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Combined Commercial Vehicle Sales Rise by 41.26% in February 2023

News Date 06 Mar 2023

Combined Commercial Vehicle Sales Rise by 41.26% in February 2023

The 3-Wheeler segment showed the highest growth of 81.47% in the combined commercial vehicle segment sales in February 2023

Combined commercial vehicle sales, which include the commercial vehicle and three-wheeler segments, were published by FADA. FADA is the FEDERATION OF AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATIONS, which collects commercial vehicle sales data from dealers. All sales segments CV and three-wheelers closed with an upward trend. As a result, total sales were 1,52,021 units compared to 1,07,615, an increase of 41.26% in February 2023.

If we differentiate this sales data, then we can see. For example, the 3-wheeler sales for February 2023 are 72,994 units which were 40,224 in February 2022, and it experienced a growth of 81.47%. 

The Commercial vehicle sales in India are 79,027 units which grew by 17.27% against the 67,391 units in February 2022. Here we have listed all the Three-Wheeler and Commercial Vehicle segments according to the FADA sales report. 

Three-Wheeler Segment-Wise Sales Report:-

E-RICKSHAW(P) -  The segment closed the sales with 30,413 units against the 16,122 units of February 2023, with a growth of 88.64%. 
E-RICKSHAW WITH CART (G) - The E-RICKSHAW WITH CART segment recorded a growth of 38.57% in sales as the number of sold units was 2,382, which stayed at 1,719 units in February 2022.
THREE WHEELER (GOODS) - The Three-Wheeler Goods segment ended the month with 8,021 sold vehicles against the 6,207 vehicles of February 2022. Also, the segment increased sales by 29.23%. 
THREE WHEELER (PASSENGER) - The Passenger Three-Wheeler segment received a good customer response. As a result, the segment sold 32,123 units which are 99.05% more than the 16,138 units in February 2022.
THREE WHEELER (PERSONAL) -. The Three-Wheeler Personal segment made sales of 55 units which was 38 in the same month last year. As a result, the sales hiked by 44.74%

The sales performance of all Commercial Vehicle categories in February 2023 is described below. The sales also consist of the YoY change of all segments. 

Segment-Wise Commercial Vehicle Sales:-

LCV:- The LCV or Light Commercial Vehicle segment recorded sales of 44,392 units in February 2023, which closed at 39,601 units in the same month last year. In addition, it resulted in a sales hike of 12.10%. 
MCV:- Medium Commercial Vehicle Segment completes the month with 4,808 sold units. The segment sold 4,419 units of commercial vehicles in February 2022. As a result, the segment increased sales by 8.80%.
HCV:- The Heavy Commercial Vehicle segment sold 26,469 units of commercial vehicles in February 2023 against 21,358 units in February 2022. The segment increased sales by 23.93%.  
Others:- All the other segments of the Commercial Vehicle did a combined sales of 3,358 units against the 2,013 sold units of February 2022. The segment closed the month of February with a 66.82% hike. 

The continuous development of the country's roads and infrastructure is becoming the reason for these high sales.

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