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29 Jan 2024

Montra Electric Revs Up Last-Mile Mobility with Super Auto Launch

By News Date 29 Jan 2024

Montra Electric Revs Up Last-Mile Mobility with Super Auto Launch

The Murugappa Group has made a bold move in the electric mobility space with the recent launch of its Montra Super Auto electric three-wheeler. This launch made them win the International Red Dot Design Award 2023 in the “innovative last-mile delivery” category. Moreover, this innovative vehicle offers a sustainable, efficient, and comfortable solution for passengers and drivers alike. 

Today, the brand launched its new super auto in Tirunelveli, which is available in 2 variants, including the ePV and ePV 2.0. The Super Auto prioritises it with advanced features like regenerative braking, a robust chassis, and a sturdy suspension system. These features enhance driving confidence and contribute to a smoother and safer ride for all occupants.

Here are Some of the Details of the Features and Specifications of the Montra Electric Super Auto: 

  • This auto is equipped with a 10kW lithium-ion battery.

  • The new Super Auto offers an ARAI-certified range of 203 km, with an on-range of approximately 155 km on a single charge. 

  • It offers you a warranty of 3 years or 1,00,000 km along with a two-year or 50-km extended warranty. 

  • Montra Super Auto runs at a top speed of 55 kmph and takes 4 seconds to accelerate from 0-20 kmph.

  • Its battery generates torque of 60Nm and 10kW power. 

  • Montra Electric Super Auto features LED headlights with integrated LED tail lights. 

Apart from this, it makes it ideal for intra-city travel, with its compact dimensions of 2855mm length, 1350mm width and 1750 mm height. Moreover, Montra has paid attention to passenger comfort in its quest for efficiency. The Super Auto offers a spacious cabin with seating for four, including the driver. The ergonomic seats and ample legroom ensure a relaxed and comfortable journey, even for long trips.

Head Marketing & Exports of Montra Electric, Mr. Piyush Pandey, said, “ The Super Auto is packed with innovation and several industry-first features that will surely redefine the market. Our customers can now receive a greater return on their investment with savings in fuel and maintenance, and riders can experience a premium three-wheeler. At Montra Electric, we strive to produce vehicles that not only last longer but also contribute to protecting the environment for future generations.”

Dealer Partner of Montra Electric Tirunelveli, Mr N Senthil Kumar, said,” Apart from environmental benefits, electric autos are helping auto drivers save Rs 300 to Rs 400 per day on their fuel bills as their average running is around 100-150 km a day.”

The Montra Super Auto's entry into the electric three-wheeler market is bound to create waves. Its impressive range, performance, and design set it apart from existing options, making it a compelling choice for both commercial and personal use. Moreover, the Murugappa Group's established reputation adds a layer of trust and reliability to the brand.

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