Eicher Pro 3015 XP Truck Features & Price – Why to Buy it?

Eicher Pro 3015 XP Truck Features & Price – Why to Buy it?

Are you wondering whether Eicher Pro 3015 is worth all your bucks? Then fret no more because you have come to the right page. We have curated this blog through thorough research to bring you all the details of the Eicher Pro 3015 engine, price, and other specifications; so you can decide if this is the right truck for you and your needs.

Eicher Motors today has become a well-known name around the nation. The brand carries a respectable mark of trust in India and other countries worldwide. Eicher Motors have widened its range more within the truck category and launched Eicher Pro 3015 XP. This truck redefines levels of performance and profitability with the next-generation E494 engine, a 7-speed gearbox, and superior overall performance.

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Eicher Pro 3015 FRONT LOOK

Eicher Pro 3015 XP truck has massive windshields that widen the road’s view for the driver. 2 wipers on the windshield lower the cleaning time, ensuring better and clearer visibility.
In addition to this, the model comes with a much larger metallic bumper providing extra protection. Eicher Pro 3015 XP truck is equipped with bigger and much brighter headlights and an option to attach fog lamps, making driving easier and safer at night or in foggy conditions. The presence of safety mirrors on either side of the truck lowers the risks of any mishaps.


Eicher Pro 3015 CABIN

The cabin of the Eicher Pro 3015 XP truck is 2.1m wide, making it an impressively spacious cabin.
The cabin doors are much bigger and come with a lock provision making the cabin safer. A strong footpad makes entering and exiting the vehicle much more accessible. The cabin also has a berth sleeper where one can choose to rest between their long travels. The Eicher Pro 3015 XP’s cabin also includes a small rear window to keep an eye on the body behind it. In addition to these, other features of the cabin include a music system, document box and a cabin lighting system, all working towards a more comfortable cabin experience for the buyer.
The seating capacity of the cabin is D+1, and an adjustable driver’s seat is for better comfort.


Eicher Pro 3015 ENGINE

Eicher Pro 3015 XP engine is designed following the BS6 norms that work toward controlling the pollution and heat generation of the vehicle, making it not just a powerful truck but fuel efficient too. The truck has a 3800 cc, 4-cylinder, and 4-valve CRS-type engine. Moreover, the 3.8l BS6 engine generates 160 HP and 500 Nm of torque which is well-sufficient for multiple applications.


Eicher Pro 3015 SUSPENSION

Eicher Pro 3015 brakes include parking and air brakes, which help give more control over the vehicle to the driver.
The Eicher Pro 3015 suspension system is quite impressive with the front suspension of the parabolic-shock absorber and rear suspension with semi-elliptical laminated leaves with helper springs.
The vehicle’s suspension and braking systems work towards giving more control over the vehicle to the driver, eliminating slipping or other probable mishaps.


Eicher Pro 3015 CLUTCH

The Eicher Pro 3015 truck is manufactured with a tilt, telescopic standard power steering wheel, a hydraulic steering system, and a 7-speed gearbox (7F + 1R) with 2 overdrive gears.

In addition, the Eicher Pro 3015 truck is manufactured with a clutch DIA of 330mm, facilitating a much smoother car-like drive with maximum control over the vehicle for the driver.


Eicher Pro 3015 TYRES

Eicher Pro 3015 has standard radial tyres of 9.00R20-16PR, both front and rear tyres. The tyres have a much longer tread life with a wider footprint making the truck have more stable contact with the road surface. Due to their lower rolling resistance, these tyres also generate far less heat, which significantly lowers the truck’s fuel consumption and, in turn, lowers the truck’s maintenance expenses.


Eicher Pro 3015 DIMENSION

Eicher Pro 3015 comes with a total of 16020 KG of GVW, while for the dimensions, the vehicle’s width is 7500mm, wheelbase of 4490mm along with ground clearance and minimum turning radius of 258mm and 8750mm, respectively. In addition, the 7.5ft wide standard cargo body provides more space for all applications.


  • Cruise control – maintaining the speed/rpm without pressing ABC control pedals which leads to fatigue-free driving and higher fuel economy of the vehicle.
  • 7-Speed Gearbox that delivers higher torque leading to exceptional payload capability and superior gradeability.
  • Fuel Coaching – also known as intelligent driver information system 2.0 personally guides the driver towards the right selection of gear and RPM to help achieve higher fuel economy.
  • MBooster+ allows the driver to drive in different modes of load and gradient to achieve best-in-class fuel efficiency.
  • Propeller shaft assures no maintenance for a lifetime.
  • The truck comes with a battery power of 12V – 100Ah.
  • Gradeability of 23% helps the vehicles to transverse easily on hilly terrain.


The Eicher Pro 3015 payload capacity of 10572 KGs becomes the best option to easily transport different materials like

  • Cement
  • Courier & Logistics
  • FMCG
  • Food Grains
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Industrial goods
  • White Goods


Fuel Tank: The Eicher Pro 3015 XP comes with fuel tank options between a metallic tank with a fuel capacity of 190L and an HDPE polymer fuel tank with a fuel capacity of 425L.
Length: The model comes in 3 length options between- 19000mm, 20000mm, 22000mm, and 240000mm.


The Eicher Pro 3015XP’s ex-showroom range in India ranges between Rs. 23.64 and Rs. 26.88 Lakh. Depending upon the state-specific road transport authorities’ tax rates, the on-road price of this vehicle may vary.


Below, you will find 2 other variants that come within Eicher Pro 3015 truck model along with their GVW and price in the Indian market:

Eicher Pro 3015/CBC 16020 Rs 23.64 – 25.86 Lakh
Eicher Pro 3015/CBC 16020 Rs 23.64 – 25.87 Lakh


This blog contains all the information about the Eicher Pro 3015 truck, including its price in the Indian market, engine capacity, safety features, tyres, steering and transmission systems and more. If you’d like to know more about Eicher Motors’ other products, please visit Truck Junction now.

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