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Force Motors is the world famous automobile brand, which is supplying excellent vehicles. It was initiated in the year 1958. The company provides a wide range of products that include Force truck, pickup, and mini truck. They provide the best quality of commercial vehicles at an affordable price. Kargo King Force truck price is Rs. 6.49 Lakh is the lowest priced truck.

And the most expensive Force truck is the Traveller Delivery Van Wider Truck priced at Rs. 10.97 Lakh*. Force manufactured trucks with BS-VI emission. The most popular Force trucks are Traveller Delivery Van, Shaktiman 200, Traveller Delivery Van Wider, Kargo King, Shaktiman 400 and many more. For an updated Force truck price list, check out below.

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Force Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Force SHAKTIMAN 400 6100 KG Rs. 7.50 Lakh - 7.61 Lakh
Force SHAKTIMAN 200 3475 KG Rs. 7.00 Lakh - 7.60 Lakh
Force Kargo King 2990 KG Rs. 6.49 Lakh - 7.10 Lakh
Force Traveller Delivery Van 3870 KG Rs. 6.82 Lakh - 6.89 Lakh
Force Traveller Delivery Van Wider 5700 KG Rs. 10.87 Lakh - 10.97 Lakh
Force Trax Delivery Van 2980 KG Rs. 6.82 Lakh - 6.95 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Jul 07, 2022




Popular Force Trucks

Force Tempo Traveller 3050

Force Tempo Traveller 3050

₹ 11.01 Lakh - ₹ 14.04 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

3350 85kW (115hp) @ 2950 rpm HP KG
3700 85kW (115hp) @ 2950 rpm HP KG
4020 85kW (115hp) @ 2950 rpm HP KG
26 85kW (115hp) @ 2950 rpm HP KG
Force Kargo King

Force Kargo King

₹ 6.49 Lakh - ₹ 7.10 Lakh

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7 Variants Found Plus Icon

3250/FSD/Grand 67 HP 3370 KG
3000/FSD 67 HP 2990 KG
3250/HD/Grand 67 HP 3370 KG
3250/Double Cabin/Grand 67 HP 3370 KG
3000/BS IV/Diesel 67 HP 2990 KG
3000/Delivery Van 67 HP 2990 KG
3000/Double Cabin 67 HP 2990 KG


₹ 7.50 Lakh - ₹ 7.61 Lakh

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3100/FSD 67 HP 6100 KG
3100/HSD 67 HP 6100 KG
Force Traveller Delivery Van

Force Traveller Delivery Van

₹ 6.82 Lakh - ₹ 6.89 Lakh

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4020/Diesel 115 HP 3870 KG
3350/Diesel 115 HP 3870 KG
3050/Diesel 115 HP 3870 KG
3050/CNG 115 HP 3870 KG
3700/Diesel 115 HP 3870 KG


₹ 7.00 Lakh - ₹ 7.60 Lakh

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2770/HSD 67 HP 3475 KG
2770/FSD 67 HP 3475 KG
Force Traveller Delivery Van Wider

Force Traveller Delivery Van Wider

₹ 10.87 Lakh - ₹ 10.97 Lakh

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4020/Diesel 115 HP 5700 KG
Force Trax Delivery Van

Force Trax Delivery Van

₹ 6.82 Lakh - ₹ 6.95 Lakh

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3050/BS IV/Diesel 67 HP 2980 KG

Popular Second Hand Force Trucks

Force TRUMP-40

Force TRUMP-40

Price - ₹ 2,30,000

meter 75,000 km

location Nagpur

calender 2013



Price - ₹ 4,60,000

meter 40,000 km

location South West

calender 2013



Price - ₹ 14,00,000

meter 5,000 km

location Indore

calender 2020

Force TRUMP-40

Force TRUMP-40

Price - ₹ 3,50,000

meter N/A

location Balaghat

calender 2014

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About Force Trucks

Force Motors is a continuously developing company in the automobile sector. People prases their vehicles and product quality. The company covers different types of markets by supplying world class technology solutions. They work with a flexible approach worldwide, and the Force motors team are experts in design, technology, advancement, and all areas. They manufacture superb commercial vehicles that provide high performance. Force Motors has always aimed to supply vehicles and services of excellent quality at fair prices. 

Force Motors truck development & research center are in Pune, the most versatile and advanced automotive development and research facility. Their new range of products comprises comfortable and convenient features. Force Motors is the perfect company for those who want exceptionally rich technology solution trucks at competitive prices. Here on Truck Junction, you can get complete information regarding Force truck, Force pickup, and Force mini truck in just a few clicks. 

Are Force trucks perfect for us?

Force Motors trucks have the perfect design that attracts customers. They work unconditionally to fulfill every single demand of the customers. With that, every vehicle passes through a test then it will be launched in the market. 

Force Truck Price in India 

Force Truck price fixed according to the affordability and budget range of the average customers. This is the main reason why Force trucks are so popular in the current market. They produce superb feature loaded commercial vehicles and provide them at a reasonable price. Force Truck price starts from Rs. 6.49 Lakh* to Rs. 7.50 Lakh*. 

Force Truck Price List in India

Force Motors commercial vehicles equipped with many advanced features which makes them even more premium. Still, the truck force price is very reasonable as compared to other truck brands in the market. In India, Force pick up trucks are very demanding due to their budget-friendly pricing. The Force commercial vehicles also have many unique features which makes them even more efficient. 
Get the Force Motors pickup price in India with their complete specification, and many more. These Force pickup truck models are very powerful and versatile which can easily perform most heavy duty tasks. For instance, Force food truck models are very popular in India due to these mentioned reasons.

Why Truck Junction for Force Trucks? 

Truck Junction is the place where you can find each Force truck of your choice quickly and comfortably. Here all the details about your favorite force truck are provided by us. You can also find out Force mini truck price, Force tipper price, and others. Just visit us and fulfill your dream with a hi tech Force Truck. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Force Trucks

Ans. 7 Force Trucks are available at Truck Junction.

Ans. Force Kargo King is the lowest price truck model in India, priced at Rs. 6.49 Lakh*.

Ans. Force Tempo Traveller 3050 is the highest price truck model in India, priced at Rs. 14.04 Lakh.

Ans. Kargo King, SHAKTIMAN 200, Traveller Delivery Van, Traveller Delivery Van Wider, and more are the popular Force trucks in India.

Ans. Force Traveller Delivery Van and Force Traveller Delivery Van Wider are the Force commercial vehicle new launches.

Ans. Force provides 335 truck dealers across India. You can easily find Force truck dealers on Truck Junction.

Ans. Abhay Firodia is the founder of Force Motors.


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