Tata Ace Gold Mini Truck Reviews: Specifications & Price

Tata Ace Gold Mini Truck Reviews: Specifications & Price

Tata Motors is known for its commercial vehicles for different applications. It has imparted its impression among customers with trust. The Tata Ace series has been the customer’s first choice for over 16 years. Furthermore, the Tata Ace Gold Petrol model is the best entry-level mini truck for first-time users. It enhances your business through its great revenue potential and low running costs. Additionally, Tata Ace Gold features BS6 technology to revolutionise last-mile delivery in India. 

Tata Ace Gold Expert Reviews Including Better Pickup Features and Price  

Tata Ace Gold Mini Truck In India

The Tata Ace Gold model provides significant socio-economic benefits to its customers. Its new petrol powertrain gives its users favourable value propositions, helping them earn more. This mini truck is mainly employed for distributing fruits, vegetables, furniture, water bottles, gas cylinders, consumer products, and others. Further, It drives performance and profits with ease. In this blog, you will get to learn more about the Tata Ace Gold Price and its specifications.

Let’s go through the relevant details of Tata Ace Gold specifications and many more while scrolling down this page. 

1. Engine For High Mileage

Tata Ace Gold Engine

Tata Ace Gold Performance is superb with 4 strokes water-cooled engine. It fits with Tata 275 Gasoline MPFI” BS6 2-cylinder engine offering 30 HP and 55 NM torque. Furthermore, its torque provides better acceleration, while power gives better speed. This model runs at its peak speed of 70 KMPH for faster delivery time. In addition, Tata Ace Gold mileage per liter is 21-22 KM, making it a fuel-efficient vehicle. Many features like Eco Switch and Gear Shift Advisor ensure higher Tata Ace Gold Petrol mileage. Also, this model generates better pickup with a 30% gradeability percentage. 

Engine Type Tata 275 Gasoline MPFI” BS6 2-Cylinder
Peak Power 30 HP
Peak Torque 55 NM
Mileage 21-22 KMPL
Peak Speed 70 KMPH
Gradeability 30%

2. Dimensions For High Convenience

Tata Ace Gold Dimensions

In this Tata Ace Gold reviews, the dimension part of this vehicle is discussed here. Also, this mini truck has an overall dimension of 3800 MM length, 1500 MM width, and 1840 MM height. Also, the Tata Ace Gold design is available with different load body options like cab chassis, high deck, and cabin load body. Its wheelbase is 2100 MM in size with 160 MM ground clearance. Further, it moves to steer effortlessly with a minimum turning radius of 4300 MM. This model carries cargo box dimensions of 2200 MM in length, 1490 MM in width, and 300 MM in height. 

Tata Ace Gold Dimensions (LxWxH) 3800 MM x 1500 MM x 1840 MM
Cargo Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 2200 MM x 1490 MM x 300 MM
Wheelbase 2100 MM
Ground Clearance 160 MM
Minimum Turning Radius 4300 MM

3. Loading Capacities For High Payload

Tata Ace Gold GVW & Loading Capacity

Tata Ace Gold comes with a 1615 KG GVW, bringing it under the small commercial vehicle. Also, the Tata Ace Gold loading capacity is 750 KG to carry enough cargo materials. It has heavy-duty truck-like chassis to incorporate with rugged front & rear leaf spring suspension. Furthermore, its clutch is single plate dry friction diaphragm type with GBS 65-5 S gearbox system. This mini truck comes with 26 litres fuel tank to ensure long-range shipping. In addition, its kerb weight is 865 KG while considering the sole weight of an empty vehicle. It highlights the seating capacity of the driver plus 1 passenger.

Kerb Weight 865 KG
GVW 1615 KG
Payload Capacity 750 KG
Seating Capacity Driver + 1 Passenger

4. Price Range For High Profits

Tata Ace Gold Price

This mini truck has a simple engine with low maintenance to ensure Tata Ace Gold value for money. Additionally, Tata Ace Gold interior features are a digital cluster, a big glove box, a USB charger, a bottle and document holders. These features facilitate safety with better convenience and comfort. Moreover, Tata Ace Gold price on road is from Rs. 5.01 Lakh to Rs. 5.51 Lakh in India. With this model, Rs. 25000 profits per month are gained. 


Thanks to the Tata Ace Gold rating in the market, we could make a depth analysis of this model. In addition, this is the best-in-class mini truck in India to buy for many commercial applications. It is available in different fuel types Petrol, Ace Gold Diesel, and Ace Gold CNG. Also, the model adheres to 6 promises including better pickup, better mileage, better payload, better earning, better convenience, and low maintenance. Furthermore, these will benefit your transportation business. You can further get information about this model at Truck Junction with user reviews. Hopefully, this blog will guide you while selecting the best mini truck for your business. 

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