SML Isuzu Samrat

Currently, the SML Samrat family consists of 3 flagship models, SML Isuzu Samrat GS, SML Isuzu Samrat GS Tipper Chassis and SML Isuzu Samrat 1312 XT. Check the latest SML Isuzu Samrat price 2021, SML Isuzu Samrat family series models, loading capacity, specifications, features, GVW, mileage, images. Check out the Sml Isuzu truck price list in India.

SML Isuzu Samrat Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
SML Isuzu Samrat GS 10700 KG Rs. 15.47 Lakh - 17.08 Lakh
SML Isuzu Samrat 1312 XT 12990 KG Rs. 17.82 Lakh - 17.92 Lakh
SML Isuzu Samrat GS Chassis 9500 KG Rs. 18.23 Lakh - 18.26 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Jun 23, 2021




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SML Isuzu Samrat GS

SML Isuzu Samrat GS

₹ 15.47 Lakh - ₹ 17.08 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

4760/CAB HP 10700 KG
4240/CAB HP 10700 KG
3335/CAB HP 10700 KG
2815/CAB HP 10700 KG
SML Isuzu Samrat 1312 XT

SML Isuzu Samrat 1312 XT

₹ 17.82 Lakh - ₹ 17.92 Lakh

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8 Variants Found Plus Icon

4300/High Deck 115 HP 12990 KG
3940/Semi Deck 115 HP 11990 KG
4300/CAB 115 HP 12990 KG
4300/Semi Deck 115 HP 12990 KG
3940/Fixed Deck 115 HP 11990 KG
3940/High Deck 115 HP 11990 KG
4300/Fixed Deck 115 HP 12990 KG
3940/CAB 115 HP 11990 KG
SML Isuzu Samrat GS  Chassis

SML Isuzu Samrat GS Chassis

₹ 18.23 Lakh - ₹ 18.26 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

2815/CAB 115 HP 9500 KG

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About SML Isuzu Samrat in India

SML Samrat is a well-known family of trucks and tippers belonging to the famous SML Isuzu Company. It is the most popular commercial vehicle company, producing a great range of commercial vehicles such as trucks, tippers, pickup, etc. The company was started in 1983 as Swaraj Vehicles Limited. In 1984, Punjab Tractor Ltd, Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan & Sumitomo Corporation, Japan were joined together and renamed Swaraj Mazda Ltd. In 2011, Swaraj Mazda Ltd was replaced by SML ISUZU LIMITED. 

The SML Isuzu Samrat family includes various types of trucks and tippers that offer work excellency and are economical, saving truck user's extra expenses. They are made with advanced technology that easily handles all the tough conditions. SML Isuzu Samrat trucks come with larger operator space that provides a comfortable ride during the long roads. They are powerful, economical, great performers, safe, and comfortable for truck operators.  SML Isuzu Samrat involves the 3-best flagship models of trucks and tippers loaded with hi-tech features to handle rugged roads. 

SML Samrat Trucks Price 

SML Isuzu Samrat truck price range is Rs. 15.47 Lakh* - Rs. 18.23 Lakh*, which is quite affordable and reasonable for truck lovers. The trucks and tippers price range vary as per location and region due to factors like ex-showroom price, RTO, Insurance, etc. SML Isuzu Price is reasonable, that every customer can afford it easily. Get complete information about the SML Isuzu truck and an SML truck price in India. 

SML Isuzu Samrat Truck Models 

Their 3-flagship SML Isuzu Samrat Truck Models are available, which efficiently perform all the transportation tasks. They are made according to the Indian roads. 

Following are the SML Isuzu Samrat Truck Models:- 

All SML Isuzu trucks come with loaded features that provide effective work and high performance. The company offers a super unique look in every SML truck that attracts this new generation of customers. SML Samrat trucks have all advanced featured qualities that also provide comfort and convenience work. The SML trucks company also offers a good guarantee with almost all products. At Truck Junction, you can easily get all SML Samrat gs trucks with Samrat truck price.

SML Isuzu Samrat At Truck Junction 

Truck Junction brings you detailed information about SML Isuzu Samrat Truck along with price, features, images, videos, reviews, etc. Here, you get a specific section dedicated to the SML Isuzu Samrat Trucks to find the best one. So, get connected with Truck Junction for the latest updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions on SML Isuzu Samrat Trucks

Ans. Tippers and Trucks are offered in SML Isuzu Samrat trucks.

Ans. BS-VI norm is available in SML Isuzu Samrat trucks.

Ans. SML Isuzu Samrat trucks come in Diesel fuel type.

Ans. SML Isuzu Samrat trucks price range in India starts from Rs. 15.47 Lakh* - Rs. 18.23 Lakh*.

Ans. Truck Junction is the best platform for getting information about SML Isuzu Samrat trucks.


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