Popular 6 Wheeler Tipper Models In India – Price & Variants

Popular 6 Wheeler Tipper Models In India – Price & Variants

Today we are going to talk about the top 6 Wheeler tippers with their Price, features, and performance. These 6 wheeler models start from 6.9-ton and up to 19-ton, used in critical construction, mining, infrastructure and dumping projects. These tippers are fitted with advanced technology, which is reflected in their operational efficiency, higher load capacity and lower operating cost. These 6 wheeler multi-axle tippers are packed with a strong powertrain and efficient features along with a durable body, resulting in higher performance in some of the most challenging terrains. 

Wondering Which 6 Wheeler Tipper You Should Buy & Why? 

So, here we bring you the list of the best 6 wheeler tipper models along with price, variants and key features that you need to know for making the most informed decision.

1. Tata Signa 1923.K

Tata Signa 1923.K

In the 18.5 ton category, you can get Tata Signa 1923.K which is available at Rs 27.78 – 31.23 Lakh. It is equipped with a Cummins ISBe 5.6 BS-VI engine of 219 hp that generates 850 Nm of torque. This efficient tipper comes with 3 model fuel economy that makes it highly fuel-efficient. The comfortable day type cabin includes adjustable seats with belts and other safety systems.  

Variants:- Tata Signa 1923.K CAB/3580

  • GVW – 18500 KG
  • Wheelbase –  3580 MM
  • Gearbox – G950 DD 6 speed Gearbox
  • Fuel Tank – 300 Ltr

2. Ashok Leyland 1920

Ashok Leyland 1920

Ashok Leyland 1920 is an equally promising 18.5 ton 6 wheeler tipper, available at Rs 30.13 – 32.18 Lakh. This fully built tipper has an H series CRS engine with 197 horsepower designed by the latest iGen6 technology. The robust engine produces a maximum 700 Nm torque that delivers superior performance. This Ashok Leyland tipper is coupled with a 6 speed (6F+1R) gearbox that offers controlled speed. 

Variants:- Ashok Leyland 1920 CAB/BS-VI 

  • GVW – 18500 KG
  • Fuel Tank – 220 Ltr
  • Engine Cylinders – 6
  • Steering – Hydraulic assisted power steering

3. BharatBenz 1923C

BharatBenz 1923C

BharatBenz 1923C is a 6 wheeler tipper designed to perform relatively smaller to medium construction projects. This 18.5 ton 6 wheel tipper is tuned with a 241 hp powered OM926 engine and is available at Rs 30.87 – 32.10 Lakh. Packed with single dry plate hydraulic control, 6-speed gearbox and power steering to ensure convenient and efficient working. It comes with a factory-fitted, fully functional day cabin with an air-suspended seat, music system, power windows and central locking. 

Variants:- BharatBenz 1923C 3600/CBC

  • Engine Cylinders – 6
  • Maximum Torque – 850 NM
  • Maximum Speed – 60 KMPH
  • Wheelbase – 3600 MM

4. BharatBenz 1217C

BharatBenz 1217C

BharatBenz 1217C is a 13 ton 6 wheeler dumper suitable for bricks, garbage collection, sand movement, gravel and construction material sand. It is designed with a 4D34i engine for higher efficiency, longer life and maximum power with optimal fuel consumption to enable you to boost your revenues. BharatBenz is offering this 6 wheeler tipper truck with a 6-Speed gearbox, tilt & telescopic steering, heating, ventilation & AC (HVAC) and rear camera. This 6 wheel tipper price is Rs 20.61 – 22.11 Lakh. 

Variants:- BharatBenz 1217C 3160/CBC

  • Power – 167 hp 
  • Max Torque – 520 NM
  • Max Speed – 60 KMPH
  • Wheelbase – 3160 MM

5. Eicher Pro 6019T 

Eicher Pro 6019T 

Eicher Pro 6019T is the new generation 6 Tyre tipper with 18500 KG GVW and is priced at Rs 28.00 – 31.00 Lakh. With the output power of 210 HP and maximum torque output of 825 Nm, it delivers superior performance, reliability, higher productivity and greater revenues. This Eicher tipper has a factory-fitted day cabin with adjustable seats and other convenient features. 

Variants:- Eicher Pro 6019T 3635/10.5 Cum (Box), Eicher Pro 6019T 3635/8.5 Cum (Box) and Eicher Pro 6019T 3635/7 Cum (Rock) 

  • Engine – VEDX5 Common Rail
  • Wheelbase – 3635 MM
  • Gearbox – 6-Speed
  • Gradeability – 41 %

6. Tata 912 LPK

Tata 912 LPK

The  Tata 912 LPK is priced in the range of Rs 19.24 – 21.42 Lakh, a 9.6-ton cargo tipper for soil, sand, small stones, river stone, blue metal and light stone shipment. This ICV is packed with a factory-fitted 125 HP powered Inline water-cooled Direct Injection diesel engine with an intercooler system. The proven engine generates 390 Nm at 1000 – 2200 RPM r/min. This Tata model ensures higher mileage and greater profits for fleet managers.  

Variants:- Tata 912 LPK 2775 & Tata 912 LPK 2775/CBC

  • GVW – 9600 KG
  • Wheelbase – 2775 MM
  • Gearbox – 5-Speed
  • Gradeability – 40%

7. Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 is available in the 12.9-ton category at Rs 20.00 – 22.74 Lakh. This 6 wheel dumper is fitted with a proven 150 hp H series CRS engine with iGen6 technology that produces a massive 450 Nm of torque at the 1250-2000 rpm. The powerful engine is tuned with a 6-speed gearbox for convenient driving and higher fuel mileage. This tipper has a new digital display, USB charger, heavy-duty rear axle etc.

Variants:- Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 2850/CBC, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 2850/Fully built and Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1215 3250/CBC 

  • Engine Cylinders – 4
  • Fuel Tank – 105 Ltr
  • GVW – 12900 KG
  • Wheelbase – 2850 MM

8. Eicher Pro 2055T

Eicher Pro 2055T 

Eicher Pro 2055T is a next-gen tipper model in the 6950 KG GVW. This tipper 6 wheeler is developed to haul cement, blue metal, sand, laterite stone, boulder stone and bricks. Eicher Pro 2055T gets a 120 hp powered 4 cylinder and E474 4 Valve 3 Litre CRS engine that produces 350 Nm of torque at 1200 – 2500 RPM. This 6 wheeler dumper price is Rs 13.38 – 15.49 Lakh. 

Variants:- Eicher Pro 2055T 2670/FBT/2.8 Cum, Eicher Pro 2055T 2670/DSD/2.8 Cum and Eicher Pro 2055T 2670/CBC/2.8 Cum. 

  • Engine Cylinders – 4
  • Wheelbase – 2670 MM
  • Gearbox – 5-Speed
  • Gradeability – 37%

9. Mahindra Furio 7

Mahindra Furio 7

Mahindra Furio 7 is an all-new light-duty tipper in the 6.95-ton category developed with the latest FuelSmart technology. This 6 wheeler tipper has an iMAXX advantage that provides more business efficiency and profitability. It is packed with 4 cylinder mDI Tech, 3.5 L BS 6 engine that produces 375 Nm at 1300-2000 rpm, ensuring superior performance. It is available at the price range between Rs 16.82 – 17.83 Lakh.  

Variants:- Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper CBC and Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper Fully Built

  • Power – 91.5 kW @ 2500 rpm
  • Fuel Tank – 75 Ltr
  • Wheelbase – 2770 mm
  • Gearbox – 5-Speed

10. Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 

Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 is a heavy-duty and robust 6 wheeler tipper used for blue metal, construction/projects, sand, earth and bricks. This 11.12-ton cargo tipper has a proven iEGR engine with improved air intake & radiator, offering higher performance. The engine is tuned with a 6-Speed gearbox, power steering, etc. It is available at Rs 17.28 – 20.01 Lakh.  

Variants:- Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 2850/Fully built and Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 2850/CBC

  • Engine Cylinders – 4
  • Fuel Tank – 105 Ltr
  • Wheelbase – 2850 MM
  • Gradeability – 42.7%

Important Points Of Infographic:- 

  • This infographic shows the top 10 – 6 wheeler tipper models with key details. 
  • In this infographic, these 6 wheeler tipper models are listed with power, GVW, torque and price. 
  • The 6 wheeler tipper models include Tata Signa 1923.K, Ashok Leyland 1920, BharatBenz 1923C, BharatBenz 1217C, Eicher Pro 6019T etc. 

6 Wheeler Tipper Models

These are the top 10 – 6 wheeler tippers in India with price, variants, and key features that may help you choose your next tipper. Visit Truck Junction to learn more about these tippers, including ex-showroom price, specifications, images, reviews, etc. Also, visit our Select Your Truck segment to find trucks according to business categories.


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