Top 10 Three Wheeler Truck Models in India – Price & Overview

Top 10 Three Wheeler Truck Models in India – Price & Overview

The top 10 three-wheeler truck models list offers a piece of complete information about the most popular three-wheelers in India. Nowadays, we can see several 3 wheeler trucks models on the roads, and with this, they perform well. Because of their excellent working ability on the narrow streets, these vehicles are among the most popular mediums for in-city operation. Indian three-wheelers are not only used for travelling but also used for good transportation in the city. 

There are many types of three-wheeler tempo models available in the market of Indian three-wheeler trucks. Three Wheeler price is very pocket friendly to the customers so that they can start their business with minimal investment. The working efficiency of 3 wheeler loading auto is very excellent, along with highly increased fuel mileage. To gain more profit by in-city transportation business, customers use a three-wheeler loader for their operations widely. 

What is a Three Wheeler Truck?

A 3-wheeler truck is a vehicle that has three wheels. Some are either the electric three-wheeler truck or the Diesel three-wheeler tempos. Firstly they were human-powered or animal-powered; after some time, they grew up with technology.

The three-wheeler price is very low, and the performance of this vehicle is very high, which is the reason behind this vehicle’s popularity. You can easily see these autos in your city and town or village as well. 

The GVW range of Indian three-wheelers rests in between 1 ton to 2.5 tons. And the 3-wheeler auto price starts from under 1.5 lakhs*. Now we will tell you about India’s top 10 three wheeler trucks. 

Top 10 Three Wheeler Trucks in India


1. Mahindra Alfa 3 Wheeler


Mahindra Alfa 3 Wheeler

Mahindra Alfa three Wheeler Auto Price is affordable and has excellent working efficiency and high fuel mileage. Mahindra is the manufacturer of integrated commercial vehicles from 3-wheelers to heavy-duty trucks, and this three-wheeler is one of them. The company manufactured it with highly advanced technological solutions that’s why it performs well. Mahindra Alfa is very popular in the market of small commercial vehicles. You can see around 2 Mahindra Alfa among all the three-wheelers on the Indian roads. 

  • Power – 9 HP    
  • GVW –  825 KG     
  • Wheelbase – 2005 MM     
  • Price – Rs. 2.99 lakhs* to Rs. 3.00 lakhs*

2. Bajaj Compact RE 3 Wheeler


Bajaj Compact RE 3 Wheeler

Bajaj Compact RE three wheeler auto price in India offers an easy reach to the customers. it can perform the same as the mini trucks. This vehicle has highly advanced mobility solutions along with excellent working efficiency and increased fuel mileage. The reach of this vehicle is not only on the Indian roads but also in the customers’ hearts. The engine of this auto has 236.2 CC power to help many operations. 

  • Power –  10 HP   
  • GVW –  672 KG     
  • Wheelbase –  2000 MM    
  • Price – Rs. 2.34 lakhs* to Rs. 2.36 lakhs*

3. Kinetic Safar Smart 3 Wheeler


Kinetic Safar Smart

Kinetic Safar Smart price is one of the most economical three wheelers prices in India. It is an electric vehicle and is used wider in the transportation of passengers in India. We all know that the environment is very polluted, and day by day it will be dirtier, so we should use this electric vehicle for in-city travelling because it has no pollution during the operations. With an 850 W powered motor, it can do many processes with ease.

  • Power –  2 (850 W) HP   
  • GVW –  725 KG     
  • Wheelbase –  2000 MM     
  • Price – Rs. 1.53 lakhs* to Rs. 2.18 lakhs*

4. Mahindra Treo Zor 3 Wheeler


Mahindra Treo 3 Wheeler

Mahindra Treo Zor 3-wheeler is one of the most potent three-wheelers in India. This powerful commercial vehicle has excellent working efficiency and high fuel mileage to make more profit. The company manufactured it with highly advanced technological solutions at a reasonable price. That’s why the performance of this auto-rickshaw is very excellent. This powerful rickshaw has been leading in customers’ hearts for a long past. 

  • Power –  10 HP   
  • GVW – 995 KG      
  • Wheelbase – 2216 MM     
  • Price – Rs. 2.79 lakhs* to Rs. 3.02 lakhs*

5. Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX 3 Wheeler


Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX

Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX 3 wheeler is a highly advanced technological, commercial vehicle from Piaggio’s home with the Single Cylinder Forced AC 4S engine. The engine generates high torque, which is very helpful for many more applications. This powerful auto offers high performance and excellent working efficiency, and high fuel mileage as well. Rather than the engine’s noise, it has high comfort to the drivers and provides an extended working capability.

  • Power –  9.59 HP   
  • GVW –  975 KG     
  • Wheelbase – 2100 MM     
  • Price – Rs. 2.45 lakhs* to Rs. 2.55 lakhs*

6. Bajaj Maxima C 3 Wheeler


Bajaj Maxima C

Bajaj Maxima C 3 wheeler is one of the most selling 3 wheelers in the Indian market of three wheelers. Many companies manufacture commercial vehicles, but you can see the Bajaj Group’s importance is at its peak among all the manufacturers in India. And this leading manufacturer of automobiles produces an integrated line of commercial vehicles with highly advanced technology. That’s why they have excellent performance. The Maxima C 3-wheeler is one of them, so it can make many critical works easier. 

  • Power –  9 HP   
  • GVW –  986 KG     
  • Wheelbase – 2125 MM
  • Price – Rs. 2.83 lakhs* to Rs. 2.84 lakhs*

7. Lohia Humsafar 3 Wheeler


Lohia Humsafar

Lohia Humsafar 3-wheeler comes from the manufacturer’s home with highly advanced mobility solutions. The company name is taken from the Hindi word “Loha”, which means Iron. The power and rigidness of this vehicle reflect in its name. This auto is the perfect partner of the owners; that’s why it is named Humsafar, which means partner (who always be with you in any situation). At under 2 lakhs* price, it can perform the same as expensive auto-rickshaws perform.

  • Power –  8.1 HP   
  • GVW –  950 KG     
  • Wheelbase –  1945 MM    
  • Price – Rs. 1.80 lakhs* to Rs. 2 lakhs*

8. Kinetic DX 3 Wheeler


Kinetic DX

Kinetic DX 3-wheeler is the most popular electric 3-wheeler in India. The power of this vehicle’s motor is 1000 W which can provide high performance in many operations. There is no need to tell the pollution label in our city or country. That’s why to minimise the pollution label or save the environment; the company takes a small responsibility by providing an electric medium of transport that makes no pollution. Kinetic has earned respect for its vehicles in customers’ hearts in a short time. 

  • Power –  2 (1000 W) HP   
  • GVW –  704 KG     
  • Wheelbase –  2118 MM    
  • Price – Rs. 1.40 lakhs* to Rs. 1.46 lakhs*

9. Piaggio Ape E City 3 Wheeler


Piaggio Ape E City

Piaggio Ape E City 3-wheeler is a very reasonable 3-wheeler in the Indian market of commercial vehicles. It has a 7 hp powered electric motor to move the auto ahead. The performance of this vehicle is very excellent because it manufactured with highly advanced technological solutions. Piaggio also understands the environment’s importance; that’s why it has started the production of commercial electric vehicles. Along with this, this vehicle does not compromise in safety and comfort. 

  • Power –  7 HP   
  • GVW –  689 KG     
  • Wheelbase –  1920 MM    
  • Price – Rs. 2.80 lakhs* to Rs. 2.84 lakhs*

10. Bajaj Maxima Z 3 Wheeler


Bajaj Maxima Z

Bajaj Maxima Z 3 wheeler is the most popular commercial vehicle like the other vehicles from Bajaj. Bajaj Automobiles manufactured this vehicle with highly advanced mobility solutions and the 470.5 engine that provides high torque, which is very useful to many operations. If we talk about the power of this vehicle, then there is no need to tell, the power of this vehicle is excellent, and the fuel mileage of this vehicle is very high. 

  • Power –  8 HP   
  • GVW –  790 KG     
  • Wheelbase –  2000 MM    
  • Price – Rs. 1.96 lakhs* to Rs. 1.98 lakhs*

Highlighted Points for Infographic

  • This infographic offers all about the top 10, 3-wheelers in India. 
  • We show the GVW, Wheelbase, Price and Power of the Top 10 three-wheelers in India.
  • The list of the top 10 3-wheelers includes Mahindra Alfa 3 Wheeler, Bajaj Compact RE 3 Wheeler, Piaggio Ape Xtra LDX 3 Wheeler, Lohia Humsafar 3 Wheeler, Kinetic DX 3 Wheeler and others.
  • The importance of the top 10 three-wheelers is shown in this infographic.

Infographic Here – 

Top 10 Three Wheeler Truck

This blog shows all about the best three-wheeler models in India. Now you can understand the value of a 3-wheeler truck in the city. If you want information regarding trucks, tippers, trailers, three-wheeler trucks and more, please be with Truck Junction. Here you get every possible knowledge about 3 wheelers for sale, Popular Three Wheeler, truck mileage, performance and many more just in a few clicks. 

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