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Bajaj Etec RE 9.0
Syed Usman Hasan
05 Jul 2024

FADA 3-Wheeler June 2024 Sales Report: 94,321 Units Sold

By Syed Usman Hasan News Date 05 Jul 2024

FADA 3-Wheeler June 2024 Sales Report: 94,321 Units Sold

Retail Sales of FADA 3-Wheelers Saw a Significant 5.10% Increase in June 2024

In June 2024, retail sales of FADA 3-wheelers saw a notable 5.10% increase, highlighting a strong growth trend in the market.

According to the latest FADA retail sales data for June 2024, 3-wheeler vehicle sales increased by 5.10%. Atul Auto led the market with an impressive 23.29% growth, while TVS Motors also saw a significant increase of 22.78% in sales.

FADA released sales data for 3-wheeler original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in June 2024, showing positive sales growth across almost all brands. The segment's collective sales rose to 94,321 units, a substantial increase from the 89,743 units recorded in June 2023. This marks a notable 5.10% growth within the 3-wheeler category.

Here, let's break down the total sales of all the various OEMs.  

3 Wheeler Sales Statistics, June 2024

Brand Wise 3-Wheeler Sales Report Data for June 2024


Bajaj is among the top three-wheeler OEMs in the market. The FADA three-wheeler report in June 2024 revealed Bajaj's sales of 34,238 units, up from 33,264 units in June 2023. Consequently, the brand experienced a growth rate of 2.93%.


As per the FADA report on three-wheeler sales, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. experienced a 10.88% increase in sales, selling 6,850 vehicles in June 2024 compared to 6,178 units in June 2023.


Mahindra experienced a 3.65% increase in retail sales in June 2024. To substantiate, it sold 5,257 units in June 2023, which increased to 5,449 in June 2024.

Y.C. Electric

Y.C. Electric brand sold 3,355 units in June 2024, a 3.34% decrease from the 3,471 units sold in June 2023.  


This brand sold 2,471 three-wheelers in June 2024, compared to 2,363 units in the same month last year. Henceforth, Mayuri increased its sales by 4.57%. 

Atul Auto

This 3-wheeler company's retail sales report increased by 23.29%. Atul Auto sold 2,022 units in June 2024, compared to 1,640 in June 2023.  


Citylife, also known as Dilli Electric Auto Pvt. Ltd., closed the month with a loss. The brand sold 1,963 commercial vehicles in June 2024, compared to 2,140 units in June 2023, experiencing an 8.27% sales dip.

TVS Motors

TVS, a renowned manufacturer, also concluded the month with positive sales figures. The brand sold 1,746 three-wheelers in June 2024, compared to 1,422 units in June 2023, and generated growth of 22.78%.

Mini Metro

The retail sales statistics for June 2024 show that Mini Metro sales decreased by 13.83%. They sold 1,296 units in June 2024, compared to 1,504 in June 2023.

Others Including EV

Every other company, including EV, UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL, ENERGY ELECTRIC VEHICLES, HOTAGE INDIA, J. S. AUTO (P) LTD, and others, experienced a combined sales increase of 7.47%. In June 2024, they sold 34,931 items, whereas in June 2023, they sold 32,504 units.

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