Top 10 Electric Vehicles in India 2023: Price & Specification

Top 10 Electric Vehicles in India 2023: Price & Specification

The industry of electric vehicles is the next best thing, contributing towards a sustainable environment. We can significantly improve the planet’s ecosystem by promoting and adopting these vehicles. Also, a variety of automobiles are available in the EV segment, helping to create a better future for the coming generation. 

Moreover, the demand for battery-operated vehicles is increasing as these electric vehicles offer numerous benefits to the operator. Regarding the maintenance of electric vehicles in India, they offer longer durability and easier manoeuvrability, making them a recommended choice for environment-friendly transportation. Here we have listed the top commercial vehicles of this segment. 

A Complete List Of Top 10 Electric Vehicles In India 2023 With Price List 

We are highlighting a detailed electric vehicle list so you can select the ideal one among the best electric vehicles in India. 

1. Euler Hiload EV

Euler HiLoad EV 3 Wheeler

Starting this list with Eucler Motors, which has exceptional quality electric commercial vehicles. Also, the brand has one of the best models in this segment which is Euler HiLoad EV. This electric commercial vehicle can perform efficiently to meet the consumers’ needs. It is tailor-made to define the advantages of electric vehicles. Moreover, the Euler Hiload EV has an AC Induction Motor and 3.5 to 4 hours of battery charging time. The vehicle comes with high demand in intracity loading applications. 

Additionally, this electric commercial vehicle has a range of 150 km on a single charge. With a battery capacity of 12.4 Kwh, the Euler Hi Load EV offers impressive operation. The Euler HiLoad EV price is Rs. 3.78 – 4.03 Lakh in India. 

2. Altigreen NeEV High Deck

Altigreen NeEV High Deck 3 Wheeler

Altigreen is a cargo EV manufacturer reliable for delivering superior quality electric vehicles in India. This brand has gained immense popularity in the commercial electric vehicle market with its durable vehicles. 

And the Altigreen NeEV High Deck is a preferred product from this brand. With a quick charging time of 3 hours 30 min, this 3-wheeler electric vehicle gives seamless operation. Furthermore, it has an 11 kWh battery capacity and a 151 km/charge range for saving cost without compromising performance. 

However, this electric vehicle in India is reasonably priced. Therefore, the Altigreen NeEV High Deck price is Rs. 4.36 – 4.37 Lakh in India. 

3. Mahindra Treo Zor

Mahindra Treo Zor

Mahindra is one of the most prominent brands in the Electric CV category as it also has a high reputation in the CV market. 

The Mahindra Treo Zor generates 10 HP with an advanced IP67-rated electric motor. There is a 7.37 kWh battery capacity in this 3-wheeler electric vehicle. Apart from this, it has an impressive range of 125 km/charge. Moreover, its battery takes 3 hours and 50 minutes to fully charge, making it one of India’s most user-friendly cargo electric vehicles. Along with these features, the Mahindra Treo Zor 3 Wheeler price is Rs. 3.13 – 3.48 Lakh in India. 

4. OSM Rage Plus

OSM Rage Plus 3 Wheeler

Omega Seiki Mobility is a trusted electric vehicle maker, and the OSM Rage Plus is its top-selling cargo 3-wheeler. It has a 10.8 kWh battery capacity with a 120 km/charge range. Along with this, the charging time of this electric vehicle is 5 hours. Therefore, it saves costs and reduces time consumption while carrying out various transportation tasks. With a 500 kg payload capacity, it is one of the most demanded electric commercial vehicles in India. The price of OSM Rage Plus 3-wheeler in India is Rs. 3.40 – 3.70 Lakh. 

5. Piaggio Ape E Xtra

Piaggio Ape E Xtra 3 Wheeler

Piaggio defines environmental sustainability by delivering high-performing electric vehicles at reasonable prices. Thus, the Piaggio Ape E Xtra has all the modern features for an ideal 3-wheeler electric cargo vehicle. It comes with an 8 kWh battery capacity and 3 hours and 45 minutes of charging time. As a result, this electric vehicle proves a profitable investment for cargo needs. Having a  range of 90 km/charge, it highly contributes towards a better future for the upcoming generations. However, it is priced at Rs. 3.12 – 3.20 Lakh in India. Therefore, the Piaggio Ape E Xtra price is justified according to the features. 

6. Mahindra Zor Grand

Mahindra Zor Grand

The brand Mahindra features in this list again with its Zor Grand which has some advanced specifications. 

The Mahindra Zor Grand has a power-packed max torque of 50 NM, and its battery capacity is 10.24 kWh. Moreover, this electric commercial vehicle takes 4 hours to charge completely, resulting in quicker operations and better turnaround time. Its Lithium-ion, 48V battery delivers exceptional performance for cargo tasks. Thus, the Mahindra Zor Grand is one of the pioneers in the category of electric vehicles in India. The Mahindra Zor Grand price in India is Rs. 3.60 – 4.00 Lakh, making it a reasonably priced cargo vehicle. 

7. Baxy Superior EV

Baxy Superior EV 3 Wheeler

Baxy Superior EV 3 Wheeler is a popular selection for electric vehicles to accomplish cargo tasks. This commercial vehicle gives a range of 120 km per charge, leading to longer duration transportation. Also, it has a 10.24 kWh battery capacity which takes about 4 hours to charge fully. In addition, Baxy Superior EV gives high torque and power for the best performance. Furthermore, a hydraulically actuated internal expanding shoe type Dia -180mm drum brake ensures proper safety. Apart from these features, the Baxy Superior EV price in India is suitable per its features. 

8. Kinetic Safari Shakti

Kinetic Safar Shakti 3 Wheeler

Kinetic has been providing impressive electric commercial vehicles in India to signify a sustainable environment. So the Kinetic Safar Shakti proves to be a profitable electric commercial vehicle to fulfil all the tasks related to cargo transportation. It comes with an 80 km/charge range delivered by a PMDC (BLDC) Motor. However, the battery of this electric vehicle needs 10 -12 hours to charge fully. Along with this, the price of Kinetic Safari Shakti EV is 1.53 – 1.56 Lakh in India. 

9. YC Electric E Loader

YC Electric E Loader 3 Wheeler

YC Electric E Loader is fitted with a BLDC motor like a usual electric vehicle. Also, the battery charging time of this three-wheeler EV is 5 to 7 hours. Moreover, it has an ideal payload capacity of 400 KG, and its range is 75 – 90 km/charge. Thus, this electric vehicle is a suitable choice for fulfilling transportation tasks. Apart from these features, the YC Electric E Loader price is Rs. 1.35 – 1.40 Lakh in India. 

10. Keto Bulk E

Keto Bulk E 3 Wheeler

Keto Bulk E is another reliable product in the segment of electric commercial vehicles. It redefines environmental sustainability by offering eye-catching performance. Moreover, it comes with a 168 kWh battery capacity, which gives a range of 100 km on a single charge. Also, this electric vehicle has a 45 kmph maximum speed, and its gross vehicle weight is 1168 KG. The price of the Keto Bulk E 3-wheeler electric vehicle is Rs. 3.50 – 3.75 Lakh in India. 


In this way, we have described a complete list of the top 10 electric vehicles in India with prices and specifications. In addition, this blog will assist you in contributing towards a better future by using electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, to stay updated about the latest commercial vehicles in India, stay tuned with Truck Junction

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