Most Popular Tata Truck Series in India 2024 : Price and Features

Most Popular Tata Truck Series in India 2024 : Price and Features

Tata Motors is a leader in India’s commercial vehicle industry, offering a diverse range of trucks, tippers, pickups, and heavy transports. With popular Tata Truck Series models like Tata Magic Express, Tata Intra V30, Tata Winger Cargo, and more, they cater to various needs. Since starting in 1945, Tata Motors has become a top choice, known for quality and innovation.

Tata Truck series price in India are valued for their strength, efficiency, and affordability, and they are suitable for small businesses or large companies.

The best model Tata Truck series comes with advanced technology and a wide selection. Tata trucks handle tasks from city streets to rough terrains. Let’s explore why they’re the preferred choice for organisations across India.

Popular Tata Truck Series in India : Price & Specification

Tata Motors features all-new Tata Truck Series in India to meet different needs and budgets. Let’s explore some of the well-known models:

1. Tata Magic

Tata Magic

The Tata Magic is a versatile and small transportation option suitable for driving within cities and transporting goods in rural areas. Further, its spacious interior and efficient operation ensure pleasurable journeys for travellers in different regions. The Tata Magic costs Rs. 5.65 Lakh—Rs. 8.94 Lakh.

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2. Tata Intra

Tata Intra

The Tata Intra is a dependable and handy LCV designed for city and last-mile delivery. Due to its small size and ability to carry a significant amount of weight, it is a perfect option for small companies. The Tata Intra V10, Intra V30, and Tata Intra V50 are among its popular models, with Tata Intra prices ranging from Rs 7.15 to 9.40 Lakh. Further, Tata Intra Pickups are offered in Diesel and dual-fuel (CNG + Petrol) options. Also, this makes them a top choice for new business owners and fleet operators.


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3. Tata Winger

Tata Winger

The Tata Winger is a flexible vehicle for transporting people that provides comfortable seating options in different layouts. Whether utilised for public transit, tourism activities, or staff transport, it offers a comfortable and pleasant journey. Additionally, the Tata Winger’s price range begins at Rs. 13.30 Lakh to Rs. 18.96 Lakh.

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4. Tata SFC

Tata SFC

The Tata SFC, also known as the Super Flat Deck, is a reliable cargo transporter created for effective cargo delivery. Due to its sturdy construction and large cargo space, it is the top choice for companies in the fields of logistics, distribution, and freight transportation. Further, popular models consist of the Tata 407 Gold SFC 29 WB, Tata 510 SFC TT, and Tata 710 SFC. Also, Diesel and CNG fuel options are accessible. Further, the cost of the Tata SFC truck falls within the range of Rs 9.46 to 17.38 Lakh.

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5. Tata Prima

Tata Prima

The Tata Prima is a symbol of high quality in medium and heavy commercial vehicles (M&HCVs). Featuring robust engine choices, innovative technology, and top-notch safety measures, it excels in long-distance hauling and demanding tasks. Tata Prima is priced between Rs. 36.60 and 70.64 Lakh in India. Further, they serve to fulfil the demands of the construction and mining industries. Also, the popular models are Tata Prima 5530 Trailer, Prima 3530. K Tipper, Prima 4625.S Trailer and others. Further, these models are available in diesel, electric, and hydrogen fuel varieties.

6. Tata Ultra

Tata Ultra

The Tata Ultra series represents innovation and efficiency within the light commercial vehicle sector. With unparalleled performance, fuel efficiency, and driver comfort, the Tata Ultra is revolutionising the way businesses find affordable transportation options without sacrificing quality. Further, Tata Ultra falls within the price range of Rs. 10.70 lakh and Rs. 38.34 Lakh. Also, the models include Tata T.10 Ultra, T.9 Ultra, T.14 Ultra, and Tata Ultra T.7 Electric. These models are the top choices in this series. Tata Ultra is most appropriate for long-distance transportation.

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7. Tata LPK

Tata LPK

The Tata LPK line consists of sturdy tippers built for challenging construction and mining tasks. Efficient material handling in tough work environments is guaranteed by their durable frame, strong motors, and excellent load-carrying capability. Also, the models include Tata 912 LPK and Tata 610 LPK. Further, the price of Tata LPK ranges from Rs 18.64 Lakhs* to Rs 24.48 Lakhs*.

8. Tata ACE

Tata Ace

The Tata ACE transformed the mini truck market in India by offering a small size and impressive carrying capacity. Further, it remains a popular option for companies looking for cost-effective and dependable transportation solutions. Also, the Tata ACE top models including Tata Ace Gold, Tata Ace Gold CNG, Tata Ace Gold Diesel, Tata Ace HT Plus, and Tata Ace EV is commonly used for short-distance logistics, small-scale transportation, and cargo delivery within cities. The cost of the Tata Ace in India falls within the range of Rs. 4.21 lakhs—Rs. 9.22 lakhs.

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9. Tata LPT

Tata LPT

The Tata LPT series provides a variety of medium- and heavy-duty trucks designed to fulfil various requirements in the transportation sector. Further, these models offer exceptional performance, durability, and efficiency for long-haul freight, container transport, and industrial applications. Also, the pricing for the Tata LPT truck series in India begins at Rs 14.96 Lakhs. The LPT series models are the ideal option for cargo logistic purposes. Additionally, the Tata LPT series includes popular models such as the Tata LPT 709, Tata 710 LPT, and Tata LPT 3518 Cowl Truck, among others.

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10. Tata Signa

Tata Signa

The Tata Signa range symbolises a modern age of connectivity and productivity in the commercial vehicle sector. Tata Signa trucks come equipped with advanced telematics and digital features that enable businesses to monitor fleets in real-time, manage fleets, and gain operational insights, ultimately improving efficiency and profitability. Additionally, the Tata LPT series includes popular models such as the.Tata Signa 3518.T, Tata Signa 4018.S, and Tata Signa 1923.K. Moreover, the price range for Tata Signa in India varies from Rs 29.22 Lakh to Rs 82.03 Lakh.

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Useful Applications of Popular Tata Truck

Applications of Popular Tata Truck Series

The versatility of the Popular Tata Truck Series extends to various applications, including:

Urban Logistics & Distribution:

Tata trucks excel in urban logistics, navigating congested streets efficiently to deliver goods promptly.

Construction & Infrastructure:

Tata trucks are crucial in transporting materials like sand, gravel, and cement to construction sites, thanks to their robust build quality and high load capacity.

Goods Transportation:

Tata trucks are trusted for local deliveries and long-haul transportation, ensuring timely and safe movement of goods across the country.

Agricultural Support:

Tata trucks play a vital role in transporting crops, fertilisers, and farming equipment in rural areas, aiding farmers in their agricultural activities.

Waste Management:

Tata trucks are essential for waste management, as well as collecting and disposing of solid waste and recyclables to maintain cleanliness in urban and rural areas.


In conclusion, Tata Motors’ popular Tata Truck Series exemplifies versatility, reliability, and innovation in the Indian commercial vehicle market. With a comprehensive range of trucks catering to diverse applications and budgets, Tata Motors continues to set new standards and redefine the trucking industry. Whether it’s for small-scale businesses or heavy-duty operations, Tata trucks offer unparalleled performance, making them the preferred choice for customers across the country. For further details about the Tata Truck Series Price list in India, visit Truck Junction.

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