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05 May 2023

FADA Three Wheeler Retail Sales Grew by 57.22% in April 2023

By News Date 05 May 2023

FADA Three Wheeler Retail Sales Grew by 57.22% in April 2023

Bajaj Auto sold 24,873 units of three-wheelers, whereas Mahindra closed the month with the highest YoY gain in April 2023 sales. 

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) has revealed the 3-Wheelers retail sales data for April 2023. And the segment has registered a sales hike of 57.22% in this Three-Wheeler sale in India. However, this segment also witnessed the same dip in sales in the first month of the new fiscal year, and the reason was also pre-buying in March as the rates were increased from the 1st of April 2023. 

The sector sold 70,928 units of 3-wheelers and electric vehicles, which was 45,114 units last year in April. As a result, the 3-wheeler category observed a total growth of 57.22%.

Mr Manish Raj Singhania, FADA President, on the sales of April 2023, — “Thanks to high demand in the e-rickshaw and passenger segments, the 3-wheeler segment has grown by 57% YoY and also surpassing pre-COVID levels at a healthy rate.”

Three Wheeler Sales Statistics April 2023

Brand-Wise Three-Wheeler Sales Figures April 2023


Bajaj Auto closed the month with the highest-selling figures in April 2023. The brand sold 24,873 units of three-wheelers this year, while in April 2022, the sales numbers were 14,608. As a result, the sales of the brand increased by 70.27%. 


Piaggio stayed at the second position in the April 2023 sales report. The brand sold 5,643 units of 3-wheelers compared to the 4,746 units sold in April 2022 and resulting in a growth of 18.90% in April Y-O-Y.


Mahindra has gained a lot of customers with their new-age last-mile delivery vehicles in India, which resulted in the highest sales hike in April 2023. The brand sold 3,910 units in April 2023, which was 1,864 units in April 2022. 

Y.C. Electric:- 

This brand experienced a sales growth of 50.56% in its retail sales for April 2023, as it sold 2,838 units compared to 1,885 units in April 2022. 


Mayuri showed positive growth in April Y-O-Y sales. In April 2023, the brand sold 1,855 units of three-wheeler, which was 1,221 units in April 2022. It experienced a growth of 51.92%.


Citylife also increased over 100% in the April Y-O-Y sales report. The company sold 1,730 units of three-wheelers in April 2023, while they sold 851 units in April 2022. As a result, the company experienced a growth of 103.29%.

Atul Auto:- 

Atul Auto sold 1,562 units in April 2023, which was 1,445 units in April 2022. As a result, the company completed a sales growth of 8.10% in April Y-O-Y sales report. 

TVS Motors:-

TVS Motors is one of the most renowned names in the automobile industry for the two-wheelers and three-wheelers. This April, the three-wheelers retail sales of TVS were 1,128 units, compared to 1,122 units in April 2022. Resulting in a growth of 0.53%. 

Mini Metro:- 

The company sold 1,037 units of 3-Wheelers in April 2023 and grew by 62.54% as compared to the 638 units sold in April 2022. 


Saarthi, also known as ChampionPoly Plast, ended the month with positive sales growth in April Y-O-Y. The brand sold 987 units of Three-wheelers in April 2023, while the number was 920 units in the same month last year. This results in a 7.28% hike in sales. 

J.S. Auto:-

J.S. Auto sold 921 units of three-wheelers in the first month of this new fiscal year. Whereas they sold 519 units in April 2022 and achieved a growth of 77.46% in April Y-O-Y sales. 

All the other electric vehicle manufacturers and E.V. brands had combined sales of 24,444 units in April 2023, showing a growth of 59.82%. The sales number of all these brands in April 2022 was 15,295 units.

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