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10 Sep 2022

Three Wheeler Retails Sales Increased by 83.14% in August 2022

By News Date 10 Sep 2022

Three Wheeler Retails Sales Increased by 83.14% in August 2022

Bajaj Motors sold 16,764 units, whereas Mini Metro recorded a growth of 216.07% in August 2022 sales

The sales data for the three-wheeler segment has been released by FADA( Federation of Automobiles Dealership Association), and all the brands have gained a good amount. This segment closed the month with the sales of 56,313 units, with an increase of 83.14% in the August 2022 sales compared to the 30,748 units of August 2021.  

Commenting on the performance of the Brands in August 2022, Mr Manish Raj Singhania said, "The 3W space continues its healthy double-digit growth (grows 83% YoY) when compared YoY. It has now also equalled the sales of 2019 for the first time. Electrification is also the highest in this segment, as E-rickshaw leading the way. Clearly, customers are now preferring electric vehicles over ICE vehicles as ICE 3W continues to see double-digit de-growth compared to precovid levels." 

Three-Wheeler Sales Report August 2022 

Brand Wise 3 wheeler Sales Report Data

Bajaj :- Bajaj Motors has always been the top performer in the 3-wheelers segment. The brand sold 16,764 units in August 2022, which was 11,242 units according to the sales of August 2021. As a result, Bajaj Motors recorded a growth of 49.11%. 

Piaggio:- Piaggio increased its sales by 23.05% in August 2022. The company ended the month with 4,788 sold units, which stood at 3,891 in the August 2021 sales. 

Mahindra:- Mahindra experienced good growth in sales in August 2022. As recorded, Mahindra sold 2,392 units of Three-Wheelers with an increase of 115.10% in the FADA Three-Wheelers sales report. 

Y.C. Electric:- Y.C. Electric sales in August 2022 saw an upward trend with 66.55% and 1,977 sold units. The company sold 1,187 units in the sales of August 2021. 

Mayuri:- Mayuri or Saera recorded an increase of 210.06% in the August 2022 sales with 1,879 selling units in August 2022, which was 606 in August 2021.

Atul Auto:- Atul Auto has again shown good performance in sales with 1,437 sold units in August this year which was 1,134 units in August 2021. As a result, Atul Auto registered a growth of 26.71%. 

Saarthi:- Saarthi sold 1,407 units in August 2022, an increase of 148.14% compared to the 567 units in the same month last year. 

Citylife:- Citylife, also known as Dilli Electric, registered a growth of 198.64% as they sold 1,323 units in the Three-Wheeler Retail Sales of August 2022. 

Mini Metro:- Mini Metro closed its sales in August 2022 with a significant increase of 216.07%. The company sold 983 in August, which was 311 units in the sales of August 2021.

J.S. Auto:- J.S. Auto company's sales indicate a hike of 153.77% in the August 2022 Three-Wheeler Retail Sales. The FADA report states that the company sold 798 units in August 2022, whereas in August 2021, it was 605 units. 

Terra Motors:- Terra Motors completed the August 2022 sales with an upward moment of 199.13%. The brand sold 230 units in August 2021, which increased to 688 units in August 2022. 

Udaan:- Energy Electric, also known as Udaan, experienced growth of 139.78%, with 669 units sold in August 2022. The company is continuously upgrading its portfolio with new technologies. As a result, Udaan sold 279 units in August 2021. 

Jezza:- Jezza increased its sales by 70.74% in August 2022. The company sold 572 vehicles this August, while they sold 335 units in August 2021. 

All the other companies, including E.V. manufacturers contributed 19,763 units in the retail sales of August 2022, with a 133.54% increase. 

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