Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler Reviews: Features, Price

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler Reviews: Features, Price

There are many cargo vehicles in different segments to load light to heavier weight materials. Mahindra covers India’s widest range of commercial vehicles for your cargo transport needs. Mahindra Vehicles can navigate difficult rural terrain effortlessly. With the most modern engine technology and strong aggregates, these vehicles can move narrow streets. In this direction, Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler is one of the popular cargo models in India for intracity goods delivery. 

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo Rickshaw meets the business needs and customers’ requirements for the growing pathways. It is considered the only comprehensive 3 wheeler in this category. This cargo vehicle facilitates last-mile cargo delivery for small and medium enterprises. It is a battery-operated three wheeler which handles environmental concerns. This blog will provide you with a detailed analysis of Mahindra E Alfa Cargo Three Wheeler.

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler With High Torque Features & Price 2023

Let’s visit the extensive journey on the Mahindra E Alfa Cargo Vehicle with its specific features and updated price 2023.

1. Battery Performance 

Battery Peformance Mahindra e alfa cargo

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo performs better to hike your business profits. It fits with a lead acid battery of 48 KWH capacity. Its battery is charged by an off-board 48 V/15 A charger. Further, it can be charged within 10 to 12 hours. This electric vehicle operated by a motor provides an alternative to conventional fuel-based vehicles. Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler range is 123 KM in the case without any loading. Its range is 76 KM in case of loading the weight. However, it has an optimum 80 KM per charge range. Its maximum speed is 25 KMPH to ensure faster up time in intracity cargo transportation.  

Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Capacity 48 KWH
Charging Time 10-12 Hours
Average Range 80 KM / Charge
Peak Speed 25 KMPH

2. Cargo Dimensions

Cargo Dimensions Mahindra e alfa

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler dimensions include 2795 MM length, 995 MM width, and 1790 MM height. Its wheelbase is 2168 MM for better stability while riding at its superior speed. It follows ground clearance of 138 MM to provide a bumpy-free cargo journey. Mahindra E Alfa Cargo Rickshaw covers the cargo dimensions of 1285 MM inner length, 920 MM inner width, and 292 MM height. This vehicle has a big and wide cargo tray to carry enough materials from one point to another. With a 5% gradeability degree in first gear, it rides over steeper roads comfortably. For high torque, it can switch to 7% gradeability.

Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 2795 MM x 995 MM x 1790 MM
Cargo Tray Dimension (LxWxH) 1285 MM x 920 MM x 292 MM
Wheelbase 2168 MM
Ground Clearance 138 MM
Gradeability 5%

3. GVW & Payload Capacity

Gvw and Payload Capacity Mahindra e alfa

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler specifications include its kerb weight which is 400 KG. The Mahindra E Alfa Cargo GVW is 780 KG when considering the weight of cargo materials. This helps to increase the Mahindra E Alfa Cargo Payload Capacity, which is 310 KG without a driver. Mahindra E Alfa Cargo Rickshaw incorporates a drum braking system with parking brakes. It uses a manual transmission system with high-torque gears. This has R10 front tyres and R12 rear tyres. Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler price in India starts from Rs. 1.57 Lakh to Rs. 1.60 Lakh.

Payload Capacity 310 KG
Kerb Weight 400 KG
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 780 KG
Tyres R10 (Front) & R12 (Rear)
Braking System Drum Brakes
Price Rs. 1.57 – 1.60 Lakh

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler Reviews At Conclusion 

We are hopeful that the Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3 Wheeler price 2023 and features provided by us would be beneficial. This model is used to deliver cargo materials in semi-urban, urban, and rural markets. For smooth and uninterrupted cargo transportation, it has a better battery performance. For more information, visit Truck Junction regularly.

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