Also, it has a wheelbase of 3488 MM with a ground clearance of 185 MM, providing a balanced and easy drive on all kinds of surfaces. 

Moreover, it comes with a Minimum Turning Radius of 6750 MM, which enhances the driving experience on narrow streets. The overall dimensions of this vehicle are 5458 MM x 1905 MM x 2460 MM. 

Internal Loading Area Dimensions (LxWxH) 3240 MM x 1640 MM x 1900 MM
Overall Body Dimensions (LxWxH) 5458 MM x 1905 MM x 2460 MM
Wheelbase 3488 MM
Ground Clearance  185 MM
Minimum Turning Radius 6750 MM

3. Price 

Tata Winger Cargo price in India starts from Rs. 13.30 Lakh and goes to Rs. 14.05 Lakh, which is the vehicle’s ex-showroom price—the on-road price of the vehicle changes in every state according to the RTO norms of that state. Also, the Tata Winger Cargo on-road price will increase as it will get added to the road and other taxes. 

This Cargo Tempo Traveller is a value-for-money vehicle and can be used in multiple applications. You can use the vehicle for the following business categories. 

  • Parcel and Courier
  • E-Commerce
  • Catering
  • Bakery products
  • FMCG/White Goods
  • Foodtruck
  • Service support van

4. Better Loading Capacity

Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Traveller Better Loading Capacity

Tata Winger Cargo has a GVW volume of 3490 KG to carry out multiple loading cargo applications. In addition, the vehicle comes with a compact engine compartment, which ensures a bigger loading area with dimensions of 3240 MM x 1640 MM x 1900 MM.

Furthermore, this vehicle comes with payload capacity of 1680 KG and it has a kerb weight of 1810 KG. It is also fitted with a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres. 

GVW 3490 KG
Payload  1680 KG
Kerb Weight  1810 KG
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 litres

5. Comfort & Safety

Tata Winger Cargo Tempo Traveller Comfort & Safety

The brand has always provided products with high comfort and safety, ensuring a safe and secure drive for the operator. Tata Winger Cargo delivers the Power of protection with its semi-forward face adding safety to the body. Further, it has a Partition between the driver and cargo compartment, ensuring the safety of the operator and the cargo. 

The Tata Winger’s cockpit-type cabin design, which comes with an aerodynamic and sleek finish, ensures high comfort. At the same time, the 3-way adjustable seat of the driver reduces fatigue and stress while driving.


Tata Winger Cargo is a perfect cargo vehicle for your transportation needs. This detailed review of Tata Winger Cargo can help you buy this vehicle. Also, the model is Driven by the Power of 6, including the Power of Saving, Profit, Performance, Driver Comfort, Safety and Design & Style. The model perfectly balances modern design and high performance, ensuring higher profits. Also, you can check the Tata Winger Cargo price in your city with Truck Junction and be a part of the growing community. 

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