Top 5 Tata Ace Mini Truck Models in India: Price & Features

Top 5 Tata Ace Mini Truck Models in India: Price & Features

As we all know, Tata Truck is the leading automobile company that never fails to impress its customers. Since the onset of TATA, it has manufactured a fully functional yet cost-effective range or series of commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, mini trucks and many more. In addition, Tata Motors also has amused Indian customers by introducing the comprehensive range of the Tata Ace series that is crafted using innovative technology. Each model of TATA  Ace is packed with practical features that can satisfy the daily transportation needs of today’s new-age customers. There’s something innovative about the TATA Ace models that keep the customers hooked for years. So if you want to buy something valuable yet productive, this mini truck is meant for you.

Today, we will give you detailed information about the range of TATA  Ace mini trucks that have proven to be a boon for truck drivers and passengers. Let the journey begin.

List of 5 Tata ACE Mini Truck Models Price List in India 2023

The Tata Ace mini truck, also known as the “Chhota Hathi,” is a modest commercial vehicle that revolutionized the last-mile delivery segment. As a 4 wheeler mini truck, it fulfilled the dreams of many 3 wheeler operators and converted many of them into this new category.

Tata Ace has the strength to be utilized in a wide range of scenarios and can be converted into portable retail outlets, hoarding vans, water storage tanks, and a variety of other interesting applications. Several Tata Ace different versions are technically proficient and durable enough to transport large loads through rugged terrain. So, Let’s look into each TATA Ace variant or model individually.

1. Tata Ace Gold


Tata Ace Gold Mini Truck is the reincarnation of the initial Chota Hathi. Tata Ace Gold is engineered to deliver better mileage, superior on-road performance, and maximum profits. It also has a low operating cost and a high earning potential. Therefore, this mini truck is ideal for ambitious individuals looking to become self-sufficient through their businesses. Also, it provides superior mileage, dependable performance, shorter service intervals, and excellent load-carrying capacity.

The other main specifications of the TATA Ace Gold are

  • POWER – 30 HP
  • GVW – 615 KG
  • ENGINE – TATA 275 Gasoline MPFI”, 4 Stroke Water Cooled
  • FUEL TANK – 26 Ltr.
  • MILEAGE – 21 to 22 KMPL

Moreover, given these high-end specifications, this mini truck is an excellent option for customers. In India, this Tata Ace Mini Trucks price is very sensible, seeking to make it very inexpensive for most hauliers. Also, this productive Tata Ace Mini Truck price starts at Rs. 4.41 lakh, which can go to Rs. 5.47 lakh in India.

2. Tata Ace Gold Diesel


This Diesel BS-6 Trucks has better mileage, pick-up, payload, comfortability, less maintenance, and revenues. The model adds significant enhancements to Tata Ace’s already remarkable features. This mini truck’s low cost and high performance make it a favourite among consumers throughout the country.

This mini truck has been designed to handle small-scale transportation and can make it accessible to the city’s heavily loaded traffic flow and narrow lanes. This model’s 2-cylinder, 700 CC Naturally Aspirated DI engine produces 20 horsepower. The Tata Ace Gold Diesel Mini Truck produces 45 Nm of torque and is easy to handle and manage a broad range of tasks.

The main features of Tata Ace Gold have mentioned below:

  • FUEL TANK – 30 ltr
  • TYRES – 4
  • MILEAGE – 22KMPL     
  • TORQUE – 45NM

Tata Ace mini truck on-road price starts from Rs. 4.41 lakh, which can go to Rs. 5.27 lakh in India.

3. Tata Ace Gold Petrol


Tata Motors has released a petrol variant of the Tata Ace Gold with BSVI advanced technologies. With its new petrol power train, this model delivers better value to its clients by enabling them to generate higher profits.

Due to narrower bed walls, this truck is substantially lighter and more compact than Tata Ace, making it an ideal choice for microenterprises. In addition, it is much simpler to keep up and provides excellent value to its users.

Regardless of enhanced features, the tata ace mini truck mileage is around 21 to 22 KMPL. In addition, this truck is professionally designed to handle and pass easily through complicated road environments. Tata crafted the Tata Ace gold Petrol to catch everyone’s attention.

The other specifications of the Tata Ace Gold Petrol Mini Truck are as follows:

  • POWER – 30 HP
  • ENGINE – Tata 275 Gasoline MPFI” BS6, 4 Stroke Water Cooled
  • FUEL TANK – 26 Ltr.

The price of the Tata Ace mini truck is Rs. 4.87 lakh to Rs. 5.06 lakh in India.

4. Tata Ace HT Plus

Tata Ace HT Plus
Tata Ace HT Plus

Like every Tata Ace Mini Truck model, this mini truck can carry out various inter-city operational processes such as home belongings, construction materials, parcel delivery, and much more. 

It has a 2-cylinder 800 cc Common rail engine that easily produces 35 horsepower and 85 Nm of torque. Also, it implies that this efficacious mini truck can make massive performance and power all at once. Also, the tata ace mini truck loading capacity is 900 KG.

The other major specifications of the TATA  Ace HT Plus Mini Truck are

  • GVW – 1950KG
  • FUEL TANK – 30 ltr
  • NO. OF TYRES – 4
  • MILEAGE – 16 to 18 KMPL  

This mini truck represents a good value since it is reasonably priced. It also provides huge margins of profit to existing clients.

5. Tata Ace EV


Tata Motors has also introduced the Ace EV, an electric version of India’s most famous and iconic truck, named Tata Ace EV Mini Truck. The electric modified version of Ace Truck looks like the standard Ace mini-truck on the outside but with a fully battery-powered avatar. In addition, if we see the carbon emission of this vehicle is also very low. 

A powerful 21.3 robust motor-powered battery, comfortable cabin, numerous characteristics, and attractive pricing makes this mini truck a viable option for all customers. In addition, the fascinating feature of this mini truck tata ace is that it contains a solid LFP or Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate battery that can charge the vehicles in 6 to 7 hours.

Let us take you through the other main highlights of the TATA Ace EV Mini Truck:

  • CHARGING TIME – 6 to 7 Hours
  • GVW – 1840 KG
  • WHEELBASE – 2100 MM
  • MILEAGE – 154 Km/per charge

Final Thoughts

In this thorough article, we have mentioned every piece of information related to TATA Ace models in India, including the tata ace mileage, payload capacity, fuel efficiency, and the course price range. 

We all agree that TATA Motors is a unique automobile, a manufacturer that always delivers its promises with perfection. With the introduction of TATA  Ace models, the company has given new hopes to new or existing buyers while allowing them to grow their businesses.

This list will ease your purchasing decisions and allow you to get the best TATA Ace mini truck you wish to buy.

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