Tata Ace EV – The Electric Version of India’s Favourite Chota Hathi

Tata Ace EV – The Electric Version of India’s Favourite Chota Hathi

Tata Motors is India’s biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer and has products across the categories. This brand’s vast experience and knowledge give it an upper hand in the commercial vehicle segment. Tata has always been the leader in making globally aspirated technology-based products. In the latest edition of Auto Expo 2023, the brand has launched the Tata Ace EV, one of its favourite vehicles. Tata Ace EV has been one of the most successful vehicles from the brand, with more than 24 lakh happy customers over 17 years. 

Tata Ace EV features an EVOGEN powertrain which offers committed on-time delivery zero-emission solutions for urban cargo transportation. In addition, the Tata mini truck offers a highly certified range of 154 kilometres on a single charge with a cargo volume of 208 ft. cube. The vehicle comes with advancing technology to provide solutions to E-commerce companies for intra-city transportation. It includes features such as telematics (Fleet Edge), a liquid cooling system for battery, aerodynamics, and a lightweight load body. Moreover, the vehicle has regenerative braking to provide enhanced stability and mobility with safe operations. Also, the Ace EV comes with fast charging for better run time. But the list does not end here, so let’s look at all the specifications of the Tata Ace EV. 

The Technical Specifications Tata Ace EV 

The Technical Specifications Tata Ace EV 

  • The vehicle comes with a Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate (LFP) type of battery with an IP67 rating for All drive parts rating. 
  • The battery energy capacity ranges from 17.2 kWh to 21.5 kWh. Also, it has a nominal voltage of 93V. Also, it has an AC induction motor. 
  • The battery of the Tata Ace EV generates 130 Nm of torque and 27 kW or 36.20 HP. And has a full charge range of 154 KM.
  • It comes with regenerative braking, which provides better performance while braking, coasting and going downhill. In addition, the Tata Ace Ev is fitted with an Aero deflector to reduce air drag and increase range. 
  • This vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is 1840 kg and has a payload capacity of 600 kg. It has 155 R13 LT 8PR types of tyres. 
  • Tata Ace EV is engineered with Single speed gearbox, clutch-free, rear-wheel drive type of transmission. Also, the suspension system consists of Rigid front & rear suspension with leaf springs.  
  • The length, Width and height (unladen) of the body are 3800mm, 1500mm and 2635mm, respectively.
  • In addition, the wheelbase of this vehicle is 2100 mm, has a ground clearance of 160 mm and has a minimum turning radius of 4300 mm. All of the specifications increase the manoeuvrability in intra-city transportation. 
  • The load body type of this vehicle is a Lightweight container with hinged rear tailgate
  • The inner dimensions of this mini truck are 2163mm in length, 1475 mm in Width and 1847 mm in height. Also, it has 208 cubic ft. of inner loading space.

The Tata Ace EV is manufactured to work for intra-city transportation applications. As a result, the working applications include E-commerce intra-city and waste management. 

The Unique Selling Points (USPs) of Tata Ace EV 

The certified range of this vehicle on a single charge is 154 kilometres, which is very high according to the transportation. In addition, the vehicle has a gradeability of 22%, which helps drive easily on incline roads. 

It has an advanced battery cooling system which offers better and safe operations. Also, the vehicle is equipped with an IP 67-rated battery with water and dust-proof drive parts. 

The vehicle has a higher trip load and comes with an overall weight management system through the fully built-body. 

Tata Ace EV has many Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits with 5 year+ battery life. In addition, it has got a robust energy management system and all-weather protection. 

Tata Motors’ dedicated service and value-added services provide the vehicle’s highest uptime in the segment. 

Tata Motors has developed a charging infrastructure for easy, fast and safe charging solutions. 

The vehicle’s telematics system provides connectivity solutions like live monitoring of the vehicle through dedicated command service centres for service support.