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Electric Pickups

2 electric pickups are available at Truck Junction. Currently, the pickup truck electric brand in this category is Jupiter. Jupiter EV Star CC and Jupiter Jem Tez models are EV pickups in India. The new electric pickup 2023 was launched during the Indian Auto Expo event. We provide an updated EV pickup price with the latest features.

The Electric pickup price in India is cost-effective compared to its counterpart in Petrol, Diesel, and CNG fuel types. Moreover, you can get India's best electric pickup truck with its updated price. Please scroll down this page with us for further details about EV pickup models and their price lists.

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Popular Electric Pickups

Jupiter Jem Tez

Jupiter Jem Tez

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Jupiter EV Star CC

Jupiter EV Star CC

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About Electric Pickups

Electric Pickups are generally small and light commercial vehicles that are battery-operated to ensure easy and smooth cargo delivery. With the popularity of the EV segment, electric pickup in India has become a reality for ensuring cargo connectivity for the last miles. The EV segment in India has been expanded from Electric Trucks to E Rickshaws. EV pickup vehicles have a lesser gross vehicle weight to carry lighter materials. The pickups in the EV segment can be used for parcel & courier services, logistics goods, and other intracity transportation purposes. Due to the edge over traditional fuel vehicles, the electric vehicle pickup truck was widely accepted across the globe. The pickup electric model eliminates the environmental issue of carbon emission by following net zero emission. Furthermore, popular electric pickups adhere to zero tailpipe norms, which makes them eco-friendly. 

Want To Buy EV Pickup? 

The electric pickup truck market in India is rapidly expanding as a result of the numerous advantages served by EV pickups. Because of the lower maintenance charges involved, India's electric vehicle market is expanding. The electric pickup truck 2023 in India is technologically advanced, with faster turnaround and uptime. They are available in different modules like an electric mini pickup truck, electric heavy duty pickup truck, etc. They are apt for zero carbon footprints and zero-emission solutions. Truck Junction is the perfect web platform for you while searching for an electric pickup truck in India. For ambulance and school van purposes, you can choose Electric Tempo Travellers at Truck Junction easily. Here, you can get its price list with detailed specifications in a few clicks. 

Electric Pickup Price in India 2023

You will get an updated electric pickup price list if you wish to get the top electric pickup in India using Truck Junction. EV pickup price in India suits its business considering the economical transportation of goods. Due to more availability of charging stations and subsidies, their demands would be increased with time. 

Popular Electric Pickups in India

Many EV pickup models in India are under the pipeline to launch with a focus on green and clean fuel operations. The recently held 2023 Indian Auto Expo witnessed the launch of 2 new EV pickups, namely Jupiter EV Star CC and Jupiter Jem Tez. They are present for profitable logistics and e-commerce businesses. Jupiter EV Star CC is a small electric pickup truck with 7 tonnage capacity. However, Jupiter Jem Tez is a mini electric pickup truck with a 2.2-tonnage capacity. They balance the economy and environment. With the electric pickups, the pickup category has been expanded to bring lower fuel costs. 

Importance Of Electric Pickups

EV Pickups are new electric commercial vehicles which revolutionised the intracity transportation industries. With their potential and profitability, the electric pickup truck price 2023 is reasonable. 

  • The EV pickups contribute to India’s vision of achieving carbon neutrality by 2070 with zero carbon footprints. 
  • They are designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting in lower environmental pollution.
  • The models provide sustainable e-mobility solutions with zero tailpipe engine norms. 
  • In the absence of moving engine parts, they maintain lower wear-tear with lower maintenance costs. 
  • Electric pickups are perfect for intracity cargo shipping with nominal operating costs, which helps in enhancing business profits.
  • Infused with powerful batteries and better gradeability, the certified range is higher to move cargo even on steeper roads and in remote areas. 
  • Using chargeable electric batteries, they follow lesser fuel costs. The EV pickups carry industrial voluminous loads at a nominal cost.  

At Truck Junction, you can find Electric pickup price 2023 as per your suitability and business needs by applying filters. 

Why Truck Junction For Electric Pickups?

Truck Junction is a digital reliable source of information about Electric pickups. This online platform has more than 326 electric commercial vehicles listed, including EV pickup trucks. It also incorporates filter options for checking the preferred EV pickups with comprehensive details. You can contact us at Truck Junction for further details regarding the new electric pickup price, specifications and others. 

Electric Pickups Updates

Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Pickups

Ans. Jupiter EV Star CC and Jupiter Jem Tez are the latest EV pickups launched in 2023.
Ans. At present, Jupiter brand releases electric pickup trucks in India.
Ans. The price of electric pickups in India is comparatively cost-effective to satisfy their need-based requirement.
Ans. Electric Pickups are used for logistics, parcel, courier services, white goods delivery, and other intracity transportation.
Ans. Electric pickup trucks come with zero tailpipe emission norms showing eco-friendly nature.

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