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10 Jan 2022

Commercial Vehicle Retail Sales Increased by 14% in December 2021

By News Date 10 Jan 2022

Commercial Vehicle Retail Sales Increased by 14% in December 2021

Commercial vehicle sales increased by 14% in December 2021. Again Tata top the list of CV retails. 

FADA (federation of automobile dealers associations) has recently released December commercial vehicle sales report. According to the report, the commercial vehicle segment has seen a huge growth in retail sales in December.

The commercial vehicle segment registered a growth of 14% YOY to 58,847 units in December 2021, increasing from 51,749 units sold in December 2020. However, overall CV retail sales were down by -1% than 59,517 units in December 2019, a regular pre-covid month. 

According to the FADA report, YOY growth in retails can be seen in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle segments. MCV sales rose at 64.03% to 4,099 units in December 2021 as against 2,499 units sold in December 2020. At the same time, HCV sales increased by 42.45% to 16,066 units in December 2021, an increase from 11,278 units sold in December 2020. 

Top 3 - Tata, Mahindra & Ashok Leyland 

Tata Motors again topped the list of commercial vehicle retails in December 2021 as it was the only automaker to post sales over the 25,000 units mark. Tata commercial vehicle sales stood at 26,030 units in December 2021, increasing from 19,236 units in December 2020, while market share grew from 37.17% to 44.23% YOY. Recently, Tata Motors has announced an investment to the tune of Rs 7,500 crores in 5 years in commercial vehicles as Tata Motors intends to lead the electric vehicle segment in commercial markets. 

Mahindra stood at the second position in commercial vehicle retail sales in December 2021. The sales stood at 12,191 units, a drop from 15,184 units in December 2020, market share dipped to 20.72% from 29.34%. Mahindra plans to launch an aggressive new product launch program with approximately 14 LCVs set for 2026. This upcoming product range also includes 6 electric vehicles with an electric Jeeto cargo van as a part of the company’s new Born Electric Vehicle (BEV) program.

Commercial vehicle retail sales of Ashok Leyland also increased, and it stood at the third position of the list. The sales stood at 7,876 units in December 2021 grew from 6,604 units in December 2020 with a market share of 13.38%. In addition, Ashok Leyland launched the new Ecomet STAR in October 2021, which is available from 12ft to 24ft in CBC, FSD, DSD, and HSD load body options. 

Maruti Suzuki stood at fourth position in the commercial vehicle retail sales list. Maruti Suzuki sales grew to 3,709 units and a market share of 6.30% over 2,490 units retailed in December 2020, when the market share was at 4.81%. 

Retail sales of VE, Daimler, and Force Motors have also seen good growth on a YOY basis. VE sales grew to 3,530 units, rising from 2,648 units sold in December 2020, while market share grew to 6% over 5.12% in December 2020. Daimler retails stood at 1,137 units, and Force Motors sold 566 units in December 2021. SML Isuzu retails grew to 559 units while other CV makers have seen a decrease in retails to 3,249 units, a fall from 3,964 units sold in December 2020.

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