Top 5 Mahindra 3 Wheelers in India – Price & Overview

Top 5 Mahindra 3 Wheelers in India – Price & Overview

The Mahindra 3 wheeler is the best commercial vehicle which has an enormous demand in the Indian commercial market. In India, Mahindra 3 wheelers are used in for public transports whether it is urban or rural areas and it also plays a strong role in transportation in small cargo segments within city operations. Mahindra is a one of the popular commercial vehicle manufacturers, which delivers best-in-class vehicles including 3 wheeler range. Mahindra’s 3 wheeler vehicles are build with excellent features and upgraded technology. 

Mahindra 3 wheeler models provide superb comfort and safety for the customers. The all new Mahindra three wheeler price ranges are also relevant for the customers. Keeping in view the increasing demand for electric vehicles today, Mahindra has also introduced electric 3-wheelers in its 3-wheeler range. All the Mahindra 3-wheelers offer high performance and proper comfort.

Are You Searching for a Mahindra Three Wheeler Price List?

If yes, then you are at the right place because here we are providing complete information about the New Mahindra 3 wheeler auto price list. In this blog, we are highlighting the top 5 Mahindra 3 wheeler models with price and features. So, stay with us to the end of this blog and get the complete information about Mahindra 3 wheeler models.

Which Is The Best Mahindra 3 Wheelers Model?

In the Indian automobile industry, there are various Mahindra Three Wheelers available which are widely used by customers. Following are the most popular Mahindra 3 wheeler models in India.

1. Mahindra Alfa Plus

Mahindra Alfa Plus

Mahindra Alfa Plus is one of the best 3 wheeler models which is more suitable in city transportation. This three wheeler comes with modern features that provide profitable commercial business. It has 9 hp engine power and 1 cylinder and E-DI G599 WD engine that deliver high performance. The engine of this Mahindra 3 wheeler auto has 23.5 NM of torque, making it best for multiple jobs. It comes with a 1045 KG GVW and a 2005 MM wheelbase. Mahindra Alfa Plus is implemented with a Multi-plate weight clutch and 4-Speed gears, providing smooth function. In addition, this Mahindra 3 wheeler auto has the largest cargo box. Best Mahindra 3 wheeler Price in India is Rs 2.56 Lakhs* – Rs 2.66 Lakhs*.

The variant of Mahindra Alfa Plus is Mahindra Alfa Plus Diesel BS-VI and Mahindra Alfa Plus Carrier Plus.

Power – 9 HP
Wheelbase – 2005 MM
Price – Rs. 2.56 – 2.66 Lakh*

2. Mahindra Treo Zor

Mahindra Treo Zor

Mahindra Treo Zor is an electric three-wheeler that offers power-saving and delivers a power-packed performance in operations. It has a 10 HP powered engine with the cylinder and Advanced IP67 rated electric motor engine that provides quality work. It has Hydraulic Brake with parking brakes that prevents slippage. Moreover, it offers high performance, which increases its popularity among the customers. This three wheeler has Handlebar type steering and Direct drive technology transmission. This Mahindra 3 wheeler Price in India is Rs 3.77 Lakhs* – 4.12 Lakhs*.

The variant of Mahindra Treo Zor is Mahindra Treo Zor 2216/Flatbed, Mahindra Treo Zor 2216/Delivery Van and Mahindra Treo Zor 2216/Pickup.

Power – 10 HP
Wheelbase – 2216 MM
Price – Rs. 3.77 – 4.12 Lakh*

3. Mahindra Alfa

Mahindra Alfa

Mahindra Alfa is one of the successful autos in the three-wheeler passenger vehicle segment. It has a 9 HP and 597 CC engine capacity that provides hurdle free work. The engine of this vehicle can easily generate 23.5 of torque, which is adequate for various operations. Mahindra Alfa 3 wheeler has 10.5 Litres of fuel tank and 2005 MM wheelbase. This 3 wheeler is manufactured with maximum gradeability, and good turning radius. Hence, the requirement for this 3 wheeler is increasing with time. Mahindra Alfa auto is available at Rs 2.75 Lakhs* – 2.83 Lakhs*.

The variant of Mahindra Alfa is Mahindra Alfa 3-Seater/Comfy and Mahindra Alfa 3-Seater/DX.

Power – 9 HP
Wheelbase – 2005 MM
Price – Rs. 2.75 – 2.83 Lakh*

4. Mahindra E-Alfa Mini

Mahindra E-Alfa Mini

This Mahindra E-Alfa 3 wheeler has 2 HP engine power that provides high working efficiency. In this model you can get a Brushless DC motor 1000 W engine that generates 3.2 NM of torque. This Mahindra three wheeler electric comes with Drum Brake and Mechanical Cable Type brakes that provide firm grip on the road. This electric e-vehicle is suitable for last mile connectivity in major metros. The steering type of this 3 wheeler is Handle Bar steering that delivers smooth handling and fast response. The Day Cabin of Mahindra electric 3 wheeler protects the driver from dust, sun and dirt. Mahindra E-Alfa price is Rs 1.26 Lakhs* – Rs 1.28 Lakhs*.

The variant of Mahindra E-Alfa is Mahindra E-Alfa Mini 4-Seater/Electric.

Power – 2 HP
Wheelbase – 2168 MM
Price – Rs. 1.26 – 1.28 Lakh*

5. Mahindra Treo

Mahindra Treo

Mahindra Treo is Mahindra’s first low maintenance Lithium-ion battery powered 3-wheeler. This 3 wheeler has 2 HP powerful engine and BS-VI of engine Norm. Mahindra Treo provides higher savings, best in-class interior space and superior ride quality. This Mahindra 3 Wheeler has Mechanical Brake with parking brakes and Handle Bar steering that avoids slippage and provides easy transmission. The price range of the Mahindra three wheeler auto price starts from Rs. 1.69 and goes up to Rs. 2.79 Lakhs*.

The variant of Mahindra Treo is Mahindra Treo 4-Seater/Yaari SFT, Mahindra Treo 3-Seater/HRT, Mahindra Treo 3-Seater/SFT and Mahindra Treo 4-Seater/Yaari HRT.

Power – 2 HP
Wheelbase – 2050 MM
Price – Rs. 1.69 – 2.79 Lakh*

Important Points For Infographic

  • This Infographic shows the information of the Top 5 Mahindra 3 Wheeler models.
  • Power, Wheelbase and Price are shown in this infographic.
  • The Top 5 selling Mahindra 3 wheeler in India 2021 includes Mahindra Alfa Plus, Mahindra Treo Zor, Mahindra Alfa, Mahindra E-Alfa Mini and Mahindra Treo.

Top 5 Mahindra 3 Wheelers in India Infographic Here:

Top 5 Mahindra 3 Wheelers in India - Infographic

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