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08 Aug 2022

Three Wheeler Commercial Vehicle July Sales Growth Sold 50,349 Units

By News Date 08 Aug 2022

Three Wheeler Commercial Vehicle July Sales Growth Sold 50,349 Units

The Three wheeler sales of July 2022 grew by 80.41%, and Bajaj stayed at the top of the table with 13,016 units.

FADA( Federation of Automobile Dealers Association) three-wheeler sales data has been released, and the segment performed bumper sales. The sector sold 50,349 vehicles last July, 27,908 units in the same period the previous year. With this jump in numbers, the industry closes the sales with 80.41% up. The report of FADA shows the Three-Wheeler sales in India. 

FADA President, Mr. Vinkesh Gulati said, “The 3W space continued to see demand recovery even though full recovery to pre-covid levels is still some time away. Digging deeper, it is clearly evident that e-rickshaws are the biggest mover in the segment. Demand recovery in the 3W passenger category also shows that covid is now behind us as passenger movement has once again started gaining traction.”

Three-Wheeler Sales Report July 2022

Brand Wise Sales Data:-

Bajaj Motors is one of the country’s top brands when it comes to the 3-wheeler segment. And customers showed that again while the company stands on top of the chart with the highest sales. Bajaj Motors sold 13,016 vehicles and gained sales by 29.64% compared to the 10,040 units of last year. As a result, the market share of Bajaj fell from 35.98% to 25.85%.

Piaggio registered a hike in sales with 6.82% as the number of units sold reached 4,164 from 3,898. The company's market share closed at 8.27% from 13.97%. 

Y.C. Electric is known for their best in class features of 3-wheelers. The company sold 2,499 units of vehicles and registered a growth of 113.04% in July 2022. The sales of July 2021 were 1,173 units; with that gain, the market share reached 4.96%.

Mahindra retail sales also experienced a gain in the sales report published by FADA. The company sold 2098 units with an increase of 103.49% against the 1031 units of July 2022. Also, the company covered a good market with 4.17%.

Mayuri, also known as Saera Electric, completed its July 2022 sales data on a high note. Mayuri recorded 217.36% higher sales this July with 1590 units against the 501 units of July 2021. With this up in sales, the company's market share closed at 3.16%, which stayed at 1.80% last year.

Atul Auto is a big brand name in the three-wheeler market. The company recorded 1370 sold units in July 2022, with 29.85% sales up. The sales number for July 2021 was 1055.

Sarthi or Champion PolyPlast increased 120.72% in their sales of July 2022, with 1,214 sold units and covering 2.41% market. The Brand sold 550 units in July 2021, covering a 1.97    % market share. 

The mini Metro company also stands on the list of gaining companies. The Brand sold 1,048 units with an increase of 351.72% against the 232 units of the same period last month. With this massive gain, the market share jumped to 2.08%, which stood at 0.83% in July 2022.

Citylife also registered a good sales growth of 174.59%, with 1016 units sold in the 3-wheeler sales report of July 2022. The company recorded 370 units sold last July. 

TVS Auto company's July 2022 sales indicate a hike of 113.14%, with 989 units sold which was 464 in July 2021. The company also covered 1.96% of the market in this report. 

J.S. Auto recorded a boom in sales with 869 units and a 171.56% rise. The sales numbers of last year were 320 units.  

Terra Motors registered a hike in 3-wheeler sales data for July 2022. The company sold 608 vehicles last month, whereas, in July 2021, it was 195 units. 

Thukral Electric gained 77.77% in the sales of July 2022, with 528 units sold. Also, the sales of this company were 297 units in the same period last year. 

All the other companies contributed 19,340 units of 3-wheelers, including the Electric 3-Wheelers sales report for July 2022. As a result, the other companies gained a total of 148.52% in sales, as the sold units last July were 7782 units.


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