Piaggio Ape Electric Three Wheeler Range : Overview

Are you planning to buy an electric three wheeler? Then, we explore the Piaggio Ape Electric Three Wheeler range, which helps you choose an efficient electric three wheeler.

India rapidly adopted electric options, especially in the last-mile cargo and passenger three-wheeler segment. Three Wheeler models are fastly moving towards the electric option as they are inexpensive and quite easy to operate. Hence, the demand and importance of electric three wheelers have been increasing over the years in urban, semi-urban and hinterland areas. These electric vehicles also have given a big relief to the increase in diesel and petrol prices. 

There are many major three wheeler makers available in the market. All these brands are striving hard to provide efficient electric three wheelers to keep up with the rapid changes in the market. Piaggio is one of them, which sells the best Ape electric three wheeler. The company introduced Ape branded electric three wheelers as an early mover into the electric battery-operated three-wheeler segment. These three wheelers are helping the company to cater to a wider audience and gain leadership in this emerging market.

Along with this, Piaggio is also expanding its network across the country. Piaggio Ape electric 3 wheeler models have substantially increased the monthly income of micro-entrepreneurs by providing efficient features. They are also built with fixed and swappable battery options, which take the company a step closer to its goal. 

Piaggio Ape Electric Three Wheeler Models 

Let’s explore the Piaggio Ape Electric Three Wheeler Range here. 

Piaggio Ape E Xtra

Piaggio Ape E Xtra

Piaggio Ape E Xtra has been a strong contender in the cargo carrier segment for a long time. It helps the company maintain its leading position in the competitive segment. This Piaggio Electric Vehicle has a Higher payload capacity, lower operating cost, superior mileage and a large cargo deck. The 48 v Lithium-ion battery generates power of 12 hp and 45 Nm of peak torque. Being an electric vehicle, Ape E Xtra is a green and eco-friendly three wheeler that doesn’t make any sound and efficiently carries a higher payload. The key aggregates of this electric Ape Piaggio include Drum brake hydraulically actuated brakes, Helical spring with dampener and Handlebar steering. It also works at a top speed of 45 kmph and a real-life driving range of 90-100 km in a single charge. 

The dimensions of Piaggio Ape electric cargo are 3315 MMX1490 MMX1770 MM (LXWXH). The wheelbase and ground clearance of the Ape E Xtra is 2100 mm and 220 mm, respectively. The Piaggio Ape electric price varies from Rs 3.12 – 3.20 Lakh. Its variants include Piaggio Ape E Xtra 2100/Electric. This electric vehicle also maximises driver comfort and safety by offering relaxing seats and efficient safety systems. 

Piaggio Ape E City/ Fixed Battery 

Piaggio Ape E City/ Fixed Battery

Piaggio introduced the Ape E City auto-rickshaw to shift the passenger vehicle segment into electric. The Piaggio Ape electric auto is ideal for all daily mobility business needs. This electric three wheeler includes 3 seaters, a large cabin, a comfortable driver seat and superior built quality. The electric passenger vehicle also  has a fixed lithium-ion battery that generates 7 HP maximum power and 29 Nm peak torque. This Piaggio Ape electric auto rickshaw also provides 19% gradeability, ensuring easy climbing flyovers or steeper curves. The amazing thing about this rickshaw is it requires low maintenance cost, and there is no engine, clutch or gear. 

Dimensions of this Ape Piaggio electric rickshaw are 2700 MMX1370MMX1725 MM (LXWXH) along with a 1920 MM wheelbase and 200 MM ground clearance. It also comes with drum brakes with parking brakes that ensure proper safety and security of drivers. This electric three wheeler also has a hydraulic telescopic shock absorber with helical compression spring with damper. The handlebar steering with constant mesh 2 stage reduction and integrated differential constant transmission. The Piaggio Ape electric auto price starts from Rs 1.97 – 2.00 Lakh*. It offers one variant, Piaggio Ape E City/Swappable. Piaggio Ape electric mileage is high, saving extra expenses. 

Piaggio Ape E City/ Swappable

Piaggio Ape E City Swappable

As the name suggests, Ape E City Swappable comes with a swappable battery. This autorickshaw comes with a swappable battery which reduces the time required to regenerate the range of electric auto rickshaws. It is powered by advanced technologies, resulting in a revolutionary driving experience. The zero-emission Piaggio Ape auto promises to offer a pollution-free future. It also comes with a big basket of features, including advanced Li-ion batteries, waterproof mode, automatic gearbox, zero noise & vibration, etc. The automatic gearbox and attractive graphics always grab the attention of auto users. 

To provide easy usability to the customers, Piaggio also launched an app that helps monitor the auto rickshaw’s real-time to find the total mileage, charging percentage, distance to empty, distance travelled, nearest battery swappable location, etc. The first-in category digital cluster of this Piaggio electric Ape also shows energy regeneration, driver modes, service alert, economy modes, boost mode, battery charge indicator, speed and state of charge. The 48 V Li-ion battery generates 7 hp and 29 Nm torque. Its GVW is 689 KG and also can handle a 389 KG payload. Piaggio ape electric auto price is Rs 1.97 – 2.00 Lakh. As we know, safety always comes first; hence Piaggio built this autorickshaw with the best door safety system and efficient brakes. 

How To Swap Battery In Ape E City/Swappable

How To Swap Battery In Ape E City/Swappable

With the help of the Piaggio Ape electric range, the company is further strengthening the customers’ trust in itself. To know more about the Piaggio Ape Electric specifications, keep in touch with Truck Junction. Here, you can also select your truck according to your business applications.

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