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13 Jan 2023

SML Isuzu Reveals The New 24 Feet M.S. Container Truck at Auto Expo 2023

By News Date 13 Jan 2023

SML Isuzu Reveals The New 24 Feet M.S. Container Truck at Auto Expo 2023

SML Isuzu showcased some of its new models on the Day 2 of the Auto Expo 2023. One product from these vehicles is cargo transport vehicles, and others are for the passenger segment. This brand's 24-feet M.S container truck was the event's main attraction, unveiled for the Samrat GS Truck platform. According to the company, the container comes with all features which benefit the segment. It includes the transportation & cargo white goods, FMCG, Deliveries, E-commerce segment and all similar applications. The vehicle is built on the Global Series platform of the brand. Furthermore, the truck is fitted with the company's advanced telematics solution, SML Saarthi. 

In addition, the company also revealed the front door of Hiroi School Bus, Executive Lx CNG School Bus. In addition, the Executive Lx Staff bus. Moreover, the bus has fully reclined pushback seats for extra comfort, lighting and USB ports. Also, it comes with a multimedia onboard entertainment system. 

The company claimed that the Hiroi school bus has a wide front overhang door. And it also has all the school bus and safety features according to the government norms. As the name suggests, the Executive Lx CNG bus runs on CNG fuel. Therefore, it is better for the environment if we compare it to conventional fuel. 

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