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28 Nov 2022

Godawari Electric Motors To Launch New Electric 3W Made Of DCPD Materials

By News Date 28 Nov 2022

Godawari Electric Motors To Launch New Electric 3W Made Of DCPD Materials

Godawari Electric Motors company has announced its plan to expand into the electric three-wheeler market with the new launch of an e-cycle, e-loader, and e-scooter in December 2022. It is also working on setting up a new manufacturing plant in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Godawari Electric Motors (eblu) is planning to jump into the electric three-wheeler segment with the latest technology. The company’s first electric 3 wheeler vehicle will feature advanced DCPD plastic technology through its body panels. The company has received a patent for this technology to design a body with DCPD materials. It will come into the market with a wide range of benefits. This material is believed to be virtually unbreakable, having impact resistance characteristics for making vehicles robust enough to drive during harsh situations. This DCPD is a dust-proof material that gives a car-like paint finish to the vehicle. It also ensures a longer life span, superior fit and a finishing touch to the vehicle.  

With many tests, the company has witnessed that the DCPD material functions outstandingly well after repeated or heavy impacts and exposure to extremely hot temperatures and many chemicals. The brand has planned to expand its manufacturing facilities by setting up a new plant in Raipur city by the end of the financial year 2022. It is planning to foray into electric three-wheeler vehicles with a new launch of an e-cycle, e-loader, and e-scooter by December. Last year, Godawari Electric Motors announced that it would be investing sums up to Rs. 150 crores for planting an EV manufacturing facility in Raipur. As per the company statements, this new plant would be inaugurated in the next quarter to enter into the EV retail space.   

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