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25 Mar 2021

Top 10 Bharat Benz Truck In India - Price and Specification

By News Date 25 Mar 2021

Top 10 Bharat Benz Truck In India - Price and Specification

Do you want the best Bharat Benz Truck ?

Trucks are the generally utilised and most famous vehicle used to ship products from one spot to the next as they are the foundation of the transportation framework. They are additionally called "lorry", which are sufficient to stack and dump substantial burdens. There are numerous kinds of trucks accessible, like smaller than usual trucks (mini trucks), tippers, pickups, and many more.

About Bharat Benz Trucks

Bharat Benz is a reputed commercial vehicles manufacturer company. This company was established as a trademark of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. Heavy-duty trucks, tippers and school, staff and tourist buses are manufactured by this company. This company also conserves the environment by manufacturing the vehicles in BS-VI emissions norms in India. Bharat Benz was founded on 17 February 2011 in Oragadam, Chennai, India, by Gottlieb Daimler.

Bharat Benz gives advanced technological solutions in their trucks and ranges according to weight category from 9 tones to 55 tones trucks. The company has 222 touch points in India and is the company that is leading in customer's hearts in a quick time. Bharat Benz is the youngest truck manufacturer company for manufacturing well-designed trucks which have excellent capacity and comfort to work. This company introduced its first truck during the Delhi Auto Expo on 4 January 2012. Let's know about the top 10 BharatBenz trucks in India.

Top 10 Bharat Benz Trucks In India

This company manufactures several trucks and tippers, but we will read about the top most popular BharatBenz trucks in India.

1. Bharat Benz 1923C Tipper

Bharat Benz 1923C Tipper is a highly advanced technological vehicle that is very excellent for work and comfort. This tipper comes with the OM926 engine and 241 hp power which is adorable to many operations. A 215 Ltr. of fuel tank makes it a very long runner with the 60 Kmph highest speed. Bharat Benz 1923 tipper works for construction materials dumping and other dumping works. 

HP - 241 HP
Wheelbase - 3600 mm.
GVW - 18500 Kg
Price - Rs. 30.87 lakhs* to 30.89 lakhs*

2. Bharat Benz 2823C Tipper

Bharat Benz manufactured this tipper in category 241 hp powered with the OM926 engine. The excellent cubic capacity of the machine generates 850 Nm of torque which is helpful in many operations. This tipper has a small turning radius of compassion to others, so the truck gets success early. 

HP - 241 HP
Wheelbase - 4275 mm.
GVW - 28000 Kg
Price - Rs. 37.8 lakhs* to 37.88 lakhs*

3. Bharat Benz 1617R Truck

Bharat Benz 1617R truck has a maximum speed of 80 Kmph, which is the reason behind its fastest delivery and fastest services capacity. The 214 Ltr. of fuel tank makes it a long road-runner. Bharat Benz 1617R truck is used to transport other vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, tractors and many more. We can make our business more profitable with the help of the BharatBenz 1617R truck. 

HP - 167 HP
Wheelbase - 5100 mm.
GVW - 16200 Kg
Price - Rs. 22.22 lakhs* to 23.12 lakhs*

4. Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper

Bharat Benz 1217C Tipper comes from the manufacturer's house with the 4D34i engine, which generates 520 Nm of torque. The efficiency of this tipper makes place for it in the most popular model in India. This tipper has 160 Ltr. of the fuel tank with excellent mileage and working capacity.

HP - 167 HP
Wheelbase - 3160 mm.
GVW - 13000 Kg
Price - Rs. 20.61 lakhs* to 20.71 lakhs*

5. Bharat Benz 5528TT Tractor

Bharat Benz 5528TT Tractor is used for transportation of highly-weighted machines or materials and many more. The tractor truck has an open platform design suitable for extensive machines and machine equipment. The company manufactures this model with the OM926 engine that generates 1100 Nm of torque, which helps this tractor run with weight.

HP - 281 HP
Wheelbase - 3975 mm.
GVW - 54960 Kg
Price - Rs. 37.65 lakhs* to 37.75 lakhs*

6. Bharat Benz 1015R Truck

Bharat Benz 1015R Truck is a pickup type truck used to transport goods from one point to another. The company offers a 4D34i engine, which generates 460 Nm of torque in this truck that helps in many operations. This reasonable truck leads in the customer's mind for their businesses. 

HP - 147 HP
Wheelbase - 3360 mm.
GVW - 10600 Kg
Price - Rs. 17.46 lakhs* to 17.88 lakhs*

7. Bharat Benz 3528C Tipper

Bharat Benz 3528 Tipper is a giant tipper model manufactured with a 7200 CC OM926 engine. In the construction field, the big operations are completed by this giant model. Bharat Benz 3528 Tipper offers excellent working efficiency and mileage. This tipper model has its value in the tipper market for its comfort and quickly going to the heavy works.

HP - 281 HP
Wheelbase - 5175 mm.
GVW - 35000 Kg
Price - Rs. 43.95 lakhs* to 44 lakhs*

8. Bharat Benz 3523R Truck

Bharat Benz 3523R Truck comes with advanced technological solutions and services, making it a lovable Bharat Benz model. The OM926 engine generates high torque in this model, which is adequate for many works. Bharat Benz 3523R Truck has a huge fuel tank to run nonstop on the roads without rest for fuel. 

HP - 241 HP
Wheelbase - 5775 mm.
GVW - 35000 Kg
Price - Rs. 36.26 lakhs* to 37.39 lakhs*

9. Bharat Benz 4228R Truck

Bharat Benz 4228R Truck is a 14 wheeled truck known as "14 Chakka" in India. The OM926 engine makes this truck adequate for many roles. The truck has more space to take more transportation load, which means more profit to the businessman. Bharat Benz 4228R Truck comes with a 310 Ltr. of the fuel tank to run on the road without low fuel tension. 

HP - 281 HP
Wheelbase - 6575 mm.
GVW - 41880 Kg
Price - Rs. 39.79 lakhs* to 40.21 lakhs*

10. Bharat Benz 4023TT Truck

A vehicle mover truck with high speed and power is known as the Bharat Benz 4023TT Truck. This truck is most famous for transportation in many sectors, such as the automobiles sector. This truck moves machines along with vehicles. Bharat Benz 4023TT truck has an entirely closed design which makes it theft protected. 

HP - 241 HP
Wheelbase - 3300 mm.
GVW - 33747 Kg
Price - Rs. 29.11 lakhs* to 29.26 lakhs*

Highlighted Points of Infographic

  • This infographic is about the top 10 Bharat Benz Trucks In India.
  • This infographic shows HP, Wheelbase, GVW, and Price of the top 10 Bharat Benz trucks in India.
  • Bharat Benz 4023TT Truck, Bharat Benz 4228R Truck, Bharat Benz 3523R Truck, Bharat Benz 3528C Tipper and others are listed in this infographic.
  • This infographic shows the importance of the top 10 Bharat Benz trucks.

We have informed you about the top 10 Bharat Benz trucks in India and hope you get all the pieces of information about these trucks. If you want more detailed information on any truck in India, please visit Truck Junction. Here we answer your question and fulfil the need for information. 



This blog is all about the Top 10 Bharat Benz Trucks In India. For more information and inquiries, please connect with Truck Junction.

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