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Electric Trailer

Electric trailers offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for hauling industrial goods such as building materials, appliances, and equipment. Their electric-powered engines ensure zero tailpipe emissions during operation. Additionally, these are ideal for situations demanding minimal noise pollution, such as nighttime deliveries in residential areas.

The AVTR 5530 AN EV from Ashok Leyland stands out as a popular model in this innovative segment. With an electric trailer GVW of 40 (above) and 6 tyres, it promises durability and reliability. On this page, you can find the best electric trailer price in India and detailed information on variants, specifications, GVW, loading capacity, and more.

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Popular Electric Trailer

Ashok Leyland AVTR 5530 AN EV

Ashok Leyland AVTR 5530 AN EV

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About Electric Trailer

Electric trailers are transforming India's transportation sector, providing sustainable and efficient solutions for hauling materials from mines to construction sites, cement companies, and more. As the demand for eco-friendly transport options increases, electric trailers are emerging as a promising segment.

A popular variant is the cargo trailer, which is tailored for heavy loads. It is ideal for logistics firms and businesses transporting goods over short to medium distances. With electric propulsion, cargo trailers offer reduced emissions and fuel costs compared to their traditional diesel-powered counterparts. 

Standing out among these options is the Ashok Leyland AVTR 5530 AN EV. This model adheres to eco-friendly standards, ensuring zero emissions and making it a sustainable choice for industries and businesses aiming to minimise their carbon footprint.

Why Buy An Electric Trailer?

Electric trailers offer several advantages over conventional internal combustion vehicles. These include, but are not limited to lower operating costs, reduced emissions, low maintenance needs, better performance, and convenience. In addition, these EVs come in various body configurations, such as cargo trailers, camper trailers, and utility trailers. This customisation allows fleet operators/businesses to tailor the design and features to their specific requirements. 

Why Truck Junction For Electric Trailers?

Truck Junction is a one-stop digital platform to inquire about electric trailers as it lists all verified information. From shortlisting the best model to getting the trailer prices quotes from authorized dealers, we cover it all. You can also compare two models within the electric trailer category.

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