How To Improve Your Truck Mileage – 5 Essential Ways

How To Improve Your Truck Mileage – 5 Essential Ways

Truck mileage is a common term for drivers and fleet managers. It refers to the driven distance per unit of fuel. The mileage of a truck depends on road condition, load pattern, driving habits and other on route aspects.  

How to calculate truck mileage? 

Truck Mileage = Driven Distance of Truck (KM) / Fuel Filled (Litres) 

However, everyone, including truck drivers who used to drive regularly, knows everything about the truck mileage. But sometimes, it can be a little stiff to understand the mileage concept for beginners. Therefore, in the further blog, we are going to show “How can we improve truck mileage?” to make your understanding more accessible. 

We shortlisted some major tips that help you increase truck mileage to save extra fuel and extra expenses. You can improve pickup truck mileage, heavy truck mileage, and many more with the help of these tips. 

5 Essential Ways To Improve Truck Mileage 

Several methods or tips are available which help truck drivers to improve mileage for trucks. Some of them are mentioned further. By following these tips, you get better truck mileage. So, have a look at these vital ways. 

1. Prevent Excessive Speeding

Prevent Excess Speed

The first and foremost tip for improving the mileage of truck models is to avoid overspeeding. Most truckers like to drive trucks at high speed but it can be harmful for their vehicles. Since excessive speed burns extra fuel you should try to drive the trucks at a constant speed. You can measure truck speed by simply keeping an eye on the speedometer. As a fleet manager, if you are concerned that drivers won’t follow the set speed limit while driving, you can use a GPS-equipped fleet management system (FMS) to monitor truck speed. 

2. Avoid Harsh Braking And Accelerating

After speeding, Harsh Braking And Accelerating is the main cause of the low mileage of trucks. It reduces gas mileage by up to 33% on highways and up to 5% on city roads. For this, try to avoid hard accelerations and hard braking. Also, think about the stop-start driving in which vehicles suffer when an overeager trucker speeds raise, only to slow back down immediately, on busy roads. So, always try to avoid these situations to increase mileage and save fuel.

3. Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

Time to time maintenance is another major point to increase the truck mileage. A regular eye on the systems of a truck helps you to improve truck mileage. Also, you have to ensure its fuel quality, make sure that you use the suited and good quality fuel. Check tyres, body and other necessary systems of the truck. Regular maintenance can help you increase your semi truck mileage and other kinds of truck mileage. 

Engine maintenance is also an important point on the list which helps you to improve truck mileage. This point says that if your truck is out of tune or has failed an emissions test, engine tuning can boost the truck’s fuel economy. According to a study, engine repair can lead to a “net expected value” improvement of 4.1% better fuel economy. 

The good maintenance of the truck provides better fuel economy and good mileage. It would be best if you also changed the truck’s oil and fuel filters on time to improve truck mileage, especially to enhance diesel truck mileage.  

4. Try to Avoid Traffic Routes

Try to Avoid Traffic Rule

Routes also play a major role in the improvement of truck’s mileage. So  while driving, you have to pay attention to the routes. This tip is highly beneficial for the local delivery trucks which faced multiple stops during the ride. According to this tip, you have to try to take the least traffic route. 

We highly recommend using routing and dispatch software to operate essential decisions based on real driving data and generate the best routes in seconds. It is a simple way to save on daily fuel consumption and improve the mileage of lorry. 

5. Avoid Unnecessary Weight

Avoid Unnecessary Weight

Putting unnecessary weight is another cause of low truck mileage. So, truck drivers need to put weight according to the truck loading capacity. It will help you to increase your truck average mileage. 

These are some beneficial tips that help truck drivers to increase their truck mileage to save extra fuel and expenses. We hope you will follow these tips and improve your tipper mileage, CNG truck mileage and others. 

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