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22 Aug 2023

KETO motors partners with Saera Elecrtic to make India's largest 3-Wheeler Company

By News Date 22 Aug 2023

KETO motors partners with Saera Elecrtic to make India's largest 3-Wheeler Company

KETO Motors and Saera Electric join hands to make India's largest Electric 3- Wheeler Company, poised to disrupt the electric vehicle industry.

New Delhi, 22nd August 2023 KETO Motors and Saera Electric have forged notable cooperation in the electric vehicle industry, giving rise to Saera Keto EV Private Limited. This cooperative adventure will be crucial in India's Electric 3- Wheeler( E3W) sector, aligning with the nation's sustainable transportation objectives.

Ingrained as "SAERA KETO", these E3Ws will boast pioneering design and slice-edge features, including Fast Charge technology, a Vehicle Control Unit( VCU), and top-league safety and comfort for motorists and passengers. 

Saera Electric is one of the biggest players in the L3 range of electric three wheèler ( e rickshaw), playing a pivotal role in driving the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions. Keto Motors is known for its expertise in designing and manufacturing the L5 range of Electric Three-wheelers for passenger and cargo use.

By employing Saera Electric's proficiency in designing, manufacturing and merchandising a diverse range of L3 Electric three-wheelers ( e gharry), alongside Keto Motors' moxie in designing and producing L5 range of Electric Three wheelers ( e bus) for passengers and weight, the cooperation is poised to make a substantial impact in the EV request. 

Saera Keto EV Private Limited's strategic plan encompasses an expansive presence across India, with an initial network of over one hundred dealers. The venturer is planning to expand the dealer count to 250 in a year. This expansion strategy ensures the accessibility of L5 Electric autos in all major metro cities and Tier 2 & 3 cities. This venture intends to support India's commitments to low carbon emissions and bring 80% electrification of the 2 & 3-Whelers fleet by 2030.

Nitin Kapoor, Author & Director of Saera Electric, expressed enthusiasm for the cooperation, affirming the commitment to furnishing eco-friendly and technologically advanced vehicles for the Indian consumers' requirements.

Saera Keto's offerings comprise high-speed electric passenger and loading vehicles, showcasing their will to deliver advanced and effective transportation results. Manufactured in Telangana and Haryana factories, these state-of-the-art E3Ws will be offered at competitive prices. The venture plans to launch six new products in the next six months.

Dr Karthik Ponnapula, Founder of KETO Motors, commented on the partnership, stating, "The JV will be offering the largest product range of E3Ws in the industry with the launch of 6 new products within 6 months. These advanced technology products have been designed to meet the requirements of key customer segments With ETO’s fleet management expertise and Trinity Cleantech's deployment of electric vehicle chargers, the EV ecosystem is now poised to take off."

This development is a substantial step in the Saera Keto JV journey, propelling the realization of 'Electric Mobility as a Service.' It supports India's target of electrifying first and last-mile deliveries while aligning with the vision of sustainable transportation solutions.


About KETO Motors

KETO Motors, a Group Company of the ETO Motors Group, is engaged in the manufacturing of premium Electric 3-Wheelers (E3Ws) at its state-of-art manufacturing capacity in Jadcherla, Telangana, which also includes a modern research and development lab.

The manufacturing capacity, spread over 19 acres, manufactures L5 E3Ws and has sufficient capacity to expand manufacturing to over 10,000 vehicles.     

The E3Ws are manufactured with a focus on safety (only e3W in India with a seatbelt) and technology, including a fully integrated Vehicle Control Unit and IoT-connected platform.

About Saera Electric

Saera Electric Auto Limited, headquartered in Delhi, leads the charge in the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of environmentally friendly electric three-wheelers (E3Ws) catering to passenger and cargo needs.

Their groundbreaking journey commenced with the historic introduction of India's inaugural E-Rickshaw in 2011. Bolstered by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located in Rajasthan, the most advanced erstwhile Harley Davidson Plant in Bawal 

Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, with a current annual capacity to produce 1,00,000 vehicles and supported by a robust nationwide distribution network boasting over 450 dealers, the company has firmly entrenched itself as an industry trailblazer. Impressively, they have achieved a remarkable CAGR of over 170% in top-line growth over the past five consecutive financial years, showcasing their unwavering commitment to sustainable mobility.

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