Popular Mahindra Truck Series In India 2024 : Price and Features

Popular Mahindra Truck Series In India 2024 : Price and Features

Mahindra trucks are well-liked by fleet owners worldwide due to their strong suspension, advanced fuel technology, durable engine, and attractive appearance. Additionally, the Popular Mahindra truck series provides four different truck models: Mahindra Blazo, Mahindra Supro, Mahindra Bolero, and Mahindra Furio. This series consists of different commercial vehicles across SCV, HCV, ICV, and LCV categories.

Furthermore, Mahindra Truck series models come in various body styles, such as Pickups, Mini Trucks, Trucks, Trailers, Tippers, and Transit Mixers. Also, each model in this series weighs 1802 KG to 55000 KG and includes vehicles with 4 wheelers up to 16 wheelers.

Additionally, the 71 models are classified based on body style: 21 Trucks, 12 Pickups, 11 Mini Trucks, 8 Tippers, 3 Trailers, 8 Auto Rickshaws, 7 Tempo Travellers, and 1 Transit Mixer. Furthermore, the popular Mahindra truck series models are available in 5 different fuel options: diesel, Electric, Bi-Fuel, Petrol, and CNG.

Mahindra Commercial Vehicles Series Price List in India:-

The Mahindra Truck series price in India starts from Rs. 1.45 Lakh and goes up to Rs 52.89 Lakh, which includes all 71 vehicles listed previously. Further, the E-Alfa Mini is the most cost-effective Mahindra commercial vehicle, with pricing beginning at Rs. 1.45 Lakh. Also, the Mahindra Blazo X 35 is the most expensive vehicle, costing Rs. 48.84 Lakh to 52.89 Lakh*.

Most Popular Mahindra Truck Series in India 2024

All New Mahindra Truck Series in India provides a diverse selection of commercial vehicles across its 4 series. The list includes:

1. Mahindra Supro Series

Mahindra Supro Series

There are 8 vehicles in this lineup of Mahindra Commercial Vehicles. This range offers two body types — Mini trucks and Tempo Travellers — available in diesel, Bi-fuel, electric, and CNG versions and complying with the BS-VI emission standards. The GVW range falls between 1802 KG and 2185 KG, making it simple to transport large loads. All vehicles are crafted with four wheels for efficient coverage of the intercity region.

Additionally, this series includes the Small Commercial Vehicle (SCV) sector. The Series vehicles have been designed with fuel-efficient engines and advanced features. With their enhanced capabilities and improved fuel efficiency, these vehicles have revolutionised intercity transportation and increased profits for fleet owners.

The Mahindra Truck series price range is Rs. 5.29 Lakh to 8.75 Lakh, which is considered standard based on the specifications. Further, the most affordable option in the Mahindra Supro lineup is the Mahindra Supro Profit MiniTruck, available at a price of Rs. 5.76 to Rs 6.28 Lakh. Also, the most expensive option is the Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Maxi, which costs Rs. 6.84 to Rs. 7.50 Lakh.

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2. Mahindra Bolero Series

Mahindra Bolero Series

The Mahindra Bolero series ranks among India’s top Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV). The series includes 12 vehicles with diesel engines and 3 with BSVI engines powered by CNG. Further, the lineup includes a four-wheeled pickup truck known for its agility and durable engines that can work continuously for extended periods.

These vehicles have a GVW range from 2700 KG to 3490 KG. The suburbs in India have a variety of road types, and the vehicles from the Bolero series have excelled in performing all tasks. This line of vehicles is renowned for its excellent performance within cities and is well-known for its top-notch fuel efficiency.

The Mahindra series begins at Rs. 7.26 Lakhs -Rs. 10.68 Lakhs. The Mahindra Bolero Maxx Pik-Up HD Pickup is the most expensive model, at Rs. 9.26 Lakhs – Rs. 10.68 Lakhs in India.

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3. Mahindra Blazo Series

Mahindra Blazo Series

The Blazo Series offers the latest features from Mahindra’s brand. This collection includes a variety of body shapes, including trailers, trucks, tippers, and transit mixers. Further, the Blazo series is included in the HCV segment, and heavy-duty vehicles ranging from 6-wheelers to 16-wheelers are being produced. Also, these vehicles’ diesel engines adhere to the BS-VI standards. These vehicles have a GVW range from 28 to 55 T, enabling them to transport a large payload capacity as well.

This Mahindra Truck series price list in India ranges from 28.75 Lakhs* to 52.89 Lakhs*. Further, this series features the priciest Mahindra truck, the Mahindra Blazo X 35 Tipper, priced at Rs. 48.84 Lakh—Rs. 52.89 Lakh*. Also, it has a gross vehicle weight range of 35000 kg. The Mahindra Blazo X 55 is the largest GVW truck, weighing 55000 KG.

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4. Mahindra Furio Series

Mahindra Furio Series

The Mahindra Furio series is highly favoured among truck series in India and is classified in the ICV segment. Out of the 9 vehicles, 8 have truck-type bodies, while 1 has a tipper-type body design. These vehicles weigh between 6950 KG and 17000 KG in terms of GVW range. Additionally, the engine delivers increased torque at low RPMs, making it suitable for both intercity and intracity transportation.

This series includes one truck with four wheels and nine with six wheels. Further, these trucks have top-notch safety features, spacious cabins, and powerful BS-VI Diesel engines. In addition, this collection provides the greatest payload within the ICV category, allowing fleet owners to increase their profits. Therefore, the vehicles in this Series provide increased profits and guarantee reduced maintenance.

The Mahindra Furio Series price starts at Rs. 15.11 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 28.65 Lakh. Further, the most expensive model in this Series is the Mahindra Furio 17, which costs Rs. 24.96 – Rs. 26.99 Lakh* and has a GVW of 17000 KG.

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This blog includes all the information on the popular Mahindra truck series in India, and we hope the information is relevant. Stay tuned for further details on the best model Mahindra Truck series or other brands.

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