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23 Oct 2021

Commercial Vehicle Sales Report - Sep 2021

By News Date 23 Oct 2021

Commercial Vehicle Sales Report - Sep 2021

Commercial vehicle retails increased 46.64% YoY, while year-to-date sales observed a 126.89% increase.

The FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations) has released a retail sales and registration report for September 2021. The marked increase can be seen across all divisions, be it the 3 wheeler section, PV division and CV section but retails of 2 wheelers and tractors have taken a dip.

What is an important fact is that CV retail sales have seen a notable increase. Growth has been recorded across LCV, MCV and HCV, but mainly in the MCV division that has grown above pre-pandemic levels of 2019. 

Sales of CVs in September 2021 held at 58,820 units, up 46.64% over 40,112 units sold in September 2020. However, It was just a 1.50% de-growth over 59718 units retailed in September 2019, a few months earlier, to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the nation. 

Year to date retails (April to September 2021) has also grown to 2,69,033 units, up 126.89% over 1,18,574 units retailed in the same 6 month season of 2020 but a 34.43% de-growth over 4,10,302 units retailed in the April to September 2019 season.

CV Retail Sales Sep 2021

Tata Motors and Mahindra again commanded this segment and were the two commercial vehicle makers to note retails above the 10,000 unit mark. Tata Motors topped the list in commercial vehicle retail sales for September 2021, with 24,588 units retailed in the prior month, up from 12,499 units sold in September 2020. Market share also raised significantly from 31.16% held in September 2020 to 41.80% last month. 

At No. 2, Mahindra sales dipped YoY to 11667 units, down from 14,023 units sold in September 2020. Market share also dropped from 34.96% to 19.84 periods in the two periods in question, respectively. The group launched the all-new FURIO 7 range of LCV trucks. Price starts at Rs.14.79 lakh for FURIO 7 10.5ft HSD variant, Rs.16.82 lakh for FURIO 7 Tipper variant and Rs.15.18 lakh for FURIO 7 HD. 

Ashok Leyland sales increased significantly YoY from 4556 units retailed in September 2020 to 8211 units in the past month. As a result, market share also rose from 11.36% to 13.96% YoY. Earlier this year, Ashok Leyland introduced AVTR 4120, the country’s first 4-axle, 14-wheeler truck with 40.5 Ton GVW. These 8×2 DTLA vehicles command a capacity of 40.5 tonne GVW, offering a payload capacity of 5 tonnes leading to enhanced Total Cost of Operation (TCO) benefits. 

Maruti Suzuki, VE, Daimler 

At No. 4 was Maruti Suzuki, with 3889 CV sales in the past month and a market share of 6.61%. This was against 2408 units sold in September 2020, when the market share was at 6.00%. Eicher Motors’ commercial vehicle segment – VECV reported higher retail sales at 3,765 units in September 2021, from 1,821 units retailed in September 2020, while market share jumped from 4.54% to 6.40% YoY. 

Retail sales of Daimler, Force Motors and Isuzu also improved significantly YoY, with every one of the three OEMs reporting growth in market shares. Commercial vehicle sales of other OEMs stood at 4038 units in September 2021 from 3359 units sold in September 2020, while despite the increase in sales, market share dipped from 8.37% to 6.87% YoY.


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