Top Altigreen 3 Wheeler – Know Price, Specifications and Reviews

Top Altigreen 3 Wheeler – Know Price, Specifications and Reviews

Altigreen is considered to be the country’s most advanced electric vehicle company. It is a Bangalore headquartered company that emerged after 8 years of rigorous research and 27 technology patents. Altigreen 3 wheelers are built for Indian roads to bring electrifying change in last-mile connectivity. The speciality of Altigreen cargo vehicles is that the mobility platform is 100% designed with indigenous technology.  

Altigreen three wheelers bring more comfort and more earnings with more environment friendly. You can save about Rs. 4 more per kilometre by using these vehicles in your business. Altigreen 3 Wheeler range is 151 KM which is ARAI certified range. The models are built with extra space to carry more loads. This article would benefit those interested in knowing about the EV revolution in India with the popular Altigreen 3 Wheelers.

Best Altigreen 3 Wheelers Models Price List India 2023 

Top Altigreen 3 wheelers in India are explained below with their price and specifications in detail. You can get better clarity in choosing which model to be picked for intracity cargo transportation. 

1. Altigreen NeEV High Deck

Altigreen NeEV High Deck is India’s leading cargo electric vehicle that takes on the roads and the loads. This Altigreen electric 3 wheeler model is used to deliver goods in urban, semi-urban, and rural markets. It is built to handle every road surface, from potholes to water logging or extreme temperature condition. This Altigreen 3 Wheeler features a centred battery with an independent suspension system. Its 11kWh battery capacity is large for longer life. It can be super fast charged to get on roads back at the earliest. 

Altigreen NeEV High Deck comes with dimensions of 1920 MM in length, 1590 MM in width, and 1645 MM in height. The model has 20% more cargo space with a class-leading 177 cubic feet container size. Its wheelbase is 2140 MM, and ground clearance is 220 MM for less impact from bad roads. This Altigreen 3 wheeler has sturdy locks on doors to give better safety. You can deliver cargo materials even on steeper or curved roads as this model follows 18% gradeability. Further, this Altigreen cargo vehicle price starts from Rs. 4.36 Lakh to Rs. 4.37 Lakh.

Battery Capacity Altigreen Prana 11 kWh
Maximum Torque 45 NM
Dimension (LxWxH) 1920 MM x 1590 MM x 1645 MM
Range 151 KM/ Charge
Price Rs. 4.36 – 4.37 Lakh

2. Altigreen NeEV Low Deck 

Altigreen NeEV Low Deck is the most advanced electric vehicle to speed up cargo connectivity. The model facilitates gearless, effortless driving without any driver’s fatigue. This Altigreen EV 3 Wheeler is used to deliver perishable items and industrial goods on time. It is built to be unstoppable irrespective of any rough weather or tough roads. This is the best Altigreen 3 wheeler in India for 100% non-polluting emissions. It does not cause any health hazards or atmospheric pollution. Its 11kWh battery delivers 45 NM maximum torque. This can be charged within 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Altigreen NeEV Low Deck has dimensions of 1720 MM in length, 1450 MM in width, and 378 MM in height. Its wheelbase is 2140 MM to maintain stability while cargo delivery is at its peak speed of 53 KMPH. Also, it has a ground clearance of 220 MM for less impact from poor terrain. And this Altigreen 3 Wheeler price in India starts from Rs. 4.07 Lakh to Rs. 4.08 Lakh.

Battery Capacity 11 kWh
Maximum Torque 45 NM
Dimension (LxWxH) 1720 MM x 1450 MM x 378 MM
Range 151 KM/ Charge
Price Rs. 4.07 – 4.08 Lakh

3. Altigreen NeEV Tez 

Altigreen NeEV Tez is a famous EV 3 wheeler in India mainly used for shipping goods and the e-commerce sector. It comes with an 8.2 kWh battery that can be charged in 15 minutes. Hence, this Altigreen 3 wheeler is the world’s superfast-charging three-wheeler model. The model has no clutch to compress regularly and no shifting gears. And without a noisy combustion engine, the vehicle is vibration-free. The 3 Wheeler has dual front shocks and an independent rear suspension system, making the journey extra smooth. Its range lies between 85-98 KM Per Charge. Its price ranges from Rs. 3.55 Lakh to Rs. 3.60 Lakh.  

Battery Capacity 8.2 kWh
Charging Time 15 Minutes
Range 85-98 KM/ Charge
Price Rs. 3.55 – 3.60 Lakh 

Final Thought At Altigreen 3 Wheeler Reviews

After getting the enigmatic and unique features of Altigreen 3 wheelers, you can now choose your cargo three wheeler. We hope the Altigreen 3 wheeler specifications and price range we provided were beneficial for you. You can also look at their product page in Truck Junction for a better understanding. 

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