Mahindra Bolero Maxx Pik-UP City Reviews For Intra-city Usage

Mahindra Bolero Maxx Pik-UP City Reviews For Intra-city Usage

Mahindra is one of the highest-rated commercial vehicle manufacturers in India. They are the number one company in the pickup segment, with a wide range of vehicles in the portfolio. The brand has recently launched a new range of pickups in its popular Bolero pickup series. The All-new Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-up range is launched in two series, which are HD and City series.

The Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City models are built to use in intra-city transportation. The series consists of a total of 4 models, which are City 1.3, City 1.4, City 1.5 and City CNG. These models cover a payload capacity of 1200 to 1500 KG, delivering higher productivity. The Mahindra pickups ensure high profitability by the ease of driving in the narrow Indian streets for enhancing the last-mile delivery sector. 

New Bolero Maxx Pik-Up City Range Highlighted Features 

Mahindra has always focused on providing the best services to its customers, which adds value to their work. And, it clearly shows in this new range of the company. All the Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City range of the brand has features that fulfil the needs of the transporters. 

Here let’s look at the series’ specifications, which makes it special and the first choice among customers. 

1. Maxx Performance

Maxx Performance

The Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City features an  m2DI engine that generates a high power and torque by providing superior performance & mileage. This advanced and upgraded engine of this vehicle offers you a smooth and efficient driving experience even in the traffic of the city. The engine has a capacity of 2523 cm3 and runs on 4 cylinders. Moreover, it generates a power of 52.2kW @ 3200 RPM and a peak torque of 200 Nm @ 1400-2200 RPM.  In addition, the MaXX Pik-Up city mileage is 17.2 KMPL. 

Engine  m2DI engine
Engine Capacity  2523 cm3
Max Power 52.2kW
Peak Output 200 Nm

2. Maxx Loading

Maxx Loading

The Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City is engineered with a body type that can easily carry the high loading capacities of this series. The vehicles are incorporated with a loading bed length of varying sizes from 2500 MM to 2640 MM. The payload capacity of different models of this series varies from 1.2 tonnes to 1.5 tonnes. The vehicles are built with high-strength materials, ensuring robustness and allowing the operators to carry the rated payload capacities. 

Model Payload 
MaXX Pik-Up City 1.3 LX 1300 KG
MaXX Pik-Up City 1.4 LX 1400 KG
MaXX Pik-Up City 1.5 LX 1500 KG
MaXX Pik-Up City CNG 1200 KG

3. Maxx Safety

Maxx Safesty

Mahindra has always focused on safety as their first priority to their customers, which is visible in their vehicles’ built quality. All the Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City are built with turn-safe lights, wider wheel tracks have been added, and better on-road visibility and stability. The Single-Piece BSO (Body Side Outer) for excess strength and rigidity.

The vehicle achieves better loading capacity with the stress-peened suspension and shorter rear overhangs; HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) parts are used to improve the durability of the vehicle. The Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City pickups come with these specifications, making them a preferred choice for the operator. 

4. Maxx Technology 

The Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City models are enabled with the most advanced telematics software, iMaXX technology.  This advanced telematics system of this entire range allows the customer and the fleet owner to monitor their vehicles conveniently. This iMaxx app can be downloaded on your smartphone easily, and it is available in six languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. These different language options make it easier to operate for every Indian.

The telematics system enables more than 50 features to the operators, including vehicle tracking, route planning, expense management, geo-fencing and vehicle health monitoring. Moreover, it offers various key insights which offer to improve the fleet management and overall performance of the vehicles. 

5. Maxx City Variants & Price 

The latest launched Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City models are available in different variants. All of the variants are listed below, with their price. 

Specification CITY 1.3 LX CITY 1.4 LX CITY 1.5 LX CITY CNG
Payload  1300 KG 1400 KG 1500 KG 1200 KG
Price  Rs 7.95 lakh Rs 8.34 Lakh Rs 8.34 Lakh Rs 8.25 Lakh
Cargo Length 2500 mm 2640 mm 2640 mm 2500mm

Mahindra Bolero Maxx Pik-Up City Reviews At Conclusion

Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-UP City range has promising vehicles that can be game changers for your business. Coming with multiple specifications, it allows you to carry out various intracity operations in your last-mile delivery business. We hope you get all the information about the newly launched Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City pickups. According to the brand, these pickups are engineered with robustness, toughness, reliability, low maintenance costs and high resale values. As a result, these pickups provide the best-ever performance in the intra-city sector. For more information about the Mahindra Bolero MaXX Pik-Up City series, visit the Truck Junction website or Mobile Application. 

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